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Name Age Gender Description
Abe 18 Male Abe is a very independent 18 year old. Abe LOVES football and always can be seen throwing a football around. Abe also loves to go to the movies and is great with movie trivia.
Abel 11 Male Abel is a very well mannered young man. He loves pokemon and board games.
Abigail 19 Female Abigail is a respectful hardworking girl. She wants to work in Forensic Science and is working to get back on the honor roll.
Ace 8 Male Ace has lots of energy and needs help with getting that energy out. He enjoys playing with his Pokemon cards, on the computer, and riding his scooter.
Adam 16 Male Adam is an intellectual 16 year old. Adam enjoys putting puzzles together and drawing in his free time. Adam uses music as a stress reliever and always introduces his peers to the newest tunes.
Adane 16 Male Adane is a very active boy that enjoys sports and playing with his friends. He loves building bikes and different electronic devices.
aeomi 16 Female Aeomi is a 16 year gilrl that lives with her mother and her sister in Roxbury. She is preparing to head to college next year and really enjoys spending time with her family.
Alan 16 Male Alan is an outgoing and fashion forward 16 year old. Alan takes pride in his appearance and always makes sure he is put together. Alan is a leader and likes to lead by example. Alan finds listening to music very relaxing.
Aleen 14 Male Aleen is a very talkative pre teen who is very sweet. Aleen just like spending time talking with his peers and hanging out.
Amadane 10 Male Amadane is very active and is facinated by sports, football, basketball, baseball.
Amdane 4 Female Amdane is a 3 year little girl that loves to play with her baby dolls. She is very active little girl, that loves to play with her mom and her friends at school.
Anabel 9 Female Anabel iis very friendly and social. She loves arts and crafts, board games, and loves to Barbies
Andane 5 Female Family consist of a mother with her daughter. They are currently homeless and living in a motel (shelter). The family needs alot of support this year.
Andre 9 Male Andre is a kind, generous young boy who enjoys playing with his Pokemon cards, football with his friends, and riding his bike.
Andrew 10 Male Alex is a kind and endearing young boy with a gentle heart. He loves his new family and enjoys playing board games and building legos with them. He likes animals and playing outside.
AngDane 5 Female AngDane is a very happy girl, she loves to play with barbie, and disney princess. She enjoys to pretend play with her sister.
Angela 14 Female Angela is a very creative girl who loves nature. She often takes walks through the woods on her way home from school. She looks forward to time spent with family and is very active in her school's GSA
AngelRae 13 Male Angel is a quiet and friendly boy who is well liked by both adults and peers. He can usually be found working hard to complete school work and likes to spend free time playing-you guessed it-video games. Angel is excited for the upcoming holidays.
Annalise 12 Female Annalise is shy at first but, once you get to know her, she has a lot to say! She is very physically active. She is also a very talented artist who loves to draw & paint. She loves all things purple and incorporates it into her wardrobe almost daily!
Anya 13 Female Anya has an engaging, magnetic personality. She loves music, particularly R&B and Soca. She is also very proud of her Cape Verdean heritage and is fluent in both English and Creole.
Apryl 10 Female Apryl is shy and meek, but opens up gradually to people she trusts. She loves music, arts and crafts, and reading. She has also recently discovered baking a new hobby and is now an expert cookie maker!
Ariel 17 Female Ariel is an amazing performer. She loves to be on stage and being the center of attention. She loves to make herself up and does beautiful make-up. She wants to continue with performing and become a famous Broadway star.
Asha 16 Female Asha loves all things related to glamour and music. She loves to sing along while watching music videos and knows all of the latest dance moves. She also likes to paint her nails and wear make-up. She wants to work in the entertainment industry someday.
Ava 11 Female Ava is a sweet and helpful girl. She works hards on being kind, respectful and thoughtful to everyone she meets.
Ayara 8 Female Ayara is an 8 year old gilr who lives in an apartment in Roxbury with her mother and her older sister. She loves to paint, board games and really enjoys singing and dancing games.
Barbie 2 Female Barbie is a funny loveable toddle. she loves to play her dolls and loves to color.
Beau 18 Male Beau is very responsible and independent. He is helpful to others and is good with his hands. He is in the process of aging out of foster care and needs some essentials for his new apartment.
Beauty 11 Female This young lady loves the movie Frozen! She also loves the city of Paris so anything with either themes she would be so happy with receiving. She also loves music and wants a guitar to learn how to play.
Bedane 3 Female Bedane is an adoptive child, she is very sweet and super active. She loves playing with her dolls.
Ben 17 Male Ben is a very creative 17 year old. Ben loves to cook and is always making new creations in the kitchen to share with family and friends. Ben finds cooking and video games to be great stress relievers. Ben is a big New England Patriots fan.
Bernard 16 Male Bernard is a very quiet teenager who enjoys listening to music and playing flag football in his spare time. Bernard has high hope for his future after high school.
Billy 13 Male Billy is a very quiet individual who loves lifting weights. Billy loves putting on cologne because he believes he has to smell good every day going to school.
Brady 5 Male Brady is a 5 yr old boy. He's energetic and endearing. He's enthusiastic about finally being a big boy in kindergarten. He enjoys learning about animals. He loves Spiderman and playing outside.
Brandon 6 Male Brandon is a fun and lovable 6-year old boy. Brandon loves his mom very much and loves spending time with her. Brandon is currently in the first grade, and enjoys recess!
Brendane 17 Female Brendane is a great student at school, she has good grades and is really helpful at home to her mother.
