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Name Age Gender Description
Aaliyah 18 Female Aaliyah is strong young women. She loves to excel in school.
Aaron B 16 Male This youth just returned home. He is a very sweet young man in high school. He enjoys video games and loves music.
Abel 11 Male Abel is a very well mannered young man. He loves pokemon and board games.
Abre 13 Female Abre is a 13 year old girl who lives with her adoptive family in Dorchester. She loves to sing, dance and is really into fashion.
Adam 12 Male Adam is a 12-year old boy currently living with his great grandmother, who he loves very much. Adam is very funny and has a great sense of humor. He loves to tell jokes, and make his grandma smile.
Adam 11 Male Adam is an active almost 11 year old who enjoys electronics and animals.
Adam 16 Male Adam is an intellectual 16 year old. Adam enjoys putting puzzles together and drawing in his free time. Adam uses music as a stress reliever and always introduces his peers to the newest tunes.
Adam B 4 Male very active 4 year olds. Loves to watch movies on the go. Enjoys handheld electronics.
Adane 16 Male Adane is a very active boy that enjoys sports and playing with his friends. He loves building bikes and different electronic devices.
Addison 10 Female Addison is a very artistic and creative girl. she loves to make art and jewelry.
AddonisRae 7 Male Addonis, a curious child, is working to adjust to life with a new baby in the home. He has enjoyed hearing stories of what he was like as a newborn and ways that he also required great care and attention. AddonisRae is thrilled for the coming holidays.
adolortega 17 Male Adolfo is a young man how loves his family. He is helping his mom with his brother and sister.
Adri 8 Female
Adriel-mir 6 Male Adriel love sports and is a big fan of the Boston red sox. He love the summer so he can go to the park and play baseball with his friends.
aeomi 16 Female Aeomi is a 16 year gilrl that lives with her mother and her sister in Roxbury. She is preparing to head to college next year and really enjoys spending time with her family.
Aiden 7 Male Aiden likes to read and teach others as well. He is a very helpful boy, who like learn how things work.
AJ 15 Male AJ is a quiet young man who enjoys spending time with his friends. This is his first year playing football on the school team, combining his love of sports and being outdoors. When inside, he likes to watch movies and play video games with his siblings.
Alan 16 Male Alan is an outgoing and fashion forward 16 year old. Alan takes pride in his appearance and always makes sure he is put together. Alan is a leader and likes to lead by example. Alan finds listening to music very relaxing.
Aleen 14 Male Aleen is a very talkative pre teen who is very sweet. Aleen just like spending time talking with his peers and hanging out.
Alexandra 11 Female Alexandra is a funny and very talented young girl. Alexandra is very smart and enjoys learning. Alexandra is a very talented and accomplished young dancer. She recently recieved her very first solo performance piece.
Alexis 2 Female Alex is a very advanced toddler, she reads with multiple people daily. She loves to read.
Aliana 17 Female Aliana is a 17 year old young woman who plans to attend college and become an author. She enjoys creative writing and sharing her stories with others. She works afterschool at a local mall, and looks forward to graduating this spring.
Alicia 17 Female Alicia is a driven young woman. She attends a challenging high school with hopes of studying graphic design. When she is not studying, she is often helping her mother with one of her 5 younger siblings or taking some time to play games with friends.
Amanda 17 Female Amanda is a fun and spunky 17 yr old girl. She loves to laugh and is into fashion and jewelry.
Amanda C 4 Female Bright 4 year old, who loves learning games.
AndreOrtega 16 Male Andre is a very smart boy. He loves school he live with his girlfriend family. He is going to be a father even that he is young he is trying his best to continue going to school and do the best for his girlfriend.
Andrew 16 Male Andrew is a hardworking young man, who always helps out his parents.
Angela 14 Female Angela is a very creative girl who loves nature. She often takes walks through the woods on her way home from school. She looks forward to time spent with family and is very active in her school's GSA
AngelRae 13 Male Angel is a quiet and friendly boy who is well liked by both adults and peers. He can usually be found working hard to complete school work and likes to spend free time playing-you guessed it-video games. Angel is excited for the upcoming holidays.
Annalise 12 Female Annalise is shy at first but, once you get to know her, she has a lot to say! She is very physically active. She is also a very talented artist who loves to draw & paint. She loves all things purple and incorporates it into her wardrobe almost daily!
Anthony 7 Male Anthonyis a bright an active young boy. He loves to read and play outside.
Anya 13 Female Anya has an engaging, magnetic personality. She loves music, particularly R&B and Soca. She is also very proud of her Cape Verdean heritage and is fluent in both English and Creole.
Apryl 10 Female Apryl is shy and meek, but opens up gradually to people she trusts. She loves music, arts and crafts, and reading. She has also recently discovered baking as a new hobby and is now an expert cookie maker!
Archie 8 Male Archie is a creative and energetic 8-year old boy. Archie is incredibly good a basketball and hopes to be a professional athlete when he gets older. Archie enjoys hanging out with his family and playing basketball with friends.
Aria 4 Female Aria is a very curious little girl. She enjoys reading books, imaginary games, and dancing.
Arianna 14 Female Arianna is smart and hard working. She is helpful with household chores and with caring for her younger siblings.
aridee 17 Female Ari is a nice young lady who goes to school and works at a retail job to help support the family. She helps her mom with her brother whenever she can.
Ariel 17 Female Ariel is an amazing performer. She loves to be on stage and being the center of attention. She loves to make herself up and does beautiful make-up. She wants to continue with performing and become a famous Broadway star.
ARodriguez 7 Female young girl who loves sports and playing teacher or pretend.
Ash 10 Female This young girl would love an iPod touch, preferably in pink.
Asha 16 Female Asha loves all things related to glamour and music. She loves to sing along while watching music videos and knows all of the latest dance moves. She also likes to paint her nails and wear make-up. She wants to work in the entertainment industry someday.
Audrey 10 Female Audrey is a sweet girl, who loves to go to school and do her homework.
auniedee 14 Male Aunie is a talented 14 year old boy. He expresses himself through poetry which he writes weekly and gives to his therapist. He wants to be an actor. He has a mentor and is trying to get into a theater group for kids with disabilities.
Ava 11 Female Ava is a sweet and helpful girl. She works hards on being kind, respectful and thoughtful to everyone she meets.
Axel 14 Male Axel is an outstanding kid. He enjoys cooking, sports and hanging out with his family. He participates in his school's GSA and plays on the basketball team. He is super fun and down to earth.
Ayara 8 Female Ayara is an 8 year old gilr who lives in an apartment in Roxbury with her mother and her older sister. She loves to paint, board games and really enjoys singing and dancing games.
Barbie 2 Female Barbie is a funny loveable toddle. she loves to play her dolls and loves to color.
Beau 18 Male Beau is very responsible and independent. He is helpful to others and is good with his hands. He is in the process of aging out of foster care and needs some essentials for his new apartment.
belinOrtega 9 Female This young girl. Love school and her family. She is always happy.
Ben 17 Male Ben is a very creative 17 year old. Ben loves to cook and is always making new creations in the kitchen to share with family and friends. Ben finds cooking and video games to be great stress relievers. Ben is a big New England Patriots fan.
Ben 16 Male Bright sixteen year old. Loves fashion.
Benjamin 9 Male Ben is a sweet young boy, who loves playing outside and playing video games.
Benjamin 13 Male Benjamin is 13-year old boy, who loves his family very much. When completeing this request, Benjamin made sure that his familie's needs were identified first before addressing his needs and wishes. This just speaks to Benjamin's love for his family.
Bernard 16 Male Bernard is a very quiet teenager who enjoys listening to music and playing flag football in his spare time. Bernard has high hope for his future after high school.
Betty 12 Female Betty is very outgoing, funny and enjoys being active. Betty also enjoys arts and crafts and cooking
Billy 13 Male Billy is a very quiet individual who loves lifting weights. Billy loves putting on cologne because he believes he has to smell good every day going to school.
Bob 14 Male Bob is very much into sports and getting A's in school
Brandon 6 Male Brandon is a fun and lovable 6-year old boy. Brandon loves his mom very much and loves spending time with her. Brandon is currently in the first grade, and enjoys recess!
Brendan C. 10 Male Brendan is a energetic young man who enjoys puzzles, video games and sports. Brendan really desires the opportunity to play a sport whenever he gets a chance--all he needs are the right tools!
Brendane 17 Female Brendane is a great student at school, she has good grades and is really helpful at home to her mother.
Brett 16 Male Brett has been working to take a stand against the power of violence in his community and striving towards his goal of becoming a tradesman. He wanted you to know that he is a hard worker and can adapt quickly to changes and obstacles.
Brian 8 Male Brian is a very energetic but shy little boy who enjoys playing basketball with his friends. Brian loves Lebron James and hopes to meet him one day. Brian loves collecting Pokemon cards.
Brit 13 Female Brit is a fun, energetic and super smart kiddo. She loves singing and dancing and is an amazing performer. She loves to make people smile with her routines.
brittney 9 Female sweet and funny nine year old who loves to play exercising games. Loves soft blankets.
BuzzRae 7 Male BuzzRae is a shy and friendly boy who loves to spend his time drawing and being creative with his older sister. He is excited for the coming holidays and has plans to build the world's biggest snowman. Good luck with that, Buzz.
Caleb 12 Male Caleb is a bright young men, who loves playing with his brother, and playing video games together.
Cam 16 Male Cam is a 16 year old boy who loves video games, playing dodgeball and legos.
Camila 1 Female Camila is an active little girl. She enjoys dancing, singing and building towers with blocks.
carlOrtega 9 Male A very good boy. Loves school and his family.
Carlos 5 Male Carlos is a fun loving little boy. He loves Batman and loves to draw and paint
Carter 16 Male Carter is a creative young man who loves drawing and playing card games with his family.
