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Name Age Gender Description
Abigail 19 Female Abigail is a respectful hardworking girl. She wants to work in Forensic Science and is working to get back on the honor roll.
Ace 8 Male Ace has lots of energy and needs help with getting that energy out. He enjoys playing with his Pokemon cards, on the computer, and riding his scooter.
Andre 9 Male Andre is a kind, generous young boy who enjoys playing with his Pokemon cards, football with his friends, and riding his bike.
AngDane 5 Female AngDane is a very happy girl, she loves to play with barbie, and disney princess. She enjoys to pretend play with her sister.
Annalise 12 Female Annalise is shy at first but, once you get to know her, she has a lot to say! She is very physically active. She is also a very talented artist who loves to draw & paint. She loves all things purple and incorporates it into her wardrobe almost daily!
Anya 13 Female Anya has an engaging, magnetic personality. She loves music, particularly R&B and Soca. She is also very proud of her Cape Verdean heritage and is fluent in both English and Creole.
Asha 16 Female Asha loves all things related to glamour and music. She loves to sing along while watching music videos and knows all of the latest dance moves. She also likes to paint her nails and wear make-up. She wants to work in the entertainment industry someday.
Ava 11 Female Ava is a sweet and helpful girl. She works hards on being kind, respectful and thoughtful to everyone she meets.
Bedane 3 Female Bedane is an adoptive child, she is very sweet and super active. She loves playing with her dolls.
Brooklyn 14 Female Brooklyn prides herself on being independent and goal-oriented. She has established herself as a leader at her program and peers often seek her out for guidance. She loves arts & crafts and braiding and styling hair.
CassandraNC 7 Female Cassadra is an Autistic 7-year old girl, currently living with her Mom and younger brother. Cassandra loves playing with play-doh, gardening, and helping Mom cook dinner! Cassandra is loving, very sweet, and enjoys spending time with her family.
Cassidy 13 Female Cassidy loves school and does her homework every day. She is also the captain of her school's double dutch team. She is also musical and has a beautiful singing voice.
Dexter 13 Male Dexter enjoys skateboarding, playing video games, and listening to music.
Dorian 14 Male Dorian has a lot of energy and is very athletic. He's also an avid reader and spends a lot of time at the library. He really likes video games. He likes to build things and wants to be an engineer when he grows up.
DragoNC 6 Male Drago is a fun and lovable 6-year old boy. Drago loves his mom very much and loves spending time with her. Drago is currently in the first grade, and enjoys recess!
Eliza 12 Female Eliza loves to sing in her church choir, go swimming, and do arts and crafts.
Eliza-Grace 13 Female Eliza-Grace is small in stature, but has a BIG personality. She has a great sense of humor and loves to joke around. She is very well spoken and excels in school. She loves singing, dancing, and all things related to style and fashion.
Emily 18 Female Emily is a sweet, generous girl with a big heart. She enjoys writing and technology.
Emma 14 Female Emma loves music. She wants to pursue a career in music. This year she is working hard in her ELA class.
GoDane 7 Female Godane is a very happy girl, she loves to pretend play with her dolls and play with her sister in her home.
Gregory 11 Male Gregory is a smart kid who loves playing with his friends. He is very close with his mom and grandpa.
Huck 17 Male Huck is a jokester who likes to make people laugh. He loves animals, especially birds and fish. He also has a green thumb and tends to a garden at his program.
Isbella 5 Female Isbella is a very active girl who loves to dance and sing.She is friendly and outgoing and loves acting like a princess.
Izzy 14 Female Izzy is often quiet and reserved until she gets to know people. She is very observant and likes to be neat and organized. She also artistic and loves visual/performing arts.
Jackson 15 Male Jackson is always knows the latest lingo, fashion styles, and music. He is a natural leader around his peers. He struggles in school but tries his hardest to get his work done. He also loves basketball, cooking, and writing poetry.
Jane 15 Female Jane is a very active girl who loves to play the guitar. She also loves to play soccer and sing - her favorite band is the Jonas brothers and hopes to get their latest CD for the holidays.
JayDane 6 Male JayDane is a very happy child, he had been diagnoised with austim about a year ago and loves playing with his brother, and is a very sweet child.
Jedane 5 Male Jedane is a twin brother to Judane, and they love to play together. He is very happy child, and super active.
Jen 13 Female Jen is a talented basketball player who hopes to play for the WNBA. She enjoys watching movies, roller skating, and electronics.