Brian 8 Male Brian is a very energetic but shy little boy who enjoys playing basketball with his friends. Brian loves Lebron James and hopes to meet him one day. Brian loves collecting Pokemon cards.
Brooklyn 14 Female Brooklyn prides herself on being independent and goal-oriented. She has established herself as a leader at her program and peers often seek her out for guidance. She loves arts & crafts and braiding and styling hair.
Carl 3 Male Carl is a energetic, fun, and loving little boy. He is always keeping Mom on her toes, and having as much fun as possible. He enjoys spending time with his sister and likes to do whatever she is doing. Carl also loves MICKEY MOUSE!
Carlos 5 Male Carlos is a fun loving little boy. He loves Batman and loves to draw and paint
Cassandra 7 Female Cassadra is an Autistic 7-year old girl, currently living with her Mom and younger brother. Cassandra loves playing with play-doh, gardening, and helping Mom cook dinner! Cassandra is loving, very sweet, and enjoys spending time with her family.
Cassandra 8 Female Cassandra is an energetic young girl with a bright mind. She loves disney movies specially Frozen. Loves to do arts and crafts, paint and play with friends.
Cassidy 13 Female Cassidy loves school and does her homework every day. She is also the captain of her school's double dutch team. She is also musical and has a beautiful singing voice.
Cat Lover 16 Male Cat lover is a lovely young man. He is very friendly and gets along great with providers that work with him and his family. He loves art and crafts, he is into hair fashion, and loves music
Catherine 7 Female Catherine is a very happy and sweet girl. Catherine enjoys arts and crafts and playing with her barbies.
Cedes 7 Female Cedes is a 7 year old girl, she loves arts and crafts and loves to play board games.
Chad 17 Male Chad is a quiet young man but loves talking politics any chance he gets.
ChanteyRae 14 Female Chantey is a spirited girl of 14 years. She was adopted several years ago by a sinlge mother and the family has since been at the work of building a loving relationship. Chantey would be grateful for the opportunity to attend an Alvin Ailey performance.
Charlotte 11 Female Charlotte is a smart and strong girl. She loves music and spending time with her mother.
Chelsea 11 Female Chelsea is a kind, intelligent and beautiful young girl, She's been able to cope with her difficult childhood through her love of music. She enjoys singing, dancing, playing the violin. She would love to be a musician when she grows up.
Chungys 6 Male Chungys is a very happy energetic boy whom likes to play with lego sets.
Clay 12 Male Clay is a 12 year old boy who loves legos. He is also very interested in nature and adores all types of animals.
Cody 16 Male Cody is a 16 year old young man who is interested in expanding his independence, caring for his pet snake and loves Star Trek! He is a great student and loves to read and learn, as well as build models and write fan fiction.
Colby 8 Male Colby is a little boy full of energy and no matter what time of day he will spend his time building Legos.
Cridane 14 Female Cridane is a very musical child, she loves to sing and be with her friends. She is also very athelic and loves sports.
Cristian 10 Male Cristian is a very outgoing, caring and friendly boy. He enjoys arts and crafts and board games with his family.
cutie 14 Female This young lady loves anything leapord print. She is 15 an likes all things girly. She would love a pair of jordan sneakers size 10 women.
Dadane 10 Male Dadane is a very happy child, he is very loving and sweet to his siblings.
Damar 5 Male Damar is a small but bright little boy who enjoys just having fun. Damar is very proud of his reading skills and becoming a Big boy seeing his accomplishment in reading a book on his own.
Damian 11 Male Damian is an 11 year old boy who loves to be active. He is a great basketball player and climber. He loves playing Magic Cards and would love to add more to his collection this holiday season!
Darnell 16 Male Darnell is a very intelligent teenager who likes to spend time in the mall and loves looking for exclusive sneakers on line. Darnell loves playing the piano to clear his mind
Darrell 13 Male Darrell is a very quiet little boy who loves hugs and attention. Darrell loves to battle anyone who will challenge him in a dancing game.
David 10 Male David is a little boy that has a very big kick when it comes to playing soccer. David said when he grows up he wants to be a doctor to find a cure for cancer
Dexter 13 Male Dexter enjoys skateboarding, playing video games, and listening to music.
Didane 16 Female Didane is that oldest in that home, she is very supportive and helpful to mom. She is also very responsable and had good grades at school
Domenick 14 Male Youth enjoys riding a bike outside that he borrows from the neighbor. Youth enjoys playing playstation and xbox with his friends.
Donna 14 Female Donna is a 14 year old girl who enjoys gymnastics, singing, and dancing.
Dorian 14 Male Dorian has a lot of energy and is very athletic. He's also an avid reader and spends a lot of time at the library. He really likes video games. He likes to build things and wants to be an engineer when he grows up.
Doug 16 Male Doug is a 16 year old boy who likes to fix and work on computers. He also likes to draw landscapes and play the banjo.
Dr. Cool Jay 12 Male This young man loves singing and performing! He would love a piano to write and sing music on. He also would like 3ds games, especially super smash brothers games.
Dragon V 14 Male This young man loves loves dragons, especially mini toy dragons. He really likes playing with Kinex and any type of transformers.
Dre 17 Male Dre is a singing machine give him a tune and he will sing for hours the rest of the verses. Dre loves playing minecraft in his free time but just has taking the liking to basketball.
DyannaRae 14 Female Dyanna is a warm and engaging young lady with many interest. She is part of a dance team at school, plays soccer and is working hard to make honor roll this term. She is the oldest of 4 siblings and is a great help to her mother with the younger children.
Ebony 9 Female Ebony is a sweet and quiet little girl who enjoys leaning how to braid and style her babydoll's hair.