Cassandra 7 Female Cassadra is an Autistic 7-year old girl, currently living with her Mom and younger brother. Cassandra loves playing with play-doh, gardening, and helping Mom cook dinner! Cassandra is loving, very sweet, and enjoys spending time with her family.
Cassandra 8 Female Cassandra is an energetic young girl with a bright mind. She loves disney movies specially Frozen. Loves to do arts and crafts, paint and play with friends.
Cassidy 13 Female Cassidy loves school and does her homework every day. She is also the captain of her school's double dutch team. She is also musical and has a beautiful singing voice.
Cat Lover 16 Male Cat lover is a lovely young man. He is very friendly and gets along great with providers that work with him and his family. He loves art and crafts, he is into hair fashion, and loves music
Catherine 7 Female Catherine is a very talkative and caring youth. Catherine loves to dance, arts/crafts and playing with dolls.
cenaortega 12 Female
Chad 17 Male Chad is a quiet young man but loves talking politics any chance he gets.
ChanteyRae 14 Female Chantey is a spirited girl of 14 years. She was adopted several years ago by a sinlge mother and the family has since been at the work of building a loving relationship. Chantey would be grateful for the opportunity to attend an Alvin Ailey performance.
Charlotte 11 Female Charlotte is a smart and strong girl. She loves music and spending time with her mother.
Charlotte 20 Female Charlotte has been caring for younger siblings since she was 14. Hard-working and committed, she never seems to have money left over to take care of herself. Recently Charlotte lost her job in order to take care of another family member.
Christian 14 Male Christian is a bright witty young man. He love to give back to his community through services. He has always dreamed of being a firefighter.
Chungys 6 Male Chungys is a very happy energetic boy whom likes to play with lego sets.
Clark 8 Male Clark is a 8yr. old who loves the Ninja Turtles. He enjoys playing sports and loves playing outside and being active.
Colby 8 Male Colby is a little boy full of energy and no matter what time of day he will spend his time building Legos.
Connor 8 Male Connor is an adorable 8-year old boy. He loves his family and enjoys spending time with them. Connor likes to play soccer, and loves the New England Revolution! In his down time, Connor enjoys playing with superheros Spiderman, Ironman, and the Hulk!
Cora 17 Female Cora is a loving young woman. She loves her family, and cares for her younger brother Connor, when her Mom is at work. In her free time outside of school, Cora is on a competive dance team. Cora hopes to one day become a professional dancer.
Cridane 14 Female Cridane is a very musical child, she loves to sing and be with her friends. She is also very athelic and loves sports.
cutie 14 Female This young lady loves anything leapord print. She is 15 an likes all things girly. She would love a pair of jordan sneakers size 10 women.
Damar 5 Male Damar is a small but bright little boy who enjoys just having fun. Damar is very proud of his reading skills and becoming a Big boy seeing his accomplishment in reading a book on his own.
Daniel 6 Male Daniel is a friendly and sweet boy, who is getting used to having a younger sister. He sees other children at church with handheld video games that he would also love to play with. His mom would like him to have dark blue pants for school, size medium.
Danielle 7 Female Danielle is friendly and likes being bilingual. She helps her younger sister even though she gets frustrated at times. She likes pink and purple and would like comfy purple sweatpants.
Danielle 9 Female Danielle is a really sweet girl who is being raised by her grandmother. She loves to relax by doing arts and crafts.
Dariel-mir 9 Male Dariel is a great student and recently make honor role. he love to read and play video games.he love anything with harry Porter,
Darnell 16 Male Darnell is a very intelligent teenager who likes to spend time in the mall and loves looking for exclusive sneakers on line. Darnell loves playing the piano to clear his mind
Dave 16 Male Dave is a 16yr old that enjoys playing and watching soccer. When asked what he would like for christmas he said a PS3 with a soccer game.
David 11 Male David is active young boy, loves playing video games, and playing outside with his younger brother.
David 10 Male David is a little boy that has a very big kick when it comes to playing soccer. David said when he grows up he wants to be a doctor to find a cure for cancer
Dexter 13 Male Dexter enjoys skateboarding, playing video games, and listening to music.
Didane 16 Female Didane is that oldest in that home, she is very supportive and helpful to mom. She is also very responsable and had good grades at school
Domenick 14 Male Youth enjoys riding a bike outside that he borrows from the neighbor. Youth enjoys playing playstation and xbox with his friends.
Dorian 14 Male Dorian has a lot of energy and is very athletic. He's also an avid reader and spends a lot of time at the library. He really likes video games. He likes to build things and wants to be an engineer when he grows up.
DPRodriguez 17 Male young boy been acceptable and understanding the help his need for his medical condition very smart and helpfull with the family
Dr. Cool Jay 12 Male This young man loves singing and performing! He would love a piano to write and sing music on. He also would like 3ds games, especially super smash brothers games.
Dre 17 Male Dre is a singing machine give him a tune and he will sing for hours the rest of the verses. Dre loves playing minecraft in his free time but just has taking the liking to basketball.
DyannaRae 14 Female Dyanna is a warm and engaging young lady with many interest. She is part of a dance team at school, plays soccer and is working hard to make honor roll this term. She is the oldest of 4 siblings and is a great help to her mother with the younger children.
Dylan 13 Male Dylan is a sweet caring boy. He loves to make people laugh, and playing basketball.
Dylan-mir 6 Male Dylan is playful and loves to watch his favorite sonic shows
Ebony 9 Female Ebony is a sweet and quiet little girl who enjoys leaning how to braid and style her babydoll's hair.
Eddy/Sab 7 Male Eddy is a very friendly little boy that has a great imagination. he likes to play with action hero figures.
Elianna 6 Female Elianna is a very energetic and loving child. She enjoys telling stories and dramatic play. Elianna just began kindergarten and is getting used to the idea of having homework.
Elias 10 Male Elias is a quiet 10yr old boy who enjoys playing video games and building things out of Legos. He is hoping to learn how to sew in hopes of making his own plush.
Elijah 14 Male Elijah is a sweet helpful young man. He loves school and works hard to gett all As and Bs.
Eliza 12 Female Eliza loves to sing in her church choir, go swimming, and do arts and crafts.
Eliza-Grace 13 Female Eliza-Grace is small in stature, but has a BIG personality. She has a great sense of humor and loves to joke around. She is very well spoken and excels in school. She loves singing, dancing, and all things related to style and fashion.
Elizabeth 12 Female Elizabeth is a 12yr old girl who enjoys spending time with her family. Elizabeth has dealt with various changes in her life in recent years and is working on finding better ways to express herself.
Elly 14 Female Elly likes sports especially football. She enjoys arts and crafts, movies, reading and dancing. Her favorite color is blue, vampire movies and James Patterson books.
Elsa 17 Female Elsa is a 17yr old young lady with alot of positive energy. She loves to sing and dance. She would love to become a teacher.
Emily 18 Female Emily is a sweet, generous girl with a big heart. She enjoys writing and technology.
Ethan-mir 5 Male Ethan is a very special boy, he is always happy and loves playing games on his mother phone.
Evelina 6 Female Evelina is a very quiet girl who enjoys drawing and dramatic play. She is a great listener and always worries about others. Evelina just started kindergarten, she is learning her letters and numbers.
Felix 13 Male Felix is an incredibly energetic, outspoken boy. He has a competitive spirit and loves playing games. He playfully engages everyone around him. Even with all the physical energy he spends, he is also reflective and analytical.
Fiona 15 Female Fiona is a super active girl. She loves anything outdoors. She is active in sports at school and also participates in GSA.
Frank 16 Male Frank is a 16 year old talented saxophone player. He wears a size 2XL-3XL and is left handed.
Frank 16 Male Frank is a soft spoken young man who enjoys quiet time alone when he is not playing football, studying, and being with his brothers. Franks appearance is always impeccable. He also hopes to attend college in a couple years.
Fred 17 Male Fred is a driven, college bound young man. He has worked hard to keep up his grades while actively participating in football and track. Fred watches over his four younger brothers and strives to be a good role model.
Freddy 16 Male Freddy is a 16yr old boy who enjoys being active through his interest in sports. He's been able to stay on the right track through his involvement in football, basketball and baseball. He enjoys listening to music and writing his own lyrics.
Gabe 4 Male He would like a nabi tablet
Gabe 17 Male Gabe is mellow and easy going. He spends a lot of his time writing short stories and reading. He's a senior in high school and is in the process of applying to several colleges.
Gabriel 17 Male Gabriel is a kind young man who helps out his family, and is a very good friend.
Gavin 16 Male Gavin enjoys spending times with his friends. As the oldest of 4, he is looking forward to increasing independence!
GDPriRod 10 Male GD is a very active boy who enjoys time with his sibling loves his baby sister and playing with his turle.
Gena 5 Female Gena is a talkative and energetic young girl who loves to play house, go pretend shopping, and play kitchen. Her favorite colors are red and orange, and her favorie things to watch are Frozen and Sofia the First.
Georgia 3 Female Georgia is a bright young girl who lives in a shelter with her mom. She is very creative, likes to play pretend, and likes to make things with her hands. She is most looking forward to a wooden toy tool set this Christmas.
GerlaineRae 12 Female GerlaineRae is a creative girl who will spend hours reading adventure novels and illustrating pictures that go along with the storyline. Like most students, GerlaineRae is eager to begin winter break and for the holiday season.
Gianna 13 Female Gianna comes from a family of all girls. She is very active, and loves fashion.
Giovanni 10 Male Giovanni is happy and playful child who comes from a tight close knit family. He enjoys learning and playing sports.
Glendora 21 Female Glendora is a 21 year old woman who has just begun a career in criminal justice. She has participated in many forums to advocate for the needs of young adults in the foster care system, and is looking forward to moving into her own place.
Gohnnie 10 Male Gohnnie is 10 years old, and is a great big brother. He loves video games, and helps mom in the kitchen. He is loving and kind, and very helpful.
Gordon 8 Male Gordon is full of life and charisma. He is active and loves football, and wrestling.
