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Name Age Gender Description
Aaron 11 Male Aaron loves anything RED. He would like to get a Tablet for this Christmas.
Aaron A. 17 Male Aaron is steady as a rock. An amazing big brother who loves the outdoors, Aaron is always fixing things around the house and making sure the youngest kids have a snack when they get home from school. A huge fan, Aaron is very happy it's football season.
Abigail A 14 Female Abigail is a bright, social, hardworking teen who enjoys music and drawing. She utilizes her art as an outlet to express herself and make meaning of her daily struggles. She has shown incredible strength and resilience, overcoming numerous challenges.
Ace 17 Male Wilbur is a young adolescent whom likes to spend his time at home with his family.
Adam 16 Male Adam is a very creative young male who loves listening to, and creating, music. Adam is a hard worker who hopes to attend college in the future. Adam hopes for a Playstation or gaming system for the winter holidays
Addison 1 Female Addison is a bubbly young girl, who loves to laugh. She will benefit from your love and support to help her through the winter.
Aden 20 Male Aden is a creative male who loves to spend time listening to music and drawing. He hopes to take art classes in the future. Aden is hoping for a new tablet for the Holidays in order to use the internet to pursue his interests.
AduwinOrtega 17 Male I rally good young man. He love his family. He help his mom with his bother how have autism. He love his brother his brother love to play with him.
Afenaortega 13 Female I really good girl how is going to a lot. been out side off the house because she can not stop cutting her self. She love her family. She wish can be back home for the holydays. Her family love her a lot.
Aignaciortega 16 Male A really good boy have ADHD also Mood disorder. But do his best at school and home. He love holydays but get sad went they come because he can not get to many present. His mom work to pay bills and support the family.
AJ 11 Male AJ is a friendly, engaging and curious kiddo who loves playing with cars and creating new and exciting ramps for them. He loves to play catch with his youngest sister and show nana new apps on her phone.
AJ 18 Male AJ is a hard-working student and is in his first year in college
Ajaneline Ortega 13 Female What can I said about this girl. She is really in to school and help others. She really wants to finish school and be a Dr. She love to help in the community. She love her mom and sister.
Alex 8 Male Alex is a loving and caring 8-year old boy. Alex likes to spend time with his Dad and build cars and bikes. Alex would like to be a mechanic when he gets older. Alex is currently playing soccer, on his undefeated soccer team!
Alex I. 10 Male Alex is a bright, active 9yr old. Loves riding bike, playing basketball, video & board games. Has XMas bday but mom is jobless. Alex had some trouble this year but is doing better with help from mom. Is a good helper at home.
Alexis 17 Female Alexis is an imaginative teen who loves art. She enjoys creating masterpieces using spray paint.
Alexis C 10 Female Alexis is a funny and creative 10 year old girl who loves arts and crafts, dancing and hanging out with her family. When Alexis grows up she would like to be a fashion designer, an FBI agent or an art teacher.
Allen A 16 Male Allen is a quiet kid that loves to listen to music.
Allen C. 14 Male Allen is caring young man who loves to play board games, video games and ride his bike with his sister. He loves to spend time with people and to learn new things.
Allison 14 Female Allison is a 14 year old who loves arts and crafts! She is very creative and spends lots of time making things for her friends and family!
Allison 15 Female Allison is a very smart and caring young lady. she loves music and fashion and she also enjoys the movies and dancing.
Allison C 17 Female Allison is a big help to her family and spends her time caring for her younger siblings and applying for colleges. She is very close with her mother and does everything she can to help the family stay together.
alvin 3 Male three year old active little boy who loves movies and educational toys.
Alvin 10 Male Alvin is a 10 year old that can do any type of origami creator or shape. Alvin loves spending time with his family playing board games.
Amanda 13 Female Amanda is a very talented bubbly young teenager who enjoys listening to music and dancing. Amanda has hope to own her own dance studio when she gets older.
Amani 8 Male Amani is a energetic and engaging kiddo. He loves the Patriots and especially drawing pictures of Rob Gronkowski. Amana has come a long way in school and with the support of his mom and younger sister has made incredible strides in school and at home.
Amelia 14 Female Amelia is a creative and fun teenager who LOVES art! Her passion is anything with paint and markers. She creates beautiful masterpieces that have been on display in several local businesses.
Amelia 12 Female Amelia is a bright and friendly young girl. She is very creative and has a great sense for fashion.
AmichalOrtega 15 Male Young boy have ADHD plus PSD. really lovely boy. he is tray his best at school. He love his mother and sister.
Amos C. 11 Male Amos is an 11 year old boy with some behavioral challenges. He is learning how to be safe in the home and to do better in school. He wants to be a fireman when he is older.
AnaniOrtega 5 Female Nani is a great girl. She live with her sister at a foster home. She love her foster mother and her sister. this girl love holydays.
Ancyn 13 Male Ancyn is a handsome, bright and engaging young man. He enjoys sports and would like to work in law enforcement when he is older. Baseball is his favorite sport and he plays on his school's team. He also enjoys football and basketball.
Andre 0 Male Andre is a 2 month old child who is settling in with his foster mom. He has a lot of medical needs and has been in and out of the Doctors office since birth. He has formed a good bond with his foster mom.
Andrea 3 Female Andrea is a very sweet and playful 3yr old. She is often smiling and laughing. She enjoys playing with her foster siblings and playing with the puppy.
Andrea 15 Female Andrea is an old soul. She loves gardening, costume jewelry and being fancy. She would sit and chat for hours if someone would listen.