Eliza 12 Female Eliza loves to sing in her church choir, go swimming, and do arts and crafts.
Eliza-Grace 13 Female Eliza-Grace is small in stature, but has a BIG personality. She has a great sense of humor and loves to joke around. She is very well spoken and excels in school. She loves singing, dancing, and all things related to style and fashion.
Elizabeth 16 Female Elizabeth is a bright young lady who works hard to help her mom out.
Elsa May 10 Female Elsa is a creative and friendly little girl who loves video games that allow her to think out of the box. She excels at math and enjoys bowling, swimming, and playing basketball.
Emily 18 Female Emily is a sweet, generous girl with a big heart. She enjoys writing and technology.
Emma 14 Female Emma loves music. She wants to pursue a career in music. This year she is working hard in her ELA class.
Eva 8 Female Eva is a funny and energetic little girl. She love anything that's pink and has glitter. She has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh. Eva enjoys singing and dancing.
Frank 16 Male Frank is a 16 year old talented saxophone player. He wears a size 2XL-3XL and is left handed.
fruiterella 13 Female This young lady LOVES to sing and she is great at it! She would love a guitar, microphone and speakers.
Gabe 17 Male Gabe is mellow and easy going. He spends a lot of his time writing short stories and reading. He's a senior in high school and is in the process of applying to several colleges.
GabrielAJP 7 Female Gabriel is a sweet, quiet and loving girl. She follows her mother around and is always eager to help. She is very girly and loves Monster High, My Little Pony and Happily Ever After High.
Gaby 11 Female Gaby is a smart and kind eleven year old girl. Gabby loves to talk with her friends and play games with her siblings.
Gale 8 Female Gale is an adopted child who fits right into the family. She is fun, loves barbies and Monster High dolls.
GDPriRod 10 Male GD is a very active boy who enjoys time with his sibling loves his baby sister and playing with his turle.
George 10 Male George is a sweet and kind 10 year old boy. Although George faces numerous obstacles, including health concerns and developmental delays, George has been successful at home this year. George loves the ninja turtles and loves to play games with his sister.
Georgey 16 Male Georgey is a smart, helpful teenager. He helps his little brother with his homework and reads him bedtime stories.
Gianna 13 Female Gianna comes from a family of all girls. She is very active, and loves fashion.
Gio 1 Male Gio is a brave young boy. He currently does not talk but uses pointing to express himself. He fun, active, and has a lot of personality.
Giovanni 10 Male Giovanni is happy and playful child who comes from a tight close knit family. He enjoys learning and playing sports.
GoDane 7 Female Godane is a very happy girl, she loves to pretend play with her dolls and play with her sister in her home.
Gordon 8 Male Gordon is full of life and charisma. He is active and loves football, and wrestling.
Grayson 6 Male Grayson is a great big brother! Of course, he also enjoys spending time with his uncles, who he looks up to.
Grayson 17 Male Grayson is a 16 turning 17 adolescent boy who loves working with his hands! His favorite class is carpentry and he has created some handmade items for his family. He would love things having to do with building and creating with his hands.
Gregory 11 Male Gregory is a smart kid who loves playing with his friends. He is very close with his mom and grandpa.
Haley 6 Female Haley is a 6 year old girl with autism who lives with her Mom, Dad, and 8 year old sister Hannah. Haley enjoys spending time at the park, going out for ice cream, and going to school. She has recently begun spending more time with her family!
Hannah 8 Female Hannah is the caring big sister of Haley who has a diagnosis of autism. Hannah has a passion for animals and is hoping to grow up to be a veterinarian.
Huck 17 Male Huck is a jokester who likes to make people laugh. He loves animals, especially birds and fish. He also has a green thumb and tends to a garden at his program.
Iggy 3 Male He loves cars and trains.
Iggy 4 Male Iggy is a friendly 4 year old with Global Developmental Delays. He is curious, imaginitive, and talkative and loves spending time with his family.
IrvingAJP 7 Male Irving idolizes his father ad older brother and works hard to make his family happy. He is energetic, funny, and loves to play games. His favorite show is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and he also loves WWE Wrestling. He is sweet and loving.
Iryna 10 Female Youth likes to sing and dance. She wants to become a singer when she grows up and move to Hollywood.
IsaacAJP 14 Male Isaac is energetic and funny. He has a great sense of humor and lightens up every setting he is in. He is very charismatic and has lots of friends and does well with peers. Isaac tries hard to be a good role model for his younger brother and admires dad
Isabella 5 Female She loves princesses, pink dresses, and green cars.
Isaiah 6 Male Isaiah is a sweet, athletic kindergartener. He loves sharing toys with his friends in his neighborhood. Isaiah doesn't let his learning disability keep him from trying his best in school.
Isbella 5 Female Isbella is a very active girl who loves to dance and sing.She is friendly and outgoing and loves acting like a princess.
IsisAJP 11 Female Isis is a loving older sister. She loves to read and paint and is a great role-model for her younger sister. She works hard to be responsible and to help her mother around the house. She likes sports and is a tom boy. Her favorite color is lime green.
Izzy 14 Female Izzy is often quiet and reserved until she gets to know people. She is very observant and likes to be neat and organized. She also artistic and loves visual/performing arts.
Jack 14 Male Jack is a very energetic young man who has high hopes of playing in the World Cup one day
Jackson 15 Male Jackson is always knows the latest lingo, fashion styles, and music. He is a natural leader around his peers. He struggles in school but tries his hardest to get his work done. He also loves basketball, cooking, and writing poetry.