Greysen 14 Male Greysen loves horseback riding and playing sports. He is an outgoing teen who enjoys spending time with any animal around. He enjoys chatting with staff, going to school and planning activities.
Hadley 12 Female Hadley started middle school this year and continues to be an excellent student. She enjoys dancing competitively and spending time with her friends and recently went to her first school dance!
Hailey 15 Female Hailey is a wonderful and protective big sister to her younger siblings. She also loves fashion.
Hailma 7 Female Halima is a sweet, cheerful young lady who adores her brother. She enjoys play dates with friends and playing with her baby brother.
Haleigh 13 Female Haleigh is the quiet one in the family. She enjoys spending time with friends and spending time at the Boys and Girls Club. In light of a chaotic fall, Haleigh is looking forward to a calmer winter.
Haley 8 Female Haley is an 8 yr old girl. She is very active and has a great imagination. She loves very girly stuff.
Hank 13 Male Hank is a fun and caring thirteen year old male who enjoys video games, dogs, New England sports teams, and playing basketball and baseball. Hank is very caring for his mother and is helpful around the house with chores.
Harold 10 Male Harold is a playfull child that likes spending time with his friends and his mother. Harold is very helpfull around the house and has a good relationship with his mother. Ingrid (mom) struggle with finicial hardship and would like the best for her son
Harry 15 Male Harry is a loving and caring older brother
Heather 9 Female Heather enjoys spending quality time with her mother as well as her younger brother. Heather would like the best for her family.
Henry 10 Male Henry is a delightful boy who is very well-mannered. He loves baseball, basketball, and video games.
HerRodriguez 16 Female
Hogan 16 Male Hogan has just been reunited with his mother and his siblings after being separated from them and had to remain behind in Haiti.Hogan is learning to adopt to his new enviornment and has just begun attending school.He enjoys video games and sports.
Holly 12 Female Holly is a sweet and loving twelve year old girl. She enjoys going to school and works hard for grades. She enjoys music and is able to play the flute and keyboard. The lack of female parental guidance has affected her socially in school with her peers.
Holly 8 Female Holly is kind and loving. She likes to share her toys and candy with her sister and to play Barbies.
Holly 12 Female Holly is a loving, kind, sweet, caring, and silly 12 year old girl. Holly enjoys writing stories and making arts and crafts. Holly also enjoys caring for her pet cat. Holly is helpful around the home with cleaning and supporting her mother.
Huck 17 Male Huck is a jokester who likes to make people laugh. He loves animals, especially birds and fish. He also has a green thumb and tends to a garden at his program.
Hunter 10 Male Hunter is a energetic boy who loves playing cars with his friends. He also enjoys school and reading.
Ian 13 Male Ian has been working very hard in school this year. He is making great efforts to be a supportive big brother and to be increasingly independent. He loves biking, swimming, and playing outdoors.
Iara 12 Female Iara is very creative and artistic. She loves to draw and recreate anime art.
Iggy 3 Male He loves cars and trains.
Ignacio 8 Male Ignacio is an energetic boy who loves playing pretend games. He enjoys spending time with his 2 brothers, especially with his younger brother to teach him about Ben 10 and ninja turtles. Ignacio would like a Ben 10 watch and Alien Mask for the holidays.
Ignacio 10 Male Ignacio is an energetic and fun kid. He enjoys swimming, soccer, basketball, and playing videogames with his twin brother.
Igor 14 Male Igor is a very calm, thoughtful, and smart kid who has been through a great deal of instability and challenges in his life, yet has many strengths. Igor enjoys playing sports, weightlifting, videogames, gardening, and figuring out how things work.
Ike 14 Male Ike is a very outgoing, funny, and sweet kid who has found a loving home with Ida and her biological family. Ike works hard in school and is a great teammate on his school's football team. Ike enjoys playing sports, videogames, and weightlifting.
IRodriguez 9 Female young girl who helps mom and loves playing with her siblings
IrvingAJP 7 Male Irving idolizes his father ad older brother and works hard to make his family happy. He is energetic, funny, and loves to play games. His favorite show is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and he also loves WWE Wrestling. He is sweet and loving.
Isaac 9 Male Isaac is a very quiet little boy who enjoys playing video games and basketball.
IsaacAJP 14 Male Isaac is energetic and funny. He has a great sense of humor and lightens up every setting he is in. He is very charismatic and has lots of friends and does well with peers. Isaac tries hard to be a good role model for his younger brother and admires dad
Isabella 5 Female She loves princesses, pink dresses, and green cars.
Isaiah 6 Male Isaiah is a sweet, athletic kindergartener. He loves sharing toys with his friends in his neighborhood. Isaiah doesn't let his learning disability keep him from trying his best in school.
Isaiah 8 Male Isaiah is a pleasant, gentle young man. He recently started a new school and has been doing great job getting use to the new teachers and friends.
Isidore 10 Male Isidore is a friendly 10 year old boy who loves spending time outdoors and time at his grandmother's. He has had a challenging fall and has been feeling down in the dumps. He is looking forward to the holiday season!
IsisAJP 11 Female Isis is a loving older sister. She loves to read and paint and is a great role-model for her younger sister. She works hard to be responsible and to help her mother around the house. She likes sports and is a tom boy. Her favorite color is lime green.
Israel 15 Male Israel is a very intelligent, patient, and loving son and brother. Israel is a wonderful role model and friend to his foster brothers and is always helpful. He is working very hard in school and loves playing sports, videogames, and board games.
Ivan 10 Male Ivan is a kind caring, and active 10 year old boy. He is always eager to help others despite significant physical challenges. Ivan enjoys swimming, and playing with his twin brother.
Izzy 14 Female Izzy is often quiet and reserved until she gets to know people. She is very observant and likes to be neat and organized. She also artistic and loves visual/performing arts.
Jack 14 Male Jack is a very energetic young man who has high hopes of playing in the World Cup one day
Jackie Tara 16 Female Jackie is a fun loving young woman who enjoys spending quality time with her father.Her severe asthma has been a source of motivation to increase healthy living habits.She looks forward to weekly adventures in her community, and long walks in local parks.
Jackson 15 Male Jackson is always knows the latest lingo, fashion styles, and music. He is a natural leader around his peers. He struggles in school but tries his hardest to get his work done. He also loves basketball, cooking, and writing poetry.
Jacob 17 Male Jacob is a social 17 yr old young man. he is really into fashion and sneakers.
Jacob 10 Male Jacob is a loving ten year old autistic boy who enjoys spending time with his family. Jacob has a great memory and loves electronics. Jacob struggles interacting with others. He has a hard time controlling his emotions and often has outbursts.
Jacob 12 Male Jacob is a very conversational young man who enjoysdrawing and dancing. Jacob hears a beat and will start dancing anywhere.
Jacob 15 Male Jacob is caring young man. He loves sports and partaking in basketball games in the nearby parks.
JacobRae 16 Female Jacob Rae,a spirited young man, moved into the home of his grandmother after the passing of his father. Despite this major loss, Jacob has been able to maintain a sense of hope and humor. He is a caring friend and thoughtful younger brother.
Jake 14 Male Jake is a 14 year old boy who loves science-fiction and mythology books. He also enjoys all things Batman & Robin themed.
Jake 17 Male Jake is a musically talented 17 yr old young man. He is very outgoing and collects sneakers.
James 11 Female James is an energetic, alert young man who loves to learn and also the cold weather.
Jamn mir 10 Female Jamn-mir is playful, loves to coock and enjoys music
Jamna-mir 10 Female Jamna is talented and enjoy listening to music. she wants to be a nurse when she grow up
Jane 15 Female Jane is a very active girl who loves to play the guitar. She also loves to play soccer and sing - her favorite band is the Jonas brothers and hopes to get their latest CD for the holidays.
Janet 8 Female Janet is a spontaneous little girl who enjoys playing sports and gives it 100% when doing so. Janet's favorite animal is a bunny.
Janit- mir 9 Female Janit loves school and to participate in all the activities that her physical limitations allows her, she loves music, reading and helping her mother in the kitchen.
Jasmin 1 Female This young lady is very happy.
Jasmine 17 Female Jasmine is a 17yr old girl entering into IFC and is pregnant. She is working very hard to finish school and be a great mom.
Jasmine 17 Female Jamine is a mature young adult who is currently working to help support her family. She is thankful for the opportunities that she has before her and graciously accepts the challenges related to moving to a new country.
Jason 13 Male Jason is a resilient and intelligent young boy. Despite being separated from his family, he is able to remain positive. He likes to listen to music and play video games. Jason loves playing football and basketball just like his big brother.
Jasper 17 Male Jasper is a highly spirited young man who has found his new interest in football. Jasper loves playing basketball in his spare time.
Jaxon 11 Male Jax is a smart and creative young man. He has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh.
Jay 6 Male Justin is in the spectrum. He is a sweet 6 year old boy who is learning very fast to be in his classroom and to talk to his teacher. He loves playing with a tablet and he learns a lot!
Jeffery 11 Male Jeffery is a very energetic little boy who enjoys the outdoors. Jeffery is very artistic and enjoys drawing in his spare time. Jeffery is a huge Patriots fan.
Jen 17 Female Jen is a 16yr old that is attending school and would like an ipod touch or tablet, and clothing.
Jen 13 Female Jen is a talented basketball player who hopes to play for the WNBA. She enjoys watching movies, roller skating, and electronics.
Jenny 0 Female Baby Jenny will be eight months when Santa comes! She is reaching all of her milestones at an early age. She loves jumping to strengthen her leg muscles! She loves pink and purple and anything girly.
Jeremiah 1 Male Jeremiah is 10 months old. He already walks and loves to play with her sister.
Jerry 11 Male Youth is likes soccer and cars. He wants to be a professional soccer player or race car driver.