Andrea A. 4 Female At age 4, Andrea is wise beyond her years. With a beautiful smile and patient demeanor, Andrea takes after mom. Naturally mindful, Andrea holds her breath when she's mad (it helps her calm down) and asks questions about how our thoughts work.
AndreOrtega 17 Male Lovely young boy. love school and his family. Very responsible with his school. Wants to finish school go to college so he can have a better life for his family.
Andrew 16 Male Andrew is a young man who loves spending quality with his mother. Andrew loves to help his mother and staff cook. In his spare time Andrew enjoys music.
Andrew 15 Male Andrew is bright young boy, who loves to play video games and sports with his friends.
Andrew 11 Male Andrew is a kind and endearing 11 yr. old boy. He often likes to dress up as Indiana Jones and plays outside exploring his surroundings. Andrew enjoys learning about science and building with Legos. He loves spending time with his adoptive family.
Andrew 6 Male Andrew is a fun loving kid who enjoys riding bikes, video games, and ninja turtles. The family has recently gone through hardships in their lives and are in need of some holiday cheer. He has lots of friends and really enjoys learning new things.
andy 14 Male Andy is a funny boy who is big for his age. He likes to listen to music.
Andy 17 Male Andy is a funny young man who enjoys listening to music and playing sports. He loves Basketball, Baseball and Football.
Andy 6 Male Andy is a happy, active, 6 year old boy. He loves ninja turtles and playing outside
Angel 6 Male Angel is a very energetic little boy who like building blocks and coloring dinosaurs.
Angel 5 Male Youth is very energetic and happy all of the time. He loves to play with his cars and train sets. Youth is also very caring and curious about his surroundings.
Angel 14 Female Angel is a Justin Beiber fan who loves to paint, color and put glitter on everything. She is a fashionista in training who enjoys fashion and aspires to be a designer someday!
Angel Car 12 Male Angel is a quiet, thoughtful boy who enjoys time spent with friends and family. He is a strong student and has hopes of receiving a tablet, of some sort, to help with required classwork/homework.
Angela- Mir 9 Female Angela is spontaneous, creative and very funny girl. she attend Boston public schools and would like to be a school teacher when she grow up.
Angelina G. 15 Female Angelina is a highly intelligent, hardworking, and mature young woman who strives to succeed. After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Angelina is learning how to cope with this illness and is working to build a great future for herself.
Angelo 13 Male Angelo is a very intelligent young man who enjoys basketball and football.
Anhel D 15 Male Angel is very quiet. He loves history, books, and movies.
ANinaOrtega 7 Female Nina is a very good girl. She live with her sister at a foster home. She love her sister.
Anna 11 Female Anna enjoys playing hide and go seek, jump rope and doing arts and crafts. She hopes that she gets to go home for Christmas this year.
Anna B 12 Female Anna B is a very creative, intelligent, and athletic young girl who loves fashion, playing with dolls, and photography. She is very big in in designing her own outfits for her dolls as well as arts & crafts!
annie 16 Female could use a bed in a bag with throw pillows, curtains for a full bed
Annie D. 17 Female Annie is a caring young mom who has experienced a lot of adversity in her life. She has no family to help with childcare or assist her with daily living tasks. She is currently and high school and is looking forward to graduating.
Anthony 15 Male Anthony is a protective, caring 15 year old boy who is working on managing devastating losses in the past year.
Anthony 7 Male Anthony is a great role model for his 4-year-old brother who struggles with behavioral issues. Anthony is kind, calm, and a great listener. He does well in school and is eager to play with others. Despite facing multiple obstacles, Anthony is resilient.
Anthony 13 Male Anthony is a smart and sweet young man who loves video games. He enjoys playing PoKemon games with friends. He enjoys going to school and gets great grades in school.
Anthony C. 12 Male Anthony is a bright kid, whose anxiety sometimes gets the best of him, but humor can pull him out and he can tell you the most random fun facts. He is creative in writing and drawing and could engineer a new invention if he wanted to.
Anthony I 14 Male Anthony is an extremely competitive kid who loves playing sports and video games.
Anton C. 11 Male A sweet young boy who can be quite the gentleman and a beast with sports. Anton loves to play football, baseball, and draw animals like sharks. He is great with babies and loves playing with his new nephew.
Antonia 16 Female Antonia likes art and Japanese anime.
Antonio 9 Male Antonio is a fun, hyper, loving, and silly little boy. He enjoys WWE, playing basketball, the New England Patriots, the Celtics, and Despicable Me. Antonio loves his Mom, and enjoys doing family activities with her on the weekends.
Apricot 11 Male Apricot is an active 11 year old boy who loves electronics and music. He is also responsible and looks out for his little sister.
Arad 7 Male Curious and energetic boy. Loves to be active both inside and outside his home. Engaged in community activities.
AriLynn 4 Male AriLynn is an energetic and sweet four year old who enjoys driving trucks and being active playing sports.
ArmaniOrtega 12 Male Ar is currently playing football. Love school but have dificulty at the school because his DHD condicion but tray always his best.
Armaortge 16 Male Good boy love school and sports.
Arnold A 12 Male Arnold A is a kind and thoughtful 12 year old who loves to bike around and spend time with his mom. Arnold A works hard in school and loves making his mother proud.
Arron 11 Male Arron is a young man who will try to break anyone's record of collecting things. Arron loves to play football an has notice that his skills have increased. Arron loves to read during his down time.