Jacob 15 Male Jacob is caring young man. He loves sports and partaking in basketball games in the nearby parks.
Jacob 12 Male Jacob is a very conversational young man who enjoysdrawing and dancing. Jacob hears a beat and will start dancing anywhere.
Jake 14 Male Jake is a 14 year old boy who loves science-fiction and mythology books. He also enjoys all things Batman & Robin themed.
JalinaRae 7 Female Jalina is a spunky girl with a personality that lights up a room. She is most excited for time away from school during the holiday season and to be at home with all of her siblings. She plans on having plenty of snow ball fights while at home.
Jameson 8 Male Jameson has a wild imagination. He loves playing pranks on his family and friends. He struggles in school but tries very hard to keep up with his classmates. He also loves toy cars and sports.
Jane 15 Female Jane is a very active girl who loves to play the guitar. She also loves to play soccer and sing - her favorite band is the Jonas brothers and hopes to get their latest CD for the holidays.
Janet 8 Female Janet is a spontaneous little girl who enjoys playing sports and gives it 100% when doing so. Janet's favorite animal is a bunny.
Jasmine 13 Female Jasmine is a funny, sassy energetic young lady. She has been working very hard this year in school, which makes her grandma very proud. She has been enjoying the responsibilities of caring for a new puppy.
Jason 9 Male Jason is a bright and talented boy who loves the football team MIAMI Dolphins. Jason stated that when he grows up he will be a professional football player.
Jasper 17 Male Jasper is a highly spirited young man who has found his new interest in football. Jasper loves playing basketball in his spare time.
JayDane 6 Male JayDane is a very happy child, he had been diagnoised with austim about a year ago and loves playing with his brother, and is a very sweet child.
Jedane 5 Male Jedane is a twin brother to Judane, and they love to play together. He is very happy child, and super active.
Jeffery 11 Male Jeffery is a very energetic little boy who enjoys the outdoors. Jeffery is very artistic and enjoys drawing in his spare time. Jeffery is a huge Patriots fan.
Jen 13 Female Jen is a talented basketball player who hopes to play for the WNBA. She enjoys watching movies, roller skating, and electronics.
Jerry 11 Male Youth is likes soccer and cars. He wants to be a professional soccer player or race car driver.
Jessica 8 Female Youth is very artistic. She loves music and fashion.
Jessica 12 Female Jessica is a very quiet an spunky girl who loves to collect stuffed animals. Jessica is just the girlie girl. Jessicea enjoys making jewelry.
Jessie 12 Female Jessie is a talented artist who enjoys toys, books, coloring and listening to music.
Jim 14 Male Jim is a very athletic tall young man. Jim has the love for playing basketball with his friends.
JoceDane 5 Female JoceDane is a very caring, and sweet little girl. She enjoys playing witt\h her siblings, and have a very high creativity.
JoDane 4 Male Jodane is a very sweet little boy, he loves to play with his twin sister; and enjoys playing with that ninja turtles.
Joe 17 Male Joe is a 16 year old boy who enjoys working out, video games and music-especially Bob Marley and rap!
Jolene 11 Female Jolene is a real maverick. She is very inquisitive and seems to always have a thirst for knowledge. She loves outdoor sports, particularly hiking, swimming, and softball.
Jordan 17 Male Jordan is an extremely resilient and creative young man. He enjoys skateboarding in his free time. He's currently in his senior year of high school and would like to attend college. He dreams to pursue his interest in studying are and film.
Jordan 19 Male Jordan is a bright 19 year old who enjoys video games and music. Jordan finds listening to music very relaxing. Jordan also takes pride in his appearance, always making sure he looks put together and polished.
Jordan 4 Female She loves all princesses but especially Elsa from Frozen.
jordan 23 15 Male This young man longs for a pair of jordan sneakers... he would love a pair of the columbian elevens in size 8 mens.
Jose 15 Male Jose is a out spoken but respectful teen who is heavy into watching any sport that might be on the television. Jose likes to be outside taking walks to clear his head
Josedane 10 Male Josedane is a great big brother to his younger siblings. He is a great student and very helpful to his mother.
Joshdane 8 Male Joshdane is a twin with his brother jusdane. They love playing together with their toys. Joshdane is a very sweet boy, and loves school.
Joy 13 Female Joy is very talented with working with her hands and creating beautiful hairstyles. She hopes to go to school to become a professional hairdresser.
JRPriRodriguez 13 Male JR is a young man who has been thru a lot He has been able to understand his medical situation He likes playing with his brother and friends
Judane 5 Male Judane is a very happy boy, and very active. He is a twin brother to Jedane and they love to play together.
Julio 13 Male Julio is the typical preteen who enjoys watching wrestling and any sport during his free time. Julio loves playing football and will always be seen carrying a football around wherever he goes.
Jusdane 8 Male Jusdane is a very active child, he loves to play with his brother and his little sister. He is a great student at school, and good helper at home.
Justin 13 Male Justin is a 12yr old boy who is good in math and loves to read. He enjoys listening to music and completing puzzles.
Kadedra 12 Female Kadedra is a 12 year old girl who is living in an impoverished neighborhood in a single parent home. Kadedra is continuously bullied at school due to a learning disability and because her family has limited resources. She has a high need for all supports.
Kaitlinn 15 Female Youth's in need of warm clothing. Youth is pregnant and will be in need of maternity clothes.
Kaleb 1 Male Kaleb is a 1 year old boy, the youngest of three in his family. He loves to snuggle with his parents and siblings. He also loves looking at magazines and tearing out the pages! Kaleb is learning to walk, and loves exploring the family home!