JesseRae 18 Female JesseRae recently moved to the area and is working to transition into a new school and neighborhood. Despite this change, she has been able to maintain straight A's. joined the debate team and has become an integral part of the school community.
Jessica 11 Female Jessica is funny and playful. She is usually the member of the family to be cheerful and eager to interact. Jessica enjoys girls nights and times that she can go take trips to the store for her mother.
Jessica 8 Female Youth is very artistic. She loves music and fashion.
Jessie 12 Female Jessie is a talented artist who enjoys toys, books, coloring and listening to music.
Jesudane 16 Male Jesudane is a very active youth, he loves basketball, and baseball. He enjoys being with his friends.
Jett 16 Male Jett is a 17 boy who struggles to fit it socially. he is often teased and made to feel weird. He is very bright, gets good grades but feels he is socially akward or not accepted. Jett's love for music is an escape he uses to feel more normal.
Jewel 11 Female Jewel is a smart and creative young lady. She has made great improvements this year in regards to her academics and behaviors. Jewel loves to listen and dance to music with her little cousin. She is very artistic and uses this to express herself.
Jim 14 Male Jim is a very athletic tall young man. Jim has the love for playing basketball with his friends.
Joan 14 Female Joan is a determined, hard working young lady. She leads by example in the home by being responsible and helpful. She is willing to try new things and enjoys spending time with her family.
Joe 13 Male Joe is extremely active & love sports. Joe plays football, squash & basketball. Joe is the oldest in his family. Joe would love to run a transitional home one day to help people in the community learn skills that will help them in getting a job.
Joel 14 Male This young man loves technologie
John 8 Male John is energetic, talkative and loves playing games. John claims, he is the best at all games!. John loves meeting new people and getting to know them. John says that is going to be a leader one day and make good decisions for people he leads.
John 16 Male John is a smart young man. He loves to particiates in community service and helping out others whenever possible.
Jolene 15 Female Jolene is a smart young lady who has overcome many struggles in her young life.Jolene is dedicated to being a role model for her younger brother. Jolene is often helping mom take care of the household.
Jolene 11 Female Jolene is a real maverick. She is very inquisitive and seems to always have a thirst for knowledge. She loves outdoor sports, particularly hiking, swimming, and softball.
Jonah 2 Male Jonah matches any smile he sees. Jonah is a playful young child. He enjoys dancing, playing with Thomas the Train toys and hanging out with his family members.
Jonna 11 Female Jonna excels in school and wants to be an industrial engineer. Jonna is extremely creative loves reading, writing & drawing. Jonna is active in tennis, basketball & wants to join a football team. Also, Jonna is funny and a delight to be around.
Jordan 17 Male Jordan is an extremely resilient and creative young man. He enjoys skateboarding in his free time. He's currently in his senior year of high school and would like to attend college. He dreams to pursue his interest in studying are and film.
Jordan 4 Female She loves all princesses but especially Elsa from Frozen.
Jordan 10 Male Jordan is a very sweet, thoughtful and friendly boy. Jordan plays football and is dedicated to becoming a running back next year. Jordan struggles with a learning disability and been labeled a leader in the classroom by his teacher.
Jordan 19 Male Jordan is a bright 19 year old who enjoys video games and music. Jordan finds listening to music very relaxing. Jordan also takes pride in his appearance, always making sure he looks put together and polished.
jordan 23 15 Male This young man longs for a pair of jordan sneakers... he would love a pair of the columbian elevens in size 8 mens.
Jose 15 Male Jose is a out spoken but respectful teen who is heavy into watching any sport that might be on the television. Jose likes to be outside taking walks to clear his head
Joseph 7 Male Joseph loves anything to do with space and science, he loves inventing things and is very creative.
Joseph 16 Female Joseph is a 16 yr old young boy really energetic and loves sports. His favorite teams are the Patriots and the Celtics.
Josh 2 Male Josh is a energtic 2 year old that loves to play with his mother and older sister. Josh enjoys playing with his toys and watching cartoon shows.
Joy 13 Female Joy is very talented with working with her hands and creating beautiful hairstyles. She hopes to go to school to become a professional hairdresser.
Joyce 10 Female Joyce is 10 years old. She is smart and she is doing very well in school this year. She is learning how to be in a relationship with her autistic brother.
JPRRodriguez 3 Male young boy who really enjoys playins with blocks things that has big colors that would put his hands and mind to work
JRPriRodriguez 13 Male JR is a young man who has been thru a lot He has been able to understand his medical situation He likes playing with his brother and friends
Jules 15 Female Jules has overcome struggles around anxiety & depression after experiencing years of being bullied. Jules has become a role model to her 2 younger brothers. Jules supports her mother around the home by caring for her younger siblings when needed.
Julian 6 Male Julian is a sweet 6 yr old who loves to draw and play WWE with his siblings. He is working on learning his letters and make new friends in his class.
Julio 13 Male Julio is the typical preteen who enjoys watching wrestling and any sport during his free time. Julio loves playing football and will always be seen carrying a football around wherever he goes.
Juno 11 Male Juno would like to have a tablet for the christmas
Justice 15 Male Justice is very outspoken and never has a problem saying what is on his mind. He loves giving back to the community and does alot of volunteering. He also loves creative writing, arts & crafts, and reading.
Justin 13 Male Justin is a 12yr old boy who is good in math and loves to read. He enjoys listening to music and completing puzzles.
Jutty 16 Female Jutty is a resilient young lady. She is consistently in her twin brothers shadow bc he requires so much attention. Jutty often mentions feeling left out but still remains focused and gets good grades in school. She recently got a job to help out
Kamal 13 Male Kamal ia a very Mature young man who has found his hidden talent in basketball. Kamal is very electronic savey.
Karee 13 Male Karee has faced challenges to both his physical and mental health. His health issues have resulted in weight gain and limited mobility. He is working hard to get back to full strength so that he may return to his first love, playing basketball.
Karl 10 Male Karl is a bright and fun kid with unique interests. He absolutely loves anything relating to wrestling or football. Karl has struggled with trust and building new relationships since his father left the family.
KASEY 13 Female Kasey is a hard working child who continues to work hard to overcome the effects of trauma. She struggles in school with staying on task, but her family's support makes it possible for her to meet this daily challenge.
Katelyn 6 Female Katelyn is a 6yr old girl who loves to clolr and be active. She lives with her foster mommy and daddy and 4yr old brother. She is a great big sister and takes great care of her brother like every sister should! She loves girly things and watching Dora.
Katy 13 Female Katy is a thirteen year old girl who her mom describes as 'wise beyond her years.' Katy enjoys playing basketball, writing, and says she 'enjoys all of the small moments in life.' Katy values her close relationships with friends.
Kayla 12 Female Kayla is a 12 year old girl who is living in an impoverished neighborhood in a single parent home. Kayla is continuously bullied at school due to a learning disability and because her family has limited resources. She has a high need for all supports.
Kaylee 18 Female Kaylee always helps out her mother, and puts her family first.
Keith 3 Male Keith is a bright, friendly kid who loves toy cars (which he calls vroom-vrooms) and Spiderman. Keith has had difficulty understanding why his father is no longer around and is often sad and confused.
Keith 7 Male Keith is an energetic and kind 7 year old boy. Keith is artistic, and also loves music, Star Wars, and Pokemon. Keith is an imaginative and creative boy who is able to create things for himself to do that do not involve TV or video games!
KendraEt 16 Female Kendra is a very active young girl, she loves to play sports like football, basketball, swimming, soccer, going to the gym, etc. Kendra also loves to listen to music and watch movies.
Kenneth 3 Male Kenneth is young 3 year old boy who is silly and fun and enjoys his mother and siblings.
Kenneth 15 Male Kenneth is a good kid with a big heart. He is very bright and good with computers. He is very caring for his sister Kimberly.
Kerry 6 Female Kerry is a silly, friendly, articulate young girl who looks up to her older sister. She enjoys school, drawing, coloring and playing with family.
Kevin 12 Male Kevin is an 11 year old boy who loves playing magic cards and being active. He is a kids size XL and is right-handed.
Kevin 8 Male Chance loves to play video games and enjoys playing with Lego's and loves loves loves spongebob.
Kiara 5 Female Kiara is a playful and sweet five year old girl who loves playing board games and doing puzzles. She just started school this year and is doing well with the transition and does very well meeting new people.
Kimberly 14 Female Kimberly is young, adolescent working to find a positive self identity, while managing the pressures of peers and societal messages around weight and beauty. Kimberly is a loving older sister to her two siblings, and helpful with mom as needed.
Kimberly 9 Female Kimberly is an energetic and loving girl who has a bright and cheerful attitude. Kimberly has many talents including singing and song writing, creating and performing dances, and drawing. She has overcome many difficulties and has done so with a smile.
KING 13 Male This young man really needs ps3 headphones for his system. He would love a pair of adidas sandels size 7, youth.
Kool Aid Man 13 Male This young man LOVES super mario bros! He would like any of the Mario Plush dolls, especially black yoshi. He would like a 3ds and super smash borthers games to go along with it.
Kyle 9 Male Kyle is a 9 year old boy who lives with his godmother. School is hard for him but tries very hard and is motivated to do well. He loves sports and was able to attend a Red Sox and Celtics game last year. He still talks about how much fun he had.
Kyle 10 Male Kyle is a fun, loving boy who loves to laugh and have a good time. He enjoys playing with his friends, swimming and video games.
Kyle P 1 Male Kyle is a charming one year old boy. He loves to smile and laugh all day. He is very sweet and pleasant. He loves Teddy Bears.
Kylie 11 Female Kylie loves dolls and accessories for dolls. She enjoys art, drawing, bracelet making, dress up, and dancing.
Lacey 14 Female Lacey is a 14 year old girl who enjoys playing with her friends and talking with othes. Lacey is overweight, and is in need of clothes that will fit her. Lacey like Hello Kitty, and flashy things.
Lailah mir 3 Female Lailah is smart playful and loves playing with his big brother.