Arthur 14 Male Arthur is a very smart young man who enjoys school and excels in mathematics. He loves playing video games and spending time with his brother.
Artichoke 15 Female Artichoke is very caring and loving towards her siblings. She is also protective of them. She is very involved in the community and very smart.
Aryah 6 Female Aryah is a spunky kiddo who is eager to explore and to share her experiences. She loves to join in on board games with her older brother and is an avid drawer. Aryah also recently took up dancing which her mom boast she is amazing at.
Ashlee 16 Female Ashlee is a quiet young lady that keeps to herself. She is very handy with electronic.
Aubrey 16 Female Aubrey loves music. She also loves to dance and is on her cheer team at school.
Audrey 1 Female Audrey is an adorable one year old girl with a smile that lights up a room. She is beginning to crawl and follows her two older siblings around the house wherever they go.
Ava 10 Female Ava is a 10 year old girl who loves learning and playing with dolls. Ava is a big helper and loves helping her mother around the house. Ava is also very creative and loves doing arts and crafts with her friends and family.
Ava 17 Female Ava is a young mom, who works very hard. She enjoys spending time with her family.
Ava 15 Female Ava is a 15 year old girl with plans to attend college and is considering cosmetology school.
avee 7 Female Love to pretend play and be outdoors. Both other these are always better with her older siblings
Avery 3 Female Avery loves learning, singing and dancing. She enjoys pretend plays with her baby dolls. She also loves reading and building things.
avr 1 Female Cheerful and love to explore everything
Ayana 7 Female Ayana is a sweet, thoughtful and artistic 7 year old girl, who loves to show of her singing skills ton anyone who is willing to lend an ear. She also loves drawing and playing board games with her family members.
AZmineOrtega 8 Female What can I said abut this girl she is so adorable always help her mom and sister. She love school and doing great at the school. She help the teacher and the students. She is a very good girl she wants to finish school and be a Doctor.
Barbara 0 Female Barbara and her fraternal twin sister Carmen are the newest members of the family. Barbara looks very similar to her older brother Bob, which is also a twin to Carlos. Barbara is a precious 7 month old baby.
Barbara C. 14 Female Barbara is a funny and athletic 14 year old girl who runs track, plays basketball, soccer and loves to dance.. Barbara one day hopes to go to college. She is a strong role model for her younger cousins.
Bazil 5 Male Bazil is a bubbly little guy who loves the arts and teenage mutant ninja turtles. Bazil is always wanting to sing, dance and draw and share his joy with the world around him.
BeanerL 12 Female This kiddo loves babies & taking care of her younger brothers. She loves to help mom w cooking & even cleans up after herself. She has recently started to do her homework. She is mom's right hand.
BearL 14 Male Bear loves to play goof around w jokes & pranks. He is physical, boisterous with a natural ability in sports. He is loyal to his friends & family. Though he struggles to speak in public with most adults, he is the life of the party w friends.
Beatrice 13 Female Beatrice is a kind, intelligent adolescent girl. She is an amazing role model for her 6 younger siblings, some of whom struggle with mental health issues, and acts as a calming presence. She helps take care of them at home. She loves dressing up!
Beau 16 Male Beau is a young man who enjoys learning new things and is always up for a challenge. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors and riding bikes with his friends.
Becca A. 15 Female Becca is a kind and respectful 15 year old girl who loves anime, art, and spending time with her sisters. In spite of a series of traumatic experiences in her early childhood, Becca is empathic, hopeful, and willing to connect with others.
Beck 5 Male Beck is a playful and thoughtful little guy who enjoys exploring the world around him. Beck loves board games, music and musical instruments.
Becky 12 Female Becky is a young girl who has dreams of being a makeup and hair stylist. She enjoys arts and crafts and playing with dolls
Belinda 12 Female Belinda loves my little Ponly. She also loves Disney Princess. She loves to play with her mom and have a good time. She would love to have an IPOD TOUCH, An American Doll and toys to play with for this Holiday season.
Benjamin 10 Male Ben loves to play with remote control cars and video games. He also like to play soccer with his friends.
Berlin 2 Female Berlin is a bright eyed 2 year old little girl. She recently relocated to a new home with her family and enjoys spending time with her big brother.
BernldoOrtega 18 Male Young men how love to work and love to go to school. He is always sad for the holidays. His life with his grandmother. He dad and mother do not look for him. He always asked to himself way my mom and dad do not love me. I love my grandmother.
Berry E 8 Male Berry is a very creative and artistic youth. He loves his family and helps out his mom to take care of his younger brother.
Betty 18 Female Betty just graduated high school and is currently taking classes at her local community college. Betty also works full-time in order to help her Mom with living expenses. Betty loves to hang out with her friends and dance, in her free time.
Betty 5 Female Betty is a bright eyed, independent and playful 5 year old little girl who enjoys expressing herself through art and dancing.
Betty 5 Female Betty is a five year old girl who enjoys playing with barbies and coloring.
Big Dog L 12 Male This twin went from a withdrawn kid w little self confidence to a proud child who laughs & shows great resiliency. He goes to school regularly, does homework, loves hip hop dancing, music videos & singing. He is working on Focus.
biggieJL 4 Male Biggie is tiny for his age, super verbal, playful and sociable. He is very involved with every family member and never gets enough love. he is very affectionate and well behaved! He loves trucks, building things and wants his 2 front teeth really soon!
Bill 10 Male Youth is very caring and outgoing towards others. He is very energetic and his favorite sports are basketball and soccer.
Bill 3 Male Bill is an active three year old who loves cars, trucks and sports.