Kamal 13 Male Kamal ia a very Mature young man who has found his hidden talent in basketball. Kamal is very electronic savey.
Karl 10 Male Karl is a bright and fun kid with unique interests. He absolutely loves anything relating to wrestling or football. Karl has struggled with trust and building new relationships since his father left the family.
KASEY 13 Female Victoria is a hard working child who continues to work hard to overcome the effects of trauma. She struggles in school with staying on task, but her family's support makes it possible for her to meet this daily challenge.
Keith 3 Male Keith is a bright, friendly kid who loves toy cars (which he calls vroom-vrooms) and Spiderman. Keith has had difficulty understanding why his father is no longer around and is often sad and confused.
KING 13 Male This young man really needs ps3 headphones for his system. He would love a pair of adidas sandels size 7, youth.
KirDane 4 Male Kirdane is a very sweet, and active little boy. He is very caring, and outgoing.
Klein 4 Male Klein is an adorable 4 year old boy who loves to be silly, sing, and dance. He can even breakdance! He looks up to his older brother, and tries to imitate and be like him. He is also very protective and loving towards his younger brother.
Kool Aid Man 13 Male This young man LOVES super mario bros! He would like any of the Mario Plush dolls, especially black yoshi. He would like a 3ds and super smash borthers games to go along with it.
Kris 10 Male Kris is an insightful, smart, empathic, and friendly 10 year old boy. Kris loves his family, watches out for them, and has many friends in his school and neighborhood. He loves sports, swimming, video games, and playing outside with friends.
Kyle 10 Male Kyle is a very enthusiastic little boy who has a hobby of collecting things no matter what they are coins, stamps, gift cards or receipts. Kyle loves playing Pokemon battles with his friends.
Kyle 10 Male Kyle is a fun, loving boy who loves to laugh and have a good time. He enjoys playing with his friends, swimming and video games.
Kyle 6 Male Kyle enjoys climbing, running, telling stories and reading books about his favorite super heroes. He loves Superman and Batman themed items.
Larry 14 Male Larry is a very talented basketball player and artist. If Larry doesn't have a basketball in his hand he has his sketch pad.
Lauren 4 Female Lauren is a playful and affectionate 4 year old girl who enjoys playing with her older brother and sister. She is very curious and always like to know what is going on and to be a part of it!
Lauren 2 Female Lauren is a bright and fun kid who looks up to her big brother and loves to play with everything from princess dress up to toy cars.
Leah 9 Female Leah has many interests and enjoys playing basketball and football, playing on the computer, and riding her bike.
Lego Man 11 Male This young man LOVES building things. He espeically loves legos, would like any super hero legos and lego marvel for PS3. He like putting together car models.
Leo 9 Male Leo is a 9 year old boy who lives with his parents and three younger sisters. Leo can be shy, but quickly warms up and loves to talk. Leo loves to play, but can't play safely in his neighborhood. Leo loves Legos, games he can build, sports and scooters.
Leonard 9 Male Leonard is a 9 year old boy who loves science, legos, and playing outside. Though Leonard struggles with social skills, he can be an engaging boy, and makes friends easily at school with his humor.
Leroy 14 Male Leroy is a very quiet swet young man who loves to build relationships with adults. Leroy loves playing basketball.
Leslie 3 Female Leslie enjoys coloring and reading books to her younger brother.
LEWIS 17 Male Lewis has worked hard to overcome the effects of trauma, and although he struggles in school, he hopes to one day go to college.
Lexi 11 Female Lexi is a smart and bright young lady who loves helping her mother with her younger siblings.
Liam 1 Male Liam is a fun and energetic toddler who enjoys being read to by his mother Libby.
Liam 6 Male Liam is a creative, curious, and full of energy little boy. He likes animals and sports. He also likes helping his mom at work!
Lincoln 15 Male Lincoln is a smart and helpful teenager. He helps his mother with his younger siblings at home. Lincoln is Llewyn's role model since dad left the home.
Linda 0 Female The family recently welcomed a newborn baby girl in late October. They are struggling a great deal financially and could use any support for their baby this holiday season with basic baby needs or baby gifts and toys.
Lisa 7 Female Lisa is a playful and spunky 7 year old girl who loves to be a part of the action. She enjoys playing with her siblings and chatting.
Llewyn 9 Male Llewyn is a 9 year old boy who is living in an impoverished neighborhood in a single parent home. His family has limited resources and in high need for all supports.
Logan 4 Male Logan can best be described as a tiny monkey. He is super friendly and talkative and always wants to show you his toys. Ever since his father left the family he's looked up to his big brother almost like a father figure.
Ludane 15 Male Ludane is a great boy that loves sports, and having fun with his friends.
Mackenzie 17 Female Mackenzie is a 17 year old girl who enjoys singing, songwriting and playing the guitar. Mackenzie also enjoys doing hair and makeup.
Maddie 11 Female Maddie has many interests. She is a funny, engaging, young girl who enjoys playing on the computer, listening to music, karate, and going roller skating. She enjoys going to the movies and cooking.
Madison 18 Female Madison to a kind supportive young lady who loves to paint.
Malcimaldo 1 Male He is a very happy baby who love to play,
Manny 13 Male Manny is a very mature young man who enjoys playing the piano and reading mystery books during his free time. Manny has discovered that he really likes playing football.
MANNY 3 Male Manny is a fun, energetic boy who has witnessed trauma at a young age. His family works hard to help him learn how to speak and control his emotions.
manuelimaldo 16 Male Manuel is a very smart young man who love music and like video games.