Landon 10 Male Landon loves to watch spongebob and play basketball and soccer with others. He's looking forward to trying new sports and meeting new friend,
Larry 14 Male Larry is a very talented basketball player and artist. If Larry doesn't have a basketball in his hand he has his sketch pad.
Larry 4 Male Larry is an excited and playful 4 year old boy! He attends preschool and is beginning to learn his letters! He enjoys watching movies, riding his bike and playing ninja turtles!
Lauren 2 Female Lauren is a bright and fun kid who looks up to her big brother and loves to play with everything from princess dress up to toy cars.
LAWRENCE 15 Male Lawrence has a diagnosed disability and attends an alternative school. He is loving and kind and works hard to engage with his peers and adults in his life. He loves music and basketball
Layla 3 Female Layla is a sweet young girl. Who loves a lot of different activites from reading books to playing with her dolls.
Leah 13 Female Leah is a bright young girl, who is a good friend, and loves to help out her family.
Leo 4 Male Leo is a creative and energetic boy who loves to build obstacles, buildings, and puzzles! His favorite show is Fairly Odd Parents, and his favorite story is The Three Little Pigs. He just started big kid school and loves it! Leo is a great big brother!
Leo 10 Male Leo is a quiet boy who loves action figures and playing with is siblings. Leo is overweight, and is running out of necessity clothes that fit him. Leo enjoys action figures from Marvels, the Justice League, and the Avengers.
Leroy 14 Male Leroy is a very quiet sweet young man who loves to build relationships with adults. Leroy loves playing basketball.
Leslie 3 Female Leslie enjoys coloring and reading books to her younger brother.
Levi 8 Male Levi is a creative and sensitive boy who enjoys playing games with his family. He is very close with his family and enjoys watching movies with family members and creating drawings in his spare time.
LEWIS 17 Male Lewis has worked hard to overcome the effects of trauma, and although he struggles in school, he hopes to one day go to college.
Liam 1 Male Liam is an adorable baby, always smiling and exploring the world! He loves watching Looney Tunes and playing with his big brother! Liam's friendly demeanor and cuddly disposition make him a joy to be around!
Liam 1 Male Liam is a fun and energetic toddler who enjoys being read to by his mother Libby.
Liam 6 Male Liam is a creative, curious, and full of energy little boy. He likes animals and sports. He also likes helping his mom at work!
Liana 14 Female Liana is a fourteen year old girl who works hard at school and part time employment to help support herself and her family. She enjoys spending time with her peers and has a great sense of humor. She is insightful and passionate about issues of justice.
Lily 2 Female Lily is a fun loving adorable baby. She is very talkative and wants to play in everything.
Lily 20 Female Lily is a motivated 20 yr old young lady. She aspires to work in the medical field.
Lincoln 15 Male Lincoln is a smart and helpful teenager. He helps his mother with his younger siblings at home. Lincoln is Llewyn's role model since dad left the home.
LINDA 14 Female Linda is an athletic, fun 8th grader who works hard to get along with her siblings inspite of having to share her room with two other sisters.
Llewyn 9 Male Llewyn is a 9 year old boy who is living in an impoverished neighborhood in a single parent home. His family has limited resources and in high need for all supports.
Lucas 11 Male Lucas is a video game enthusiast and enjoys playing with friends to talk about how to improve in these games and bond with others who enjoy them. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys experimenting with science projects as well as baking.
Lucas 14 Male Lucas is a very organized boy. He trys his best in school and to please his parents.
Lucy 15 Female Lucy is a hardworking young lady. She helps with taking care of her younger siblings, and helping her mother whenever she can.
Ludane 15 Male Ludane is a great boy that loves sports, and having fun with his friends.
Luke 17 Male Luke is a very artistic young man who use his talents to hold a part time job, and goes to school.
Luke 4 Male Luke is an outgoing and energetic boy who always has a smile on his face! He works hard at school to be a good friend and loves to practice letters and numbers. Luke and his mother have just welcomed a new baby, and he is so excited to be a big brother!
Lulu-mir 6 Female Lulu was diagnose with Autism since two years old. she doent communicate much and have vision problems. She love spongebob and play on her swin.
Machirisamaldo 10 Female Macharisamaldo is a happy 10 years old who loves video games and watch movies with her family she loves her family very much.
MacinaRae 15 Female MacinaRae is the eldest of 3 children, is a caring and protective presence in the home. She is looking forward to time spent with the family in the coming holiday season.
Mackenzie 17 Female Mackenzie is a 17 year old girl who enjoys singing, songwriting and playing the guitar. Mackenzie also enjoys doing hair and makeup.
Maddy 10 Female Maddy is a quiet girl who loves drawing and coloring.
Madison 18 Female Madison to a kind supportive young lady who loves to paint.
Makaila 16 Female MP likes basketball and football. Some of her favorite colors purple, black, pink and blue. She likes Beyonce, Drake and Lil Wayne. She likes jewelry, food, candy and money. Favorite sneaker brands are Jordans, Addidas, New Balance and Converse.
Makayla 11 Female Makayla is a great big sister who is a big helper with her younger siblings. She loves music and dancing.
Malaki 7 Male Malaki loves baseball and watching WWE.
Malcimaldo 1 Male He is a very happy baby who love to play,
Malexmaldo 16 Male Malexmaldo is a smart boy who loves video games and enjoys playing basketball. He loves his family and is very happy that he is finally reunited with them.
MANNY 3 Male Manny is a fun, energetic boy who has witnessed trauma at a young age. His family works hard to help him learn how to speak and control his emotions.
Manny 13 Male Manny is a very mature young man who enjoys playing the piano and reading mystery books during his free time. Manny has discovered that he really likes playing football.
Manuel 5 Male Louis is bright and energetic and loves playing with his older brother.
MANUEL 12 Male Manuel struggles with PTSD yet works hard to maintain his behaviors both at home and school which does not come easy for him. This past year he went from being hospitalized for emotional outbursts on a monthly basis, to one year of no hospitalizations.
manuelimaldo 16 Male Manuel is a very smart young man who love music and like video games.
Marcia 8 Female Marcia is an 8 year old girl living with her mother and older brother. Marcia loves American Girl and Barbie, and enjoys taking dance classes in her free time.
Marcus 0 Male Marcus is a sweet baby who loves to to make his family laugh!
Marcy 0 Female Marcy is an adorable baby with a huge smile :)
MariaLKJ 7 Female Maria is a nurturing, creative, and imaginative girl. She values doing well in school, especially math. She lives in a foster home. She enjoys helping her foster mother around the house and doing math programs. She uses her imagination to create games.
mariamaldo 12 Female Mariamaldo is a very smart girl who loves her family and love to cook for them; she would like to go to culinary school in the future.
MARK 13 Male Mark has a diagnosed learning disability and looks up to his older brother who he adores. He struggles to control his impulses and is always hoping to do better.
Mark 9 Male He would like a ds and games for christmas.
Mark 16 Male Mark is a 16 year old boy who lives with his younger sister and mother. Mark has experienced struggles in the past but is working hard to overcome them so he can succeed.
Mark 17 Male Mark is a fashionable 17 year old boy who teachers describe as kind and compassionate. He sets good examples for his peers and makes friends easily.
Marquis 5 Male Marquis is very active and loves to run and jump.
Martin 14 Male Martin is a great football player. He is a great role model to his younger brother and enjoys spending time with him.
Mary Poppins 13 Female Mary is a bright, friendly young girl who has been through mutiple transitions thus far and learning to have positive self worth. She enjoys dancing, especially hip or step dancing, fashion and music.
MARYELLEN 14 Female Maryellen is a hard working freshman in high school with a significant Trauma history. She continues to overcome emotional struggles to meet her work ethic of becooming successful in the future.
Mashleymaldo 11 Female She is a very smart girl who loves music and enjoy going out to church with her family.
Mason 14 Male Mason is an honor student liked by all his teachers. He attends school during the weekend and summer as well due to his love of education.
Matayshamaldo 17 Female She is a very smart girl who loves school, and is struggle with a learning disability. She wants to be a nurse in that way she can help others.
Matthew 8 Male Matthew is a very friendly and excitable boy who is a great big brother to his 4 siblings. He is very active and bright. His favorite subject at school is art.
Matthew 12 Male Matthew is a strong, tall boy struggling with being away from home this holiday. He has worked really hard at learning and growing. Matthew loves football and working with his hands.
Maurice 8 Male He is caring and thoughtful. After struggling at first to adjust to his foster home, has grown to love his new environment. He has troubles with school work but works very hard to improve.
Max 5 Male Max is an active and lighthearted 5 year old boy who lives with his parents, and an older brother and younger sister. Max loves gymnastics, and playing Army, police, and fireman.
Max 11 Male A smart, talented basketball player, Max enjoys celebrations.
Mayamaldo 15 Female She is a young girl who loves music and makeup. She is always helping her mother when she is not feeling well and taking care of her siblings.
Melvin 17 Male Melvin is a very bright teenager who loves science as his favorite subject. Melvin has earned a position as a center on the basketball team. Melvin enjoys reading in his spare time.
MeRodriguez 7 Female young sweet girl who enjoys playing with her siblings she is learning coping skills to learn how to deal with her medical concerns she likes to pretend play
Micdane 12 Male Micdane is a very sweet boy, and a great student at school. This christmas he would like to get pokemon toys, and games.
Michael 13 Male Michael loves video games and sports, mainly basketball and baseball. He is insightful and modest; does not ask his mother for much despite overt need.
Michael 13 Male Child enjoys playing xbox, he is the only boy in a house of 4 females, family relocated from warm climate.
Michael 11 Male Michael is a kind, adventurous 11 year old boy who enjoys doing science experiments and playing soccer. He is a great big brother to his younger sister and is a great helper around the house to his mom.
Micheal 11 Male Micheal is a shy child who likes to play soccer. Micheal loves to read books and listen to music. Micheal wishes that he can play on the FiFa team when he finishes school.