Jessie 12 Female Jessie is a talented artist who enjoys toys, books, coloring and listening to music.
JoceDane 5 Female JoceDane is a very caring, and sweet little girl. She enjoys playing witt\h her siblings, and have a very high creativity.
JoDane 4 Male Jodane is a very sweet little boy, he loves to play with his twin sister; and enjoys playing with that ninja turtles.
Jolene 11 Female Jolene is a real maverick. She is very inquisitive and seems to always have a thirst for knowledge. She loves outdoor sports, particularly hiking, swimming, and softball.
Josedane 10 Male Josedane is a great big brother to his younger siblings. He is a great student and very helpful to his mother.
Joshdane 8 Male Joshdane is a twin with his brother jusdane. They love playing together with their toys. Joshdane is a very sweet boy, and loves school.
Joy 13 Female Joy is very talented with working with her hands and creating beautiful hairstyles. She hopes to go to school to become a professional hairdresser.
Judane 5 Male Judane is a very happy boy, and very active. He is a twin brother to Jedane and they love to play together.
Jusdane 8 Male Jusdane is a very active child, he loves to play with his brother and his little sister. He is a great student at school, and good helper at home.
Keith 3 Male Keith is a bright, friendly kid who loves toy cars (which he calls vroom-vrooms) and Spiderman. Keith has had difficulty understanding why his father is no longer around and is often sad and confused.
KirDane 4 Male Kirdane is a very sweet, and active little boy. He is very caring, and outgoing.
Kyle 10 Male Kyle is a fun, loving boy who loves to laugh and have a good time. He enjoys playing with his friends, swimming and video games.
Lauren 4 Female Lauren is a playful and affectionate little girl who enjoys playing with her older brother and sister. She is very curious and always like to know what is going on and to be a part of it!
Leah 9 Female Leah has many interests and enjoys playing basketball and football, playing on the computer, and riding her bike.
Leo 9 Male Leo is a 9 year old boy who lives with his parents and three younger sisters. Leo can be shy, but quickly warms up and loves to talk. Leo loves to play, but can't play safely in his neighborhood. Leo loves Legos, games he can build, sports and scooters.
Linda 0 Female The family recently welcomed a newborn baby girl in late October. They are struggling a great deal financially and could use any support for their baby this holiday season with basic baby needs or baby gifts and toys.
Lisa 7 Female Lisa is a playful and spunky little girl who loves to be a part of the action. She enjoys playing with her siblings and chatting.
Maddie 11 Female Maddie has many interests. She is a funny, engaging, young girl who enjoys playing on the computer, listening to music, karate, and going roller skating. She enjoys going to the movies and cooking.
Madison 18 Female Madison to a kind supportive young lady who loves to paint.
Max 11 Male A smart, talented basketball player, Max enjoys celebrations.
Mia 5 Female Mia is a friendly active child who enjoys dancing and singing.
MickeyNC 3 Male Mickey is a energetic, fun, and loving little boy. He is always keeping Mom on her toes, and having as much fun as possible. He enjoys spending time with his sister and likes to do whatever she is doing. Mickey also loves MICKEY MOUSE!
Milo 11 Male Milo is a sports fanatic. He's got a lot of energy and loves to play basketball and football. His favorite team is Miami Heat. He also wears the color red almost exclusively!
Mirabelle 15 Female Mirabelle will always say what is on her mind. She is a born leader and a constant support to her peers. Education is extremely important to her and she hopes to one day go to college to study political science.
NeDane 9 Female Nedane is that oldest in that home, she is very sweet and loves helping her mother with all her sibling.
Noel 9 Female Noel is a sweet, young girl who enjoys rollerskating, playing with her Barbie dolls and doing arts and crafts.
Olivia 18 Female Olivia loves to read. She is graduating this year and is looking forward to it all.
Piper 14 Female Piper is a tomboy who loves all things related to sports and cars. She's very athletic and loves to play basketball. She excels in school and loves to mentor other kids who need help in class. She also loves spending time with her little brother.
Ramona 10 Female Ramona is a rambunctious little ball of energy. She is very helpful to her peers and loves spending time with her family. She likes going to the movies, reading, organizing her room, and LOVES coloring & activity books. Her favorite color is purple.
Sophia 11 Female Sophia is a sweet, helpful empathic girl. She enjoys spending her free time journaling, and doing art projects.
Tabatha 14 Female Tabatha is bright and very approachable. She sometimes struggles with trying new things but, once exposed to them, she usually enjoys herself. She enjoys reading, music and arts & crafts.