Billy 10 Male Billy is generally a quiet boy but can be very engaging around topics he likes. He enjoys the WWE/wrestling, as well as playing basketball, and video games. Billy also likes the Patriots and Celtics. He is hoping to get a PSP for the holidays.
Billy Bob 17 Male Billy Bob is a quiet young man with a big heart. He spends his time listening to music, drawing and being a positive support system for his friends.
Binh 13 Male This child wishes to have a bike in any color.
Bison 3 Male Bison is a bright eyes 3 year old little boy who enjoys exploring Boston and the oydoors with his mother, older sister and grandparents. Bison is playful and loves to learn and engage with people.
Blair 16 Male Blair is a sporty kid who is very involved with his community. He enjoys playing basketball and spending time with his friends.
Blani 4 Female Blani is a thoughtful and active 4 year old little girl who enjoys spending time with her family. Blani will be reunited with her mother and brothers over this holiday after a long time away and is looking forward to making happy memories with her family.
Bless 13 Female Bless is a charismatic 13 year old little girl who enjoys learning about health, wellness and nutrition. Bless hopes to be a nutritionist and detective when she gets older.
Blue Monkey 12 Male He is very active and enjoys video games and boxing. He does very well in school and draws very cool cartoon sketches.
Bob 5 Male Bob is a loving, silly, and caring 5 year old boy. He recently started Kindergarten with his twin brother Carlos. Bob loves playing with Carlos, and helping Mom take care of his new baby sisters.
Bobby 4 Male Bobby is a playful and throughtful 4 year old little boy who enjoys engaging with people in his community.
Boe 1 Female Boe has just been in this world for a little over 5 months and has been a true joy to her big brother and mother. Boe is learning the world around her with each growing mildstone.
Bolter 5 Male Bolter is a bright eyed 5 year old little boy who loves to express himself through his favorite super heros. Bolter enjoys martial arts and taking care of his baby sister.
bonitaOrtega 12 Female A really smart girl love school. She is always happy. Love to help her mom with cleaning.
Brad 3 Male Brad is a quiet and thoughtful 3 year old who is fascinated by dinasours.
Bradley 7 Male Bradley is a proud big brother who adores his baby sister and enjoys speanding time with his mother. Bradley's family recently relocated to Boston and are building memories together.
Bradley A 17 Male Bradley is a hard working 17yr old who has shown a great deal of resiliency, continuing to pursue his education despite numerous health concerns. He has a great relationship with his family, acting as a male role model for his two younger siblings.
Brandie 5 Female Brandie is a playful 5 year old little girl who is very close with her siblings and is proud of her role as big sister.
Brandon C. 17 Male Brandon is one of the middle kids who is independent, likes to socialize in the community, and likes sports. He is a fun kid who is eager to find activities to be a part of.
Branson 4 Male Branson is a playful 4 year old little boy who enjoys exploring the world around him. Branson is a huge Boston sports fan and loves playing sports, particularly basketball , bowling and baseball.
Brett 11 Male Brett is a very proud big brother to his little sisters. In his free time, Breat enjoys playing basketball and football.
Brian 2 Male Brian is a sweet 2 1/2 year old little boy who enjoys exploring the world around him. Brian and his family were recently displaced but have pushed through all the odds to be reunified for the holidays and so looks forward to spending time with his family.
Brian 15 Male Brian is a 15 year old boy who enjoys legos, skateboarding and sports, as well as magic cards and video games
Brian B 13 Male Brian is an active energetic kid that loves sports especially basketball.
Brian D. 1 Male Brian is a very cute young boy. He is a handful sometimes but mom is learning to manage his difficult behaviors. He is very loving and enjoys spending time with mom.
Brianne Andy 17 Female Brianne gets excellent grades and works full time. Brianne is an example of a teenager. Brianne loves music, and writing. Brianne received honors in school for her poetry.
Brielle 13 Female Brielle is a very bright, thoughtful and loving big sister. Her family was recently relocated and are all excited to be spending the holidays in their new home together.
Brittany C 13 Female Brittany is a funny, imaginative and caring 13 year old who loves playing with her cat and dog. Brittany loves spending time with her mother, reading, swimming and riding her bike. When Brittany grows up she wants to be a chef.
Broadie 5 Male Broadie is an athletic 5 year old little boy who adores his family and enjoys storytelling and interactive learning.
Brody C. 6 Male Brody is a fun loving kid who loves to play with his siblings and help his grandmother around the house.
Bronson 8 Male Bronson is a proud big brother to his younger sister and brother and enjoys spending time with his family. He enjoys playing outside and is curious about boxing and wrestling.
Brooklyn 13 Female Brooklyn really loves going to movie theater. she really loves the delicious popcorn you get before the show.
Bry 12 Male Bry is a 13 year old boy who enjoys school.
Buddah 10 Male Buddah is currently in the 5th grade. He enjoys going to the library to read, and to hang out with friends. Buddah also really enjoys helping Mom care for his two newest siblings!
bvee 13 Male This young man is very supportive and helpful with his sibling. He enjoy time outside with his friends. Star wars is a passion, reading, watching movies and creating his own universe with Legos.
Byron 8 Male Byron is a very active boy who enjoys playing baseball and spending time with his younger sister and brother. Byron enjoys being outside, watching movies, and playing with legos.
Caitlyn J 18 Female Caitlyn has struggled to attend school due to the effects of bullying, sadness, and anxiety. She likes making people laugh and working in her school pottery studio. Her goals are to graduate from high school and obtain training for a good job.