Michelle 13 Female Michelle is a 13yr old young girl with a difficult past. She loves music and dancing and reading. she would love to be a veteranian.
Miguel 10 Male Miguel is a very active boy who loves the outdoors. He loves taking walks and watching Animal Planet.
Mike 13 Male Mike is a quiet young man who loves fashion especially when it comes to matching his sneakers to his shirts (bright colors). Mike enjoys spending time with his family hanging out.
Mikey 6 Male Mikey is very bright and playful boy. He loves playing Pokeman cards with his brother and loves drawing and art.
Milania 12 Female Milania is a very talented young lady. She loves to sing and dance and is very skilled with a pen! She loves creative writing and English is her favorite subject in school.
Milo 11 Male Milo is a sports fanatic. He's got a lot of energy and loves to play basketball and football. His favorite team is Miami Heat. He also wears the color red almost exclusively!
Minaj 17 Female Minaj is a responsible 17 year old who loves doing makeup and hair. She is balancing work and her senior year and hoping to go to beauty school next year. She has a great sense of humor and is a great role model for her younger siblings.
MINELIA 16 Female Minelia is the oldest daughter in this large family and has a lot of responsibilies helping mom. She often has to do without in order for the younger childrens needs to be met.
Miney Mouse 11 Female Minney is a silly, energetic and independent young girl. She has been working especially hard to get along positively with her siblings. She enjoys singing, dancing, fashion, and computer/electronic games.
Mirabelle 15 Female Mirabelle will always say what is on her mind. She is a born leader and a constant support to her peers. Education is extremely important to her and she hopes to one day go to college to study political science.
MITCHELL 0 Male Mitchell was born this past month. He is being welcomed into a home with an older sister who is excited and nervous about his arrival.
Molly 16 Female Molly is a responsible and kind 16yrs old. She's been able to channel her difficult past into helping others. She enjoys working with severely disabled youth and hopes to become a special education teacher.
Momo 13 Female Momo is talented, creative, inventive, and has a fun imagination. Her mother says Momo likes to take things you might throw away and make it into an art project.
Morenomaldo 16 Female Morenomaldo is a very smart boy who loves music and video games he is always willing to help others when they need him. He live is a foster home and is waiting to be adopted.
Nalyshamaldo 15 Female She is a very smart girl , who loves music and dreams to be a musician one day , She loves to play the guitar.
NANETTE 11 Female Nanette recently left the care of DCF to re-unite with her biological father. The entire family is working hard on re-unification and hope to make this a special Christmas, now that there is a new baby in the family!
NanniKLJ 4 Female Nanni is an active, playful, and imaginative girl. She enjoys pretend play, where can serve others food or drink. She loves to read books about princesses and dance. Nanni currently lives in foster care.
Nasanthamaldo 14 Female She is a sweet girl who struggle with mental health issues and love music and movies.
Natalie 17 Female Natalie is a bright girl who has been in the top of her class in school for several years. She has a good heart and is always willing to help others.
NatalieJAI 19 Female Natalie is very excited about her pregnancy and cant wait to meet her baby boy.
Nate 13 Male Nate is a friendly, social, and athletic boy. He enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with his friends. Nate supports his mother in the home and plays with his little sister Nia. Nate values doing well in school and hopes to get the honor roll.
Nathan 12 Male Nathan is a very athletic, nice boy. Everybody knows him as a peace maker. Desptie his traumatic history, he works hard at school and home. He is a big support to his single mother and little brother.
Nathan 8 Male Nathan is avery caring, loving, and smart child. he has a lot of ambitions and loves to play basketball.
Navajo DM 13 Female Navajo is a friendly young girl who enjoys school and family.Navajo is away from both and hopes to be reunitied with them in the new school year as she battles to overcome her mental health struggles in the hospital.Navajo enjoys reading and drawing.
Ned 15 Male Ned is a 15 year old artistic and athletic boy who likes to play basketball and football. His favorite subject in school is math and he loves painting, drawing and being in nature.
NeDane 9 Female Nedane is that oldest in that home, she is very sweet and loves helping her mother with all her sibling.
Nena 7 Female Nena is active, outgoing, and playful. She likes to watch TV and draw. She's good at stirring batter for cookies!
Netzy mir 8 Female Netzy loves music and singing for the family she wantys to be an actress.
Nevonrick 9 Male Nevonrick is a smart young boy who loves spider-man, video games and riding his bike. He recently moved to Boston and is living with his grandmother.
Nia 14 Female Nia is kind and very caring. She loves spending time with her friends. She excels in school and loves to read.
Nicamaldo 15 Female She is a very friendly 16 years old, which is loves by all her friends at school. Nicamaldo have some developmental delays and sometime struggles at school and at home. She is very smart and loves music and computers.
Nickie 10 Female This child loves to say nice things and offer backrubs to her Grandma. She is also good at saying she is sorry. She loves to dance and is very sociable. She loves meeting new people.
Nika 2 Female Nika is very smart and mature. She understands and talks way beyond her age. She is out of a violant home with her teen mom, placed in a shelter since 3 months ago. They have no income, no support thus, without help, she won't have any Xmas gifts.
Nikinamaldo 17 Female Nikinamaldo is a very smart young lady, who loves music and school. She is always helping her family and love to spend time with them.
Nikki 14 Male Nikki is a very stay to himself kind of kid who has blossemed out of that shy stage and is very vocal with his peers and engaging.
Niko 8 Male Niko is an exciting yong boy who enjoys being active outdoors with his friends.Niko also enjoys spending family time most of all with his younger sister and his mom.He is excited about the new baby that is on the way and believes he is a great brother.
Niko 9 Male Niko is a wonderful 9 yr old with a beautiful smile and very artistic young man. He loves to play with legos and his favorite cartoons characters are the Ninja turtles.
Nina 11 Female Has a playful personality and is experiencing success in school for the first time. Has struggled with low self esteem and anxiety. On top of her family's difficult history she has also been the target of harsh teasing from her older brothers.
Nino 11 Male Enjoys making new friends and talking about science or history. Is trying to improve his school work but struggles with attention and low self esteem around learning.
Nixon 15 Male Nixon is a 15 year old boy who loves video games, as well as super heroes and creating his own characters with stories.
Njoshmaldo 14 Male He is a smart boy who has a speech disability and is making progress every day. He loves school and loves to play with his sisters.
Noel 9 Female Noel is a sweet, young girl who enjoys rollerskating, playing with her Barbie dolls and doing arts and crafts.
Nolan 4 Male Energetic and playful. Has a developmental disability and historically has struggled with aggressive behaviors.He has been working with services to learn how to control some behaviors and express his needs.
Nora 16 Female This grandaughter is the quiet one with lots of hopes and dreams. She wants to work in the health care field one day and does very well in school. She also loves acting class and movies.
Norobermaldo 10 Male Norobermaldo is a very active boy who loves football and school.
Nsunamaldo 6 Male He is a happy boy who loves video games and books. He loves to ride his bike and play with his friends.
Nya 16 Female Nya is 16yo and lives with her mother, younger sister and nephew. She is involved in many school and community programs. Many times she helps out around home and with her nephew.
Obrandomaldo 5 Male He is a smart boy who loves video games and cartoons. He loves his brother and play with him all the time.
Obrianamaldo 16 Female Obrianamaldo is a very special girl who has some developmental delays. She is doing well at school and is always willing to help other in her classroom, she enjoys music and she loves computers.
Octomus Prime 12 Male This young man loves building things. He loves tranformers and would like any type. He would also like a 3Ds and games.
Ohene 14 Male Ohene is a great kid recently has been having trouble at school. The family has made a lot of changes this year. Ohene speaks the most English and helps his family a lot. He likes music, soccer, and hanging out with his friends.
Olivia 15 Female Olivia lives with her mom, older sister, and 7yo nephew. She struggles with depression and anger. She excels in academics and is involved with after school activities. Lately depression has gotten in the way of her school work and enjoyment in activities.
Olivia 12 Female Olivia likes to listen to music on her MP3 player. She is responsible and helps take care of her little sister. She likes to try new things and her mom says she likes to eat everything--especially cheese cake!
Olivia 18 Female Olivia loves to read. She is graduating this year and is looking forward to it all.
Ollie 12 Male Youth loves all sports and is tireless outdoors. Takes on some responisbility in the home. Ollie struggles to stay focused in school but works really hard to get good grades and keep level. Shows leadership potential!!!
Omar 12 Male Omar is a 12yr old boy who loves outdoor adventures. He likes to ride dirt bikes, scooters, and anything that can go fast! He has a lot of older brothers and sisters but is a real leader in his family. He loves listening to music and playing basketball.
Omariomaldo 14 Male Omariomaldo is a very special boy who suffers of a mental condition. He loves sports and enjoys watching the baseball games on TV. He would love to see the Red sox play.
Omeliamaldo 15 Female She is a very special young lady who is always willing to help others. She is the oldest on her family and is always willing to help her mother with the house work and with her brothers and sisters.
Oscar 10 Male Bright and creative. One of the top students in his class and hopes to be first person in his family to graduate college. Has a history with using anger to solve problems but has been working with services to find new ways to relate to others.
Oscar 15 Male Oscar is a great big brother and helps out in the family. He sets the example with good teamsmanship, gives 100% in his sports and still manages to have honors classes and an A average.
Otis 15 Male Kind and loves to laugh. Tries hard to learn while having a learning disability. Has been having difficulties with school work and social anxiety after years of being bullied.
Ovidio 12 Male Ovidio is a fun & active 12 y o. Loves to be outside & play with friends. Had many changes this year: new country, 2 new school, 3 new homes. Has a learning disability & was bullied in school. A great Holiday would make his year.
Owen 14 Male Owen is a 14yr oldboy who likes to play basketball and video games. He loves spending time with his older brothers and sisters when he's not at the basketball court.