MariaLKJ 7 Female Maria is a nurturing, creative, and imaginative girl. She values doing well in school, especially math. She lives in a foster home. She enjoys helping her foster mother around the house and doing math programs. She uses her imagination to create games.
mariamaldo 12 Female Mariamaldo is a very smart girl who loves her family and love to cook for them; she would like to go to culinary school in the future.
Mason 14 Male Mason is an honor student liked by all his teachers. He attends school during the weekend and summer as well due to his love of education.
maudane 4 Male Maudane is a very happy little boy, and loves to make everyone laugh and is super sweet to everyone.
Max 11 Male A smart, talented basketball player, Max enjoys celebrations.
Melvin 17 Male Melvin is a very bright teenager who loves science as his favorite subject. Melvin has earned a position as a center on the basketball team. Melvin enjoys reading in his spare time.
Mia 5 Female Mia is a friendly active child who enjoys dancing and singing.
Micdane 12 Male Micdane is a very sweet boy, and a great student at school. This christmas he would like to get pokemon toys, and games.
Michael 13 Male Michael loves video games and sports, mainly basketball and baseball. He is insightful and modest; does not ask his mother for much despite overt need.
Michael 13 Male Child enjoys playing xbox, he is the only boy in a house of 4 females, family relocated from warm climate.
Micheal 11 Male Micheal is a shy child who likes to play soccer. Micheal loves to read books and listen to music. Micheal wishes that he can play on the FiFa team when he finishes school.
Mike 13 Male Mike is a quiet young man who loves fashion especially when it comes to matching his sneakers to his shirts (bright colors). Mike enjoys spending time with his family hanging out.
Milania 12 Female Milania is a very talented young lady. She loves to sing and dance and is very skilled with a pen! She loves creative writing and English is her favorite subject in school.
Milo 11 Male Milo is a sports fanatic. He's got a lot of energy and loves to play basketball and football. His favorite team is Miami Heat. He also wears the color red almost exclusively!
Mirabelle 15 Female Mirabelle will always say what is on her mind. She is a born leader and a constant support to her peers. Education is extremely important to her and she hopes to one day go to college to study political science.
Mitch 4 Male Mitch is an adorable 4 1/2 year old boy who lives with his mother. Mitch enjoys singing, dancing, and playing with Legos. Mitch loves his family and enjoys spending time with them. Mitch is in kindgarten and is even learning Spanish!
Molly 16 Female Molly is a responsible and kind 16yrs old. She's been able to channel her difficult past into helping others. She enjoys working with severely disabled youth and hopes to become a special education teacher.
Nancy 7 Female Nancy is a very beautiful emotional girl with a traumatic history of abuse. She recently got her family back together and this is their first Xmas together after a long time. She is looking forward to it.
NanniKLJ 4 Female Nanni is an active, playful, and imaginative girl. She enjoys pretend play, where can serve others food or drink. She loves to read books about princesses and dance. Nanni currently lives in foster care.
Nathan 12 Male Nathan is a very athletic, nice boy. Everybody knows him as a peace maker. Desptie his traumatic history, he works hard at school and home. He is a big support to his single mother and little brother.
Ned 15 Male Ned is a 15 year old artistic and athletic boy who likes to play basketball and football. His favorite subject in school is math and he loves painting, drawing and being in nature.
NeDane 9 Female Nedane is that oldest in that home, she is very sweet and loves helping her mother with all her sibling.
Nevonrick 9 Male Nevonrick is a smart young boy who loves spider-man, video games and riding his bike. He recently moved to Boston and is living with his grandmother.
Nickie 10 Female This child loves to say nice things and offer backrubs to her Grandma. She is also good at saying she is sorry. She loves to dance and is very sociable. She loves meeting new people.
Nico 4 Male Nico was living in various foster cares and programs since he was ten months old till he was three with a lot of behavioral/mental issues. Six months ago, he was adopted by the loveliest couple. He has a permanent home for the first time and is so happy
Nik 4 Male Nik is a beautiful loving little boy. He was taken away from his mother when he was just one and placed in various foster cares. The family reunited a year ago and just moved to their apartment from a shelter. This is his first Xmas with family.
Nikinamaldo 17 Female Nikinamaldo is a very smart young lady, who loves music and school. She is always helping her family and love to spend time with them.
Nikki 14 Male Nikki is a very stay to himself kind of kid who has blossemed out of that shy stage and is very vocal with his peers and engaging.
Niko 9 Male Niko is a wonderful 9 yr old with a beautiful smile and very artistic young man. He loves to play with legos and his favorite cartoons characters are the Ninja turtles.
Nixon 15 Male Nixon is a 15 year old boy who loves video games, as well as super heroes and creating his own characters with stories.
Noah 11 Male Noah has an amazing sense a humor, and loves to make his friends and family laugh. At times, his family describes him as a comedian.
Noel 9 Female Noel is a sweet, young girl who enjoys rollerskating, playing with her Barbie dolls and doing arts and crafts.
Nora 16 Female This grandaughter is the quiet one with lots of hopes and dreams. She wants to work in the health care field one day and does very well in school. She also loves acting class and movies.
Nora 16 Female This youth is considered by her family to be very well spoken and she is super smart at school! She enjoys applying herself and hopes to work in the healthcare field. She says she is quiet but concentrating.
Norman 1 Male Norman is a happy, cute 15 months old who lives with his single mother and older brother. He loves to play balls, running around, paging books, watching cartoons and dancing.
Norobermaldo 10 Male Norobermaldo is a very active boy who loves football and school.
Nya 16 Female Nya is 16yo and lives with her mother, younger sister and nephew. She is involved in many school and community programs. Many times she helps out around home and with her nephew.