Caleb 17 Male Caleb is a 17 year old male who enjoys all things Star Trek. He is also very into Zoology and the study of reptiles and amphibians.
Calvin 15 Male Calvin is a very athletic young man who has made strives to making the Varsity football team. Calvin loves to listen to music when he has down time.
Camilaortega 15 Female Camila is a good girl. She love school and her family. She is always with smile on her face.
Candy 9 Female Youth is very energetic and happy all the time. She loves fashion, arts, dancing and singing.
Carissa 8 Female Carissa is an energetic and Happy 8 year old who loves to play with her cousins. She also enjoys drawing and wants to be an artist when she grows up
Carl 16 Male Carl is a 15 year old boy who enjoys basketball, video games and football.
Carl C. 11 Male Carl is a brave, loving and active 11 year old boy who loves spiderman and wrestling. Carl's favorite thing to do is to ride his bike with his friends and spend time with family. When Carl grows up he would like to be a weatherman!
Carlie 10 Female Carlie is a very happy and helpful 10 year old who loves to help mom in the house. She also loves to take care of her baby brother and her little cousin
Carmen 0 Female Carmen is Babara's fraternal twin sister and is also one of the newest members of the family. Carmen looks similar to her older brother Carlos, who is also Bob's fraternal twin! Carmen is a bubbly little 7 mth old girl and loves her family.
Carrie B 12 Female Carrie is a resilient 12 year old girl who loves her siblings and grandparents. She supports her siblings and enjoys playing basketball and passing the football back and forth with them.
Cassie 16 Female Cassie is an intelligent girl who enjoys cooking and helping mom with her 4 younger siblings. She is responsible and hardworking and enjoys listening to music in her room.
CDjoyOrtega 19 Female Love school even that she has some learning limitations always tries her best in school.
Charles 17 Male Charles is a 17 year old boy who enjoys video games, legos and Comic Books
Charles 17 Male Charles is a 17yr old boy who spends most of time focusing on getting good grades in school, but during his free time he enjoys reading novels.
Charlie 13 Female Charlie is a vivacious young girl with an infectious smile. Although she is soft spoken, she is known for her quick wit and great one liners. She is often a great friend to peers, very supportive and compassionate.
Charlie A. 12 Male Charlie is a strong-willed, creative kid who has persevered through significant challenges over the past year. Spontaneous, energetic, and an absolute original, Charlie is always looking for creative outlets to express himself.
Charlotte 7 Female Charlotte loves anything to do with Disney. Frozen. She loves to play dress up and being a princess.
Chi 17 Male Chi is friendly and well respect. He likes to use laptop and search for everything and giggle by himself.
ChiChi 16 Female ChiChi is a fun spirited loving girl. She is often a great confidant to her peers, enjoys community service and is a very generous young lady.
china 16 Female The youth is a funny and bright young lady who likes fashion.
Chloe J 11 Female Chloe is a quiet girl that enjoys spending time with her family and cat, Kevin. Chloe struggles with sadness and anxiety as well as being bullied. Currently her goals are to identify and use coping and communication skills to share her experience.
Chris 12 Male Chris is a loving kid who is a great younger brother. Chris is very helpful around the house and is a great help to his big brother. Chris loves to play games with his family and have family time.
chris 14 Male The youth is very quiet and like schools. He likes video games and sports.
Chris 8 Male Chris is a young smart little boy who enjoys dancing and soccer.
Christian 3 Male Christian is a 3yr old boy who loves to sing and dance, watch cartoons, and play with his toys, and copy his 5yr old brother. This will be Christian first Christmas in foster care with his big brother.
Christian 16 Male Christian is a die hard Patriots fan and enjoys spending his Sundays watching the sports channel. Christian loves to shop or just spend time in the malls browsing.
Christopher 13 Male Christopher is a very intelligent and ambitious young man. He one day hopes to own his own business and has started a small one for himself by creating customized wallets and accessories of duct tape.
Christopher 7 Male Chris is a huge car person. What he loves even more than car are transformer. Bumblebee is his favorite
Cierra B. 17 Female Cierra is an artistic youth who enjoys being in the community and working hard to graduate school
Cindy D. 4 Female Cindy is a bright 4 year old who welcomed her aunts with open arms into her home. She loves sharing and playing pretend. She also loves everything Frozen!
ClarkOrtgea 18 Male A really good young Men. He love school and also love to work part time to help his grandmother to pay bills. He wants the best for his grandmother how is taking care of him since he was 6 months.
Coco 14 Female Youth is very independent and enjoys spending her time alone, reading or listening to music.
Colton 13 Male Colton likes to ride his bike, play basketball, use his XBOX, and listen to music. He is a very polite boy who always wants to do things for other people.
Cora May 5 Female Cora is a sweet little girl who is adjusting to having two new twin sisters in the house and is learning how to be a good big sister. She loves to play at the park, watch Paw Patrol, and says that she is married to a singer from One Direction.
Corbin 1 Male Corbin is the youngest member of this family. He loves to laugh, smile and walk around. He could benefit from some educational toys this year.
Corinne A. 12 Female Corinne is a very bright 12 year old girl with an incisive wit and a great sense of humor. Corinne loves to hate school and is currently at the top of her class. Corinne is often a support for her older sister when she is struggling.
Corlos Ortega 18 Male Carlos love sports also he love music and going to church. He always said I wants to go to college have a good job to take care my mom. I love my mom she always there for me. Carlos said what can I do with out my mom.