Owen 8 Male Owen is very athletic child who enjoys basketball and baseball. He is very friendly and loves to build relationships with other children.
Pace 9 Male Great older brother for his little brother, with an amazing happy spirit. This youth does very well in school, and loves science class. We are very proud of him and all his team spirit in the family!
Paige 13 Female In 2 years this youth went from crisis in response to homelessness and special classes, to honor roll in standard classes. She is a leader in school extracurricular activities She adores music, art and keeping a journal. She is caring, & playful.
Pam 9 Female Pam is a sweet girl with severe health issues due to be born immature. She is very creative, artistic, interested in arts and crafts and very affectionate.
Pamela 16 Female Pamela is a very responsible, easy-going girl. She helps her mom with many things. Helped family manage many changes this year. Including new apt. - 1.5hr away from school & never complains. She likes clothes, basketball and hanging out with friends.
Patrick 15 Male Patrick dreamed of coming to the US and loves it here. Despite many changes, including living in a 1-room shelter. He is doing well in school and learning English quickly. A typical teenager, he likes video games and hanging out with friends.
Paul 13 Male Has a strong connection with his family and loves playing football. After being bounced around between schools while family was continually relocated he is struggling to fit in and keep up with his school work.
Paul 8 Male
Perri 7 Female Perri is a 7 yrs old athletic and beautiful tomboy who adores all kinds of animals. She loves being outdoors with Mother Nature and wants to take care of any ailing plants and insects. She loves anything wildlife or environment related. Hates pink color
Pete 3 Male Pete spends many days at his grandmother's home because of complications at his biological mother's home. He looks up to his older brother and wants to do what ever his brother does.
Peyton 13 Female Peyton is extremely creative and inventive. She really enjoys crafts and dramatic plays.
Phelps 11 Male Phelps is a loving 11 year old boy with Autism who loves sports. He is working hard every opportunity he has to build his social skills and maintain his good grades! He is working hard to make the honor roll!
Phil 7 Male Phil loves sports and superheroes. He was removed from his biological mother's home and started living with 'nana' at 2yo. He has been affected by anxiety and problems making relationships due to the trauma experienced early in his life.
Phillip 6 Male Phillip is a sweet, caring and loving child who somehow always keeps a bright smile that cheers the day of anyone in the vicinity despite now facing extremely difficult and tumultous times as a foster child.
Piper 14 Female Piper is a tomboy who loves all things related to sports and cars. She's very athletic and loves to play basketball. She excels in school and loves to mentor other kids who need help in class. She also loves spending time with her little brother.
PriRodriguez 15 Female she is very smart girl who likes the color pink
Rae P. 11 Female Rae is an active and stylish 11 year old girl who loves to read. On her free time she can be found at her local library, playing soccer, practicing her gymnastics moves or singing along to her favorite songs while playing with her favorite American Doll.
Rafael G. 0 Male Twin number 1 is learning to walk and talk. Very active, happy, and smiley with everyone. He loves to jump.
Raffi 16 Male Raffi is a very genuine and social 16 year old who is always willing to give advice to those in need. Raffi finds music to be extremely soothing and is always introducing his peers to the newest beats.
Ramona 10 Female Ramona is a rambunctious little ball of energy. She is very helpful to her peers and loves spending time with her family. She likes going to the movies, reading, organizing her room, and LOVES coloring & activity books. Her favorite color is purple.
Rashid 15 Male Rashid is the oldest brother. He assumes a large amount of responsibility in being a role model to his brothers while also serving as a caretaker with his mothers busy schedule. He is pure, kind, and loving.
Raul 7 Male Raul is a bright personality. He had consistently high energy and always has smile on his face. For a 7 year old, he is growing up at a faster rate than the large majority of his peers. Raul will appreciate anything that he receives.
Raylan 13 Male Raylan is a smart, engaging and mature teenager. He and his sister, Roberta, were adopted at a very young age but maintain some contact with their biological family. Raylan and his sister have maintained a close bond through many ups and downs.
Reggie 13 Male Reggie loves practicing his moves on the court when he isn't doing school work.
Renee 7 Female underwear, socks, and t shirts
Riccardo 5 Male Riccardo is a very generous and empathetic young man who loves superheros. He often engages in caretaking, calling himself the family's spiderman. He loves art, as well as playing imagination games with his brother and sister.
Rich 5 Male Rich was born with a condition that limits his muscular development. He is largely handicapped, but greatly cared for by his siblings and mother. The toys his mothers identified as wish list items are geared towards aiding his development.
Richard 15 Male Richard is a 15 year old boy who likes to play with Legos and also loves to swim and fish.
Richard P. 12 Male Richard is the man of the house. He is one of the most mature 12 year olds I have ever met. Richard is a skilled athlete, positive role model to his 3 little brothers and dedicated student. Richard has a lot of responsibility, but also loves to dance!
Riley 9 Female Riley is a sweet little girl who loves to play dolls with her sister and spending time with her family!
Rob 13 Male Rob is an almost 14 year old boy who loves Minecraft, Magic Cards and has been making huge strides with academics this year! He loves hoodie sweatshirts and baking, as well as puzzles and building 3-D wooden animals.
Robbie 10 Male Robbie is an incredibly bright and active young man with a sense of compassion unlike any 10year old. He consistently extends support to peers in need, as well as acts as a role model for his younger sister.
Robert G. 10 Male Robert is a smart and curious young boy who loves to read, do science experiments, cook, and be creative. He also has a knack for video games that he plays with his brother. He is sweet with the twins and a silly character.
Roberta 11 Female Like her brother, Raylan, Roberta was adopted at a young age. She is the opposite of Raylan in that she is high energy, excitable and playful, but they both share a strong connection and good hearts. Roberta would be very appreciative of any holiday help.
Roger 17 Male Roger is an intellectual 17 year old, high school senior. Roger is interested in attending college for Criminal Justice and Psychology. Roger loves a good read and his current favorite book series is Divergent.
Roger 1 Male Roger is fun and loving one year old boy who loves playing with his older brother. Roger enjoys watching sprout, sesame street, and the chicken show.
Roland 9 Male Roland is a young man who enjoys science and math. In Roland's free time he enjoys digging up bugs. Roland wants to be a scientist.
Ron 15 Male Ron is a loving young man who has grown so much in the last year, physically and personally!
Ronald P. 10 Male Ronald loves spending time with his family, watching wrestling, playing football, playing basketball, drawing, dancing and is an Uno champ. In his free time he loves to write songs and no one knows how to make his 1yr old brother laugh more than he does
Ruby 16 Female Ruby likes sports such as basketball, softball, lacrosse, football, etc. Her favorite teams are Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Cowboys. Some of her favorite movies are Frozen and Outsiders. She prefers to wear sweats than jeans.
Ruth P. 11 Female Ruth is a quiet and kind 11 year old girl who loves Pokemon, cartoons and reading Manga (comic books). Ruth loves to play at the local park, ride her bike and spent time with friends. She enjoys spending time with her mom and is a diligent student.
RVRodriguez 5 Male good mommy helper he is a young boy that helps is his mom when she is sick he is very smart and bright
Ryan 14 Male Ryan is a young man you can always find riding on a bike. Ryan loves listening to music and just hanging out with his mother.
Ryan 10 Male Ryan loves to put things together, taking photos, and playing tennis.
Ryan 9 Male Ryan is an energetic boy who is the youngest child of 3. He is being cared for by his grandparents, who he looks up to. He likes sports and video games. Ryan is looking forward to being reunited with his mother in the future.
Sadie 14 Female Sadie is a mature and funloving girl who has become very helpful in taking care of her younger brothers. She even cooks dinner for her family sometimes.
SahdayaRae 17 Female Sahdaya Rae is a shy and friendly young lady who works hard in school and is very focused on increasing her independant living skills. She has a joyful spirit and is excited about spending time with family during the coming holidays.
Sally 13 Female Sally is the oldest of 3 siblings and lives with her grandmother and grandfather. She is a thoughtful girl and cares about her family and friends.
Sally 16 Female Sally is a 15yr old girl who is thriving well in her foster home. She likes watching movies and spending time with her foster sisters and going shopping.
Sam 16 Male Sam is a hard-working kid who helps out around the house and spends time with his little sister, Tessa, most recently helping her make her Halloween costume. Sam loves the Bruins and the Celtics.
Samantha 7 Female Samantha is a bright, fun, and super friendly little girl who is a joy to be around. She loves arts and crafts, playing with friends, and dolls.
Samantha 12 Female She is a quiet 12 yr old girl who enjoys discovering how things work. She enjoys reading books and listening to music.
Samantha C. 17 Female Samantha is a 17yr old girl who loves fashion design and aspires or forensic investigator.
Samir 16 Male Samir is a charming and fun young boy who loves music, especially from his home country. He also enjoys playing with toys when his siblings aren't around. With special needs he and his family still communicate wonderfully.
Samuel 19 Male Samuel is a 19yr old young man who loves music and dancing.
Santana 5 Male Santana is an adventurous young man who loves to learn through observation. He can be quite shy, but once he feels safe he loves to participate in whatever activity his siblings are playing.
Sarah 9 Female Sarah is a smart, creative, artistic little girl who is great with her younger brother!
Sarah 8 Female Sarah is a sweet girl who loves to play games and dolls with her sister.
Sarah 7 Female Sarah is a creative and expressive young lady who loves to sing, dance, and act. She has an infectious smile and loves brightening other people's day.
Sarah Jane 14 Female Sarah Jane is all about her arts & crafts. She loves drawing and painting. She has very close relationships with all 9 of her siblings and her mother. She hopes to one day work with children.
Savannah 15 Female Savannah is a bright young teen. She is highly ambitious and has a good sense of humor.
Scarlett 17 Female Scarlett is a devoted young mother, who will do anything for her children, and is working hard on herself!
Scott 15 Male Scott is a young man who loves the great outdoors. Scott loves to go fishing no matter what kind of weather. Scott hopes to go ice fishing one day for the experience.