Octomus Prime 12 Male This young man loves building things. He loves tranformers and would like any type. He would also like a 3Ds and games.
Oliver 5 Male Bain is a brilliant boy. He is very artistic and draws and paints beyond his age. He is happy to be able to live with his family after two years. He is nice and cooperative and so excited about his first Xmas with the entire family after a long time.
Olivia 18 Female Olivia loves to read. She is graduating this year and is looking forward to it all.
Olivia 15 Female Olivia lives with her mom, older sister, and 7yo nephew. She struggles with depression and anger. She excels in academics and is involved with after school activities. Lately depression has gotten in the way of her school work and enjoyment in activities.
Pam 9 Female Pam is a sweet girl with severe health issues due to be born immature. She is very creative, artistic, interested in arts and crafts and very affectionate.
Paul 8 Male
Pete 3 Male Pete spends many days at his grandmother's home because of complications at his biological mother's home. He looks up to his older brother and wants to do what ever his brother does.
Peter 6 Male Peter is a loving child who loves toy cars, trucks and anything car/automobile related. Peter, despite being in foster care and facing difficult times, always has a sweet hug waiting for those who enter his front door.
Peyton 12 Male Peyton is a hardworking, respectful young man who has made the honor roll two years in a row. He is a quiet, caring child who loves helping others.
Phelps 11 Male Phelps is a loving 11 year old boy with Autism who loves sports. He is working hard every opportunity he has to build his social skills and maintain his good grades! He is working hard to make the honor roll!
Phil 7 Male Phil loves sports and superheroes. He was removed from his biological mother's home and started living with 'nana' at 2yo. He has been affected by anxiety and problems making relationships due to the trauma experienced early in his life.
Phillip 6 Male Phillip is a sweet, caring and loving child who somehow always keeps a bright smile that cheers the day of anyone in the vicinity despite now facing extremely difficult and tumultous times as a foster child.
Pierce 11 Male Phelps is a loving 11 year old boy with Autism who loves sports. He is working hard every opportunity he has to build his social skills and maintain his good grades! He is working hard to make the honor roll!
Piper 14 Female Piper is a tomboy who loves all things related to sports and cars. She's very athletic and loves to play basketball. She excels in school and loves to mentor other kids who need help in class. She also loves spending time with her little brother.
Ralph P. 2 Male Ralph and his twin brother were born premature, sadly his brother passed away at birth. Rose is very protective of Ralph, but he is a runner! If you saw Ralph now you would never have guessed he was premature, he looks, runs and jokes like he is 3!
Ramona 10 Female Ramona is a rambunctious little ball of energy. She is very helpful to her peers and loves spending time with her family. She likes going to the movies, reading, organizing her room, and LOVES coloring & activity books. Her favorite color is purple.
Ray 10 Male Ray can be quiet at first but once he gets to know you he is on a roll, sharing his knowledge about animals and making you laugh. Animal planet is his favorite TV show and he is creative, good at working with his hands.
Raymond 12 Male Raymond is a very happy young man who lves playing football with his friends Flag or two hand touch. Raymond is always smiling and can brighten up any room.
Reggie 13 Male Reggie loves practicing his moves on the court when he isn't doing school work.
Rene P. 1 Male Rose calls Rene her blessing. Since losing her older son's twin, she is grateful to have welcomed another healthy baby boy to this world. Rene is an old soul who loves to laugh and make other's laugh.
Richard 15 Male Richard is a 15 year old boy who likes to play with Legos and also loves to swim and fish.
Richard P. 12 Male Richard is the man of the house. He is one of the most mature 12 year olds I have ever met. Richard is a skilled athlete, positive role model to his 3 little brothers and dedicated student. Richard has a lot of responsibility, but also loves to dance!
Rob 13 Male Rob is an almost 14 year old boy who loves Minecraft, Magic Cards and has been making huge strides with academics this year! He loves hoodie sweatshirts and baking, as well as puzzles and building 3-D wooden animals.
Robert 18 Male He is an 18 yr old male who sustained a brain injury as a child. Despite his challenges Robert still enjoys watching Disney movies, listening to music and eating cotton candy.
Roger 17 Male Rodger is an intellectual 17 year old, high school senior. Rodger is interested in attending college for Criminal Justice and Psychology. Rodger loves a good read and his current favorite book series is Divergent.
Roger P. 13 Male Roger is a a kind and curious 13 year old boy. Roger loves ships! On his spare time, Roger loves to learn about the history and science of famous battleships. Roger's favorite thing to do on the weekend is visiting the navy yard and building ships.
Roland 9 Male Roland is a young man who enjoys science and math. In Roland's free time he enjoys digging up bugs. Roland wants to be a scientist.
Ronald P. 10 Male Ronald loves spending time with his family, watching wrestling, playing football, playing basketball, drawing, dancing and is an Uno champ. In his free time he loves to write songs and no one knows how to make his 1yr old brother laugh more than he does
RoseDane 4 Female Rosedane is a very cute little girl, she is very active and happy. She loves Minnie mouse, and consider her, her best friend.
Ruth P. 11 Female Ruth is a quiet and kind 11 year old girl who loves Pokemon, cartoons and reading Manga (comic books). Ruth loves to play at the local park, ride her bike and spent time with friends. She enjoys spending time with her mom and is a diligent student.
Ryan 14 Male Ryan is a young man you can always find riding on a bike. Ryan loves listening to music and just hanging out with his mother.