Courtney 16 Female Courtney is a caring and kind older sister. She enjoys playing volleyball, singing in her church choir, and baking. Courtney is currently applying to several colleges!
Courtney N 17 Male Courtney is an outspoken teenager who loves to listen to music.
Craig 19 Male Craig is a 19 year old boy who enjoys bike riding, roller blading and reading. He also enjoys playing his banjo and video games
Cricket 11 Male He is very active and loves to play and exercise. He is a very good friend when he sees someone having a difficult time. He loves playing videogames, especially driving ones.
Cry 15 Female Cry is a 15 year old girl that enjoy spending time with her friends. Cry has a loving cat she named Princess.
Crystal D. 8 Female Crystal is a sweet and shy young girl. She experienced some challenges but like her sister, she is feeling safer at her older sister's home.
Daico 19 Male This child is popular at his school. He is cheerful and work hard. He wishes to have a bike so he can learn how to bike to his school and around the neighborhood.
Daisy 11 Female Is looking forward to spending Christmas with her mother. She enjoys writing, dancing, playing soccer and watching movies.
Daisy D 0 Female Baby Daisy is due in December 2015. Her family is very excited to meet her. Her aunts are very happy about taking care of a new baby in the home.
Dale E 4 Male Dale loves Thomas and Lighting McQueen. He wants to be a race car driver.
Dan 21 Male Dan is the older brother of the youth we are working with. Dan is a hardworking student who is in his second year of community college. He would love to get some bedding and clothes/shoes for this winter season.
dan 3 Male Dan is an active autism toddler. He loves gadgets. He can utilized a tablet or nabi tablet that is child proof.
Dana 16 Male Dana is a young man who loves spending time with his family when on his weekend passes. Dana loves taking his younger siblings to the park to ride their bikes. Dana is looking forward to his Junior Prom.
Daniel 8 Male Daniel is a small quiet petite young man who loves arts and crafts. Daniel has learned over time to express his feelings through art.
Daniel 15 Male Daniel loves technology and playing online games with his brother.
Daniel E 9 Male Daniel is a smart, loving, and playful boy. Daniel enjoys time with his siblings and playing sports. His siblings are protective of Daniel given family trauma, and encourage him to have fun and enjoy being a kid.
Danielle 12 Female Danielle is always smiling and loves to dance and laugh. Danielle hopes to become a doctor and spends her time hanging out with her brothers and sisters.
Danielle 14 Female Danielle is a creative young lady with a vivid imagination. She loves everything about super heroes, especially Batman!
Danny 8 Male Danny is a jokester who loves to play pranks on family. He loves math and enjoys school. He spends most of his time playing with his younger sister.
Danny - Mir 7 Male Danny loves to play outside and action figures,
Danny M 16 Male Danny is in to fashion and follows what he feels are the latest trends.
Darla 14 Female Darla loves to work with children and helps out at her school in engaging children in activities. She also loves music, dancing, and helping her mom by babysitting her younger siblings. Darla aspires to be a social worker.
Dat 11 Male Dat likes to play by himself. He realy likes drumming.
Dave 11 Male Dave loves sports (football and basketball) and enjoys making jokes and giving his sisters a hard time. He loves playing outside and spends most of his times playing video games or playing outside with his siblings and friends.
David 1 Male David likes to play with blocks and is learning his abc's and 123s, he also love to ply with colors.
Davonte 15 Male Davonte is a very quiet young man who loves to work out in stay in shape. Davonte also like to play basketball.
Deon- Mir 18 Male Deon is a football fan. New England Patriot is her favorite football team. Deon uses sports as his primary coping skill but as he is part of the school football team he will like to play it professionally in college.
Derek 13 Male Derek is a very talented and talkative young man who enjoys music and making beats. Derek hopes to become a record producer.
Derek V 15 Male Derek is a smart youth who likes to play games like cards but is into fashion.
Dernell 12 Male 12 year old boy who loves to DRAW and loves FireTrucks and Superman and Spider Man
Devon 15 Male Devon is a creative young male who loves style and listening to music. Devon enjoys going to school and attending work, as well as spending time with his grandmother. Devon is hoping for new Beats headphones for the holidays to listen to music.
Diamond 18 Female Diamond is a lively young woman who enjoys to write poetry, sing, and dance. When she is not doing that, she is doing community service and spending time with her friends.
Dirk 11 Male Dirk loves anime and animals. Animals are drawn to his sweetness.
Docktective 13 Male Docktective is an active boy who loves, singing, dancing, writing poetry and playing just dance.
Doris- Mir 11 Female Doris attend Boston public school and now on Honor role. she loves spending time with her sister playing hair and make up.
Dre 17 Male Dre is the Captain of his football team. Dre enjoyschallenging his peers in any sports Xbox or PS4 games.
Dylan 12 Male Dylan is a good son and a good student. He is very responsible and organized with his school work.
Eddie 20 Male Eddie is a determined, hard working young man who attends school and has a part time job. His passion is music and has made many songs that he enjoys playing for friends and family. He is proud of his music ability.
Edmond E 11 Male Edmond is a sweet, respectful, and loving younger brother. He enjoys playing football and Pokemon, spending time with his siblings, and participating in chorus. He is a role-model for his younger brother.
Eldane 0 Female Elidane is a new born baby, from a single parent. Mom is currently on her own trying to provide all the resources for her new born baby , but is in need of some help.
Eli 11 Male Eli is very loving and loves electrinic and video games and playing with his brother
Eli-EliJJOB 7 Male This is a young boy who enjoys music and dancing.