Sean 8 Male Sean is a very energetic and caring young boy who likes to play and be silly with his family.
Sebastian 16 Male Sebastian loves to play basketball and engage his younger siblings in video games. He also has started learning to cook dinner for his family.
Serena 15 Female Serena is a smart girl who works hard at school and helps her parents take care of the younger kids. She loves music and fashion. She is creative, smart, and kind-hearted. Her mother often emphasizes their shared fierceness.
Shanti 10 Female Shanti is a friendly and lovable kid who likes to play and has a creative imagination. She loves sensory items that she can mold with her hands and arts and crafts. She is caring and works hard at what she does even if it is hard for her.
Shawn 12 Male Shawn is a young man who has taken the liking to basketball since he has grown a lot since the summer. Shawn said one day he will be better than Kobe Bryant from the Lakers.
Sheila 12 Female Sheila is a young lady who enjoys doing tye dye and any other hands on arts and crafts. Sheila loves painting her toes with designs and loves to dance.
Shinig-mir 8 Female Shining- favorite color is purple, she is very talented and plays different musical instrument at school and at her church, she enjoy singing and playing with her friends.
show stopper 12 Male This young man loves video games, a gift card to game stop would make his Christmas! He also loves playing basketball and listening to music.
Sidney 13 Male Sidney is a very loving young man who loves skateboarding. Sidney enjoys reading comic books in his free time.
Simon G. 12 Male Simon is a bubbly and smart kid who loves to laugh, read, sing, and play board games. He is old enough to help mom with the twins and plays tennis in his free time.
Sofia G. 0 Female Twin number 2 is friendly, enjoys music and lights.
SSRodriguez 10 Female young girl who loves playing with craft and is very energetic
Stan 12 Male Stan is a 12 year old boy who loves Godzilla, playing Magic Cards and swimming. He is interested in learning about science, nature, and is always excited to learn facts and trivia.
Stanley 8 Male Stanley is a very active, friendly, and engaging little boy with a great smile! He loves school and sports!
Stanley 8 Male Stanely is a very energetic little boy who loves going to the playground. Stanely's favorite color is red
Stay Coolin 12 Male This young man loves to build things. He especially loves legos. He would like a 3dS and a gift card to game stop to purchase games.
Stephanie 11 Female Stephanie is a bright, friendly, little girl who enjoys school and takes great care of her little siblings!
Stephen 18 Male Stephen is the oldest and tries to keep his brothers calm. He walks Ray home from school and enjoys socializing with friends at home.
Steve 13 Male Steve is an almost 14 year old boy who loves sports, especially baseball and football, and is just beginning a new basketball league. He is an excellent student, loves history, legos and comic books.
Steven 8 Male Steven is a 8 year old boy who loves star wars, bey blades, and GI Joe.
Steven 7 Male Steven is a smart, imaginative, and creative little boy who loves to sing, go to school, and play with friends.
Steven 10 Male Steven is a very energetic little boy who loved cars. Steven said when he grows up he will own a car of every color. In Steven's spare time he loves staying busy so he would often volunteer to help staff with chores.
Sudane 14 Female Sudane is a very pretty girl that loves to be with her friends and is passionate about being a hair stylist, she loves to do her friends hair. She is a great 8th grade student, and has very impressive grades.
Sully 11 Female This little guy, loves Sully (Monster Inc, and spiderman! He would love a 3ds and mario cart games.
Tabatha 14 Female Tabatha is bright and very approachable. She sometimes struggles with trying new things but, once exposed to them, she usually enjoys herself. She enjoys reading, music and arts & crafts.
Talia 0 Female Talia is a newborn baby girl. She came just in time for Christmas
Tamara 10 Female Tamara is an incredibly bright young lady who is working hard to maneuver through the challenges of moving to a new place, learn a new language, and supporting her family. She dotes on her brothers and supports her mother whenever possible.
Tami 11 Female Tami is an 11 year old girl who is full of life. She is one of 3 siblings that is currently being raised by her grandparents. She is looking forward to being reunited with her biological mother in the future. One word to describe Tami would be resilient.
Tanya 5 Female Tanya is a sweet girl who is working on adjusting to a new school setting. She is learning how to read and would like an inexpensive tablet to help her with this process.
Tara 6 Female Tara is a quiet little girl who enjoys playing dress up and school with her friends. Tara hopes to be a teacher when she grows up.
Taylor 17 Female Taylor is a talented girl. She is good at thinking about the needs of others while still advocating for her own. Taylor loves country music and knows all the words to her favorite songs.
Tee 8 Male
Terry 15 Male Terry is a very outgoing young man who enjoys playing basketball during his free time.
Thomas 17 Male Thomas is the oldest of the kids and he definitely serves as a role model for the younger boys. He is protective of his mom and older sister when they are out after dark. He likes things organized around the house and helps his mother with chores.
Tiana 14 Male Tiana is extremely creative. She writes poetry and spoken word pieces, she loves arts & crafts, and listens to various genres of music. She wants to study Literature when she goes to college.
Tiffany 16 Female Tiffany is a 15 yr old who enjoys going to the movies, long walks, shopping, and spending time with her friends and siblings.
Tiffany 17 Female Tiffany is a 16yr old girl who lives getting her hair and nails done. She loves being girly and is into fashion design. On her spare time, she goes goes to the gym, as she is very athletic.
Tiger/Sab 5 Male Tiger is a very active little boy that loves to play around, running games, music and on the computer. He is very close to his mother and some of his siblings. Tiger is friendly and loves to dance to music and is full of energy.
Toby 4 Male Toby is working on his speech and language. He would like to be a police officer when he grows up! His older sister has a Coby tablet and Toby is hoping for one of his own this holiday season.
Toby 15 Male Toby is a very cool kid. He's really into sports, especially basketball. He plays in a youth basketball league and plans to continue playing when he goes to college.
Todd 16 Male Todd is a very creative and athletic 16 year old. Todd enjoys playing basketball and football. Todd is a huge L.A. Dodgers fan. Todd is a talented drummer who is always creating new beats on the drum and always introducing his peers to new music.
TommyP 9 Male Tommy is a loving 9 year old boy who wants to be a fireman when he grows up Tommy likes to play with his toy trucks and enjoys skateboarding
ToniaP 13 Female Tonia is a very outgoing and caring daughter and sister who works hard in school and at home Tonia loves listening to pop music and spending time with her family
Tony-mir 8 Male Tony was diagnose autistic at age 3. He loves playing game watching TV and running at the park.
Tony/Sab 10 Male He is a very active, intelligent young boy who loves to play basketball and video games. He loves riding his bike outside which he uses to calm himself down when he is upset. He is very close with his fmily and very protective of his sisters and his mom.
TonyP 15 Male Tony is very caring hardworking older brother who is loved both at home and at school Tony hopes to become a Marine out of high school Tony loves NASCAR remote helicopters antique cars and transformers
Trevor 16 Male Trevor is a soft-spoken and bright teenager. He is creative and kind-hearted, often helping his mom clean up around the house when she is busy with the younger kids.
Trevor 16 Male Trevor is an active and social boy who enjoys sports and making friends.
Tristan 17 Male Tristan is a great big brother to his young, 4-year-old brother. He is excelling in school and wants to go to college. He is hoping for a full-size comforter for college.
Tucker 4 Male Tucker is a very active younger brother. He is thinking a lot about how much he will miss his older brother when he goes to college in the Fall. He would love a scooter this holiday season.
Ty 12 Male Ty is a very shy 12 year old boy who opens up once you get to know him. He has been through alot in his life but slowly taken back control. He enjoys playing basketball, football, and video games.
Tyler 10 Male Tyler is an amazing big brother. He enjoys sports and does very well in school. He loves playing video games and is hoping for a PSP this holiday season.
Tyson 4 Male Tyson was adopted at 2 months of age by his Aunt. He loves to use his older cousin's Ipad Mini, play and explore.
Vega 10 Male Vega is very energetic and charismatic. He loves to joke around and play pranks. He is also extremely close to his two younger brothers and loves playing sports with them.
Vincent 7 Male Vincent is a very bashful quiet little boy who has the love of playing outside.
Wade 7 Male Wade is a seven year old boy who is very energetic. Wade likes to play outside with his brother. Wade enjoys spending the weekend with his family.
Walker 7 Male Walker is a 7 year old boy who really likes to play outside with his friends in the neighborhood. Walker also really enjoys playing Pokemon cards with his brother.
Wesley 7 Male Wesley is a 7 year old boy who loves to play basketball with his brother. Wesley also really loves to build lego kits! Wesley's favorite sport to watch on tv is WWF wrestling.
William 9 Male William is a very well mannered young boy, who loves video games, sports and playing outside.
Wyatt 7 Male Wyatt absolutely love looms, its his favorite besides basketball. He is very athletic and enjoys toys involving movement.
Wynston 7 Male Wynston is a very active 7 year old boy who loves playing sports and running around. He is very persistent and never gives up!
Xander 16 Male Xander is a very creative 17 year old. Xander enjoys video games, drumming, cooking, and art. Xander expresses his creativity through creating new beats on the drum, cooking new recipes, and drawing cartoon characters.
yannis 2 Female loves to play pretend with older sister
Yaridane 14 Female yaridane is a very happy girl that loves music and being with her friends, she has been through significan struggles this past year and has been able to over come them all.
Yaridane 15 Female Yaridane is that only girl in that home, and is been hard living with just boys but she has been able to keep her grades up and also be very dedicate to support mom at home.
Zane 12 Male Zane is a really cool kid. He loves listening to emo, metal, and alternative rock. He also likes expressive arts like painting and drawing. He doesn't go anywhere without a pair of skinny jeans and Chucks!
Zaya 12 Female Zaya is very inquisitive with a deep thirst for knowledge. She loves to do research and get down to the bottom of things. She is also very playful and creative.