SahdayaRae 17 Female Sahdaya Rae is a shy and friendly young lady who works hard in school and is very focused on increasing her independant living skills. She has a joyful spirit and is excited about spending time with family during the coming holidays.
Samantha 12 Female She is a quiet 12 yr old girl who enjoys discovering how things work. She enjoys reading books and listening to music.
Sandra 9 Female Sandra is friendly and cares deeply about others, often trying to be the helper, especially with her sister. She enjoys arts and crafts and dancing. Recently she started the violin and is excited to learn at school.
Sarah Jane 14 Female Sarah Jane is all about her arts & crafts. She loves drawing and painting. She has very close relationships with all 9 of her siblings and her mother. She hopes to one day work with children.
Scott 15 Male Scott is a young man who loves the great outdoors. Scott loves to go fishing no matter what kind of weather. Scott hopes to go ice fishing one day for the experience.
SeanRae 2 Male Sean is the baby of the family. He is quick to smile and loves to be hugged and cuddled. He is at his best when near mommy but will take a mommy break to play with his trucks and toys.
Shannon 12 Female Shannon is a big fan of the latest boy bands and enjoys singing and dancing every chance she gets.
Shawn 12 Male Shawn is a young man who has taken the liking to basketball since he has grown a lot since the summer. Shawn said one day he will be better than Kobe Bryant from the Lakers.
Sheila 12 Female Sheila is a young lady who enjoys doing tye dye and any other hands on arts and crafts. Sheila loves painting her toes with designs and loves to dance.
show stopper 12 Male This young man loves video games, a gift card to game stop would make his Christmas! He also loves playing basketball and listening to music.
Sidney 13 Male Sidney is a very loving young man who loves skateboarding. Sidney enjoys reading comic books in his free time.
Sophia 11 Female Sophia is a sweet, helpful empathic girl. She enjoys spending her free time journaling, and doing art projects.
Stan 12 Male Stan is a 12 year old boy who loves Godzilla, playing Magic Cards and swimming. He is interested in learning about science, nature, and is always excited to learn facts and trivia.
Stanley 8 Male Stanely is a very energetic little boy who loves going to the playground. Stanely's favorite color is red
Stay Coolin 12 Male This young man loves to build things. He especially loves legos. He would like a 3dS and a gift card to game stop to purchase games.
Stephen 18 Male Stephen is the oldest and tries to keep his brothers calm. He walks Ray home from school and enjoys socializing with friends at home.
Steve 13 Male Steve is an almost 14 year old boy who loves sports, especially baseball and football, and is just beginning a new basketball league. He is an excellent student, loves history, legos and comic books.
Steven 10 Male Steven is a very energetic little boy who loved cars. Steven said when he grows up he will own a car of every color. In Steven's spare time he loves staying busy so he would often volunteer to help staff with chores.
Sully 11 Female This little guy, loves Sully (Monster Inc, and spiderman! He would love a 3ds and mario cart games.
Tabatha 14 Female Tabatha is bright and very approachable. She sometimes struggles with trying new things but, once exposed to them, she usually enjoys herself. She enjoys reading, music and arts & crafts.
Tadane 11 Female Tadane is one of that best students in her classroom, she always gets good grades and is very supportive to mom in that home with chores.
Tara 6 Female Tara is a quiet little girl who enjoys playing dress up and school with her friends. Tara hopes to be a teacher when she grows up.
Tate 5 Male Tate is big ball of energy. It's hard to slow him down! He likes playing with his toys and has a vivid imagination. He loves playing sports outside. He and his older brother are inseparable and adore each other.
Terry 15 Male Terry is a very outgoing young man who enjoys playing basketball during his free time.
Terry 7 Female Terry is a friendly, outgoing, and loving special needs kid who likes to make people laugh. She also enjoys trips to dunkin donuts when possible.
Theo 17 Male Theo is a polite and caring young man. He's had health problems for a few years so he is not able to stay outside for long. However he does enjoy watching sports and keeping tabs on his youngest brother.
Tiffany 16 Female Tiffany is a 15 yr old who enjoys going to the movies, long walks, shopping, and spending time with her friends and siblings.
Todd 16 Male Todd is a very creative and athletic 16 year old. Todd enjoys playing basketball and football. Todd is a huge L.A. Dodgers fan. Todd is a talented drummer who is always creating new beats on the drum and always introducing his peers to new music.
Trevor 16 Male Trevor is an active and social boy who enjoys sports and making friends.
Vincent 7 Male Vincent is a very bashful quiet little boy who has the love of playing outside.
Wasabi 12 Male This young man would like lego marvel for x box, an x box controller, gift card to game stop.
Xadane 9 Male Xadane is a very happy child, that has experience significant experiences in his life.
Xander 16 Male Xander is a very creative 17 year old. Xander enjoys video games, drumming, cooking, and art. Xander expresses his creativity through creating new beats on the drum, cooking new recipes, and drawing cartoon characters.
Yaridane 14 Female yaridane is a very happy girl that loves music and being with her friends, she has been through significan struggles this past year and has been able to over come them all.
Yaridane 15 Female Yaridane is that only girl in that home, and is been hard living with just boys but she has been able to keep her grades up and also be very dedicate to support mom at home.
Yedane 17 Male Yedane is a very active teenager he loves playing sports and being active in that community.
Zane 12 Male Zane is a really cool kid. He loves listening to emo, metal, and alternative rock. He also likes expressive arts like painting and drawing. He doesn't go anywhere without a pair of skinny jeans and Chucks!
Zaya 12 Female Zaya is very inquisitive with a deep thirst for knowledge. She loves to do research and get down to the bottom of things. She is also very playful and creative.