Eli-EliJOB 6 Male This is a boy who loves to climb, play basketball and spend time with his dad.
ELI-GeoJOB 11 Male This is an 11 year old boy who loves electronics, music, building and basketball.
Eli-ZanJOB 2 Female A funny and loving caring toddler who loves to watch Frozen.
Elias 11 Male Elias is an 11yr old boy who enjoys sports and wrestling and is hoping to join the swim team this year in school. Elias has been doing well in school for the past 2yrs after struggling with this for many years.
Elijah 9 Male Elijah is a very caring boy who loves school and enjoys reading. He is a great story teller and enjoys telling comedy routines.
Elizabeth 14 Female Liz loves music, and art & crafts. She loves to reads books and is very skilled on the computer.
Ella 8 Female Ella loves to sing and dance. She also loves to play princess with her dolls.
Ellen J. 16 Female Ellen is a very thoughtful and intelligent young woman who is working hard in her AP classes and has big dreams of going to college and singing.
Elsa May 11 Female Elsa is a smart and creative young lady who enjoys working with computers and playing video games. She started a new school this year and is getting a great start making new friends. She lives with her mom and their dog, DJ.
Elvis 7 Male Elvis loves to entertain his friends he has such a outgoing personality. Elvis loves to draw super heros and hang them on his wall.
Emdane 5 Male Emdane is a very a 5 year old little boy, that is passionate about baseball and is a big fan of the Red Sox team. He was recently diagnoses with ADHD and feel that when he is in the field playing baseball he is that happiest he can ever be.
Emilio C. 18 Male Emilio is a pleasant and welcoming young adult, who despite his health challenges, helps out a lot around the house and watches his little brother.
Emily 2 Female Emily loves to color and read books. She loves to play pretend dress up and play with her dolls.
Emma 4 Female Emma is a sweet, always smiling little girl, who loves playing with Barbies.
Emma 15 Female Emma loves to sing, dance, and do hair for her family and friends. Emma aspires to go to cosmetology school.
Emma C. 12 Female Emma is the oldest and quietest of the group, with a knack for being playful with her mom and being aware of her surroundings and feelings of other people. She enjoys sports, makeup, and finding new music to listen to.
Erica J. 9 Female Erica is a wonderful, sweet young girl who loves drawing, coloring, and the movie Frozen. She works hard in school and always has a smile on her face.
Erick 10 Male Erick is a very outdoors type of kid who loves to take nature walks and in his spare time he loves building Legos.
Ethan 11 Male Ethan is a sweet young boy who likes anything to do with music and any electronics.
Ethan D. 8 Male Ethan does well in school and loves Minecraft and Legos.
evee 3 Female Curious and loves to be with her older sibling, she love to pretend and play with everyone's toys.
Evelyn 12 Female Evelyn is a shy and calm girl who loves her family. She enjoys spending time with friends playing soccer and painting nails. She is excited to spend the holiday with her family.
Evelyn C. 8 Female Annie is the youngest and struggles with fear of meeting and talking to new people. Once she warms up, she will talk up a storm and is very personable and fun. She loves exploring outside and climbing trees.
Evens A. 9 Male Evens may seem quiet but when he warms up he tells stories and gets excited about his favorite cartoon characters. He is a loving young boy who appreciates playing with his teenage sister and is helpful around the house to his parents.
Evie A. 8 Female Evie is a firecracker! This 8 year old girl has confidence and the energy to back it up. Evie never hesitates to speak up for what is right. When she is not practicing her debating skills, you can find this comedian-in-training making her sisters laugh.
Explorer 15 Male He loves exploring and riding his bike around time. He is a very sweet friend and enjoys getting to know new people. He is very respectful and curious about the world.
Fabia 4 Female Fabia is an adorable 4 year old who loves sensory materials and playdoh to play with. Fabia is in preschool and is working on her letters and numbers. Fabia loves playing kitchen with her friends at school.
Faith 11 Female Faith is an eleven year old girl who enjoys arts and crafts, creating jewelry and using her imagination. She is a fun-loving young girl with a great big spirit!
Farah 5 Female Farah is a sweet 5 year old girl who just started kindergarten this Fall. Farah recently lost her father last year, but is managing her emotions and feelings very creatively through art and play. Farah loves painting and pretend play with the kitchen set.
Farla 7 Female Farla is a loving 7 year old who is in the second grade. Farla is currently in a loving foster home with her younger sister. She loves playing games and pretend play with her younger sister. Farla is very creative and active.
Fasha 14 Female Fasha is a healthy 14 year old who wants to grow up to be a fitness trainer or a gymnist. Fasha loves eating healthy and wants to go to a college that supports her athletic desires, such as basketball and softball. She loves college sports.
Fatima 14 Female Fatima is a 14 year old girl who just started high school last Fall. Fatima loves the arts and is an amazing singer. Fatima uses song and art journaling to channel her inner feelings. Fatima also writes and sings her own songs/poems.
Flora 17 Female Flora is a 17 year old book worm who is interested in becoming a lawyer some day. She's an inquisitive young woman who enjoys reading and writing.
Fran 4 Female Fran is an adorable 4 year old girl who loves playing with anything puppet or dramatic play related. She loves putting on small plays and performances for others with her puppets.
Franchesca 5 Female Franchesca is a very creative, fun, imaginative little 5 year old. She is currently living in a loving foster care home with her sister and has been very resilient to this change in her life. She seeks out creative play as a positive way to cope.
Francis 5 Female Francis is a lovely 5 year olf girl who just started kindergarten in the Fall and loves painting and art. She lost a close family member last year and is managing her feelings in a very creative way through art and play.
Francisco 4 Male Francisco is a 4 year old boy who loves trains, cars, and being active. He is getting ready for kindergarten next year and loves making new friends. He is very friendly and just wants to smile and have fun on most days.
Francy-mir 17 Female Francys is a good student, she works part time to assist mom with finances. She enjoys dancing and arts and crafts.
Frank M 14 Male Frank is an energetic youth in his early teens. He has boundless energy and has impressive basketball skills. Frank also loves to play role playing games and would love his own set of Dungeons and Dragons.
fvr 7 Male Loves to help his younger sibling with homework and mom with chores. Play anything!
Gabriel 10 Male Gabriel is a quiet, sweet and loving 10 year old boy who is very helpful with his younger brother. He relocated a year ago from out of state without any of his toys and misses his legos and transformers.
Gabriel 12 Male Gab is a rapper in training. He takes the time to listen to his favorite artists for inspiration. He would benefit from having the beat headphones to listen without bothering everyone else!
Gabriel Mir 3 Male Gabriel loves Thomas the train. he loves watching cartoons and playing with his toys at home.
Gary M 13 Male Gary is a small for his age quite kid. He loves music and is getting better at playing the drums.
Georgia C 12 Female Georgia is a shy 12 year old who loves to read and to spend time with her twin sister. Georgia is kind, smart, and resilient.
GERRY G. 7 Male Gerry continues to grieve over the loss of his father. Dad left unexpectedly and moved to the west coast to start a new family. This has negatively impacted Gerry's self esteem, although he works hard in school and at home.
Gina 10 Female Gina loves to dance and be silly with her little brother. Gina has an affinity for animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She is currently working through grieving the loss of her great grandfather, with whom she was very close.
Glenda 9 Female Glenda is an energetic and playful 9 year old. She loves singing Frozen's song Let it go.
Grace 16 Female Grace became a young mother last year and has enjoyed loving and caring for her new baby, while she continues to study in high school.
Graciela D. 13 Female Graciela is very respectful and nice adolescent. She has experienced difficulties in the past but she is feeling much safer in her sister's home.
Grayson 6 Male Grayson is bright kiddo with lots of energy. He is always asking great questions! He loves sports and super heros. He is very motivated to do well in school.
Greg B 1 Male Greg is a baby who does nothing but smile. He loves exploring, especially now that he is walking around. Its impossible not to smile back when Greg looks at you with that toothless grin.
Gregg D. 13 Male Gregg is a good student who is a good hockey player. He also enjoys computers and music.
Grey 7 Male Grey is a 7 year old active kiddo with a great sense of humor! Grey has significant developmental delays & benefits greatly from sensory-motor based play (spinning, jumping, etc).
Hamilton 8 Male
Hannah 15 Female Hannah loves to dance. She was taking a dance class and was crowned princess which made her very proud. She hopes to continue dancing.
Hannah A. 16 Female Hannah is the brains of the family. A sweet-natured country music fan, Hannah has worked hard in school and been on the honor roll for some years in a row. Hannah is a quiet observer and has struggled with anxiety for the past few years.
Harper G. 6 Male Harper is a quiet but curious young boy that enjoys reading stories about history and far-away lands with his mother and siblings and playing military games in which he saves people in distress.
Harry 8 Male Harry is a sweet sensitive little guy who is currently placed in residential program through The Home and comes to visit his family of mom and four siblings 1-2 times a week. He enjoys playing with his toys and dressing up for any occasion.
Harvey 5 Male Harvey is five years old. He is bright, kind, and curious about everything. Harvey loves superheroes, especially the avengers. He has recently been making great strides in school. . He loves sports, dancing, and playing outside.
Heather 5 Female Heather is a fun loving girl who enjoys going to school, spending time with mom and playing with her little sister. Heather and sister Lilly love to dress alike.
Heidy-Mir 18 Female Heidy is a great student and is preparing to pursue her education in Business. she is loving caring and want to succeed in life and be a good mother like hers.
Henry 7 Male Henry is an energetic 7 year old who enjoys playing with Legos and on the computer
Henry B 8 Male Henry recently started playing football and loves it. Henry is funny, kind, and he brings a lot of joy to his other family members.
Hope G. 4 Female Hope is a very intelligent and energetic four year old who loves to spend time drawing, reading books, and playing with her friends and little sister.
Hrad 16 Male At 16 this young man is dedicated to supporting his family and helping in the community. He enjoys playing soccer and basketball and quiet time playing video games.
Hugo 17 Male Hugo is a high school senior applying to colleges to major in music or video production. He is currently volunteering at a community center to teach younger kids video production skills, earning his private pilot license, and in a youth writing program.
Ian 16 Male Ian is an enthusiastic and friendly young male who enjoys listening to music and playing basketball. Ian hopes to attend school in the future and works hard to get good grades. Ian is hoping for an iPod for the holidays.
Ian (Parr) 15 Male Ian is an energetic and playful teenager. He has recently adjusted to many changes in his life and now lives with his father. He is excited about getting his first job. Ian enjoys playing basketball, football, and soccer.
Ibraham 15 Male
Ilijah 11 Male
Illias 5 Male Illias is a fun, energetic little boy who just moved out of a homeless shelter. He is really looking forward to having his own room and more space to play!
India 3 Female India just started school and is learning all about pretend play, friendship skills, and how to follow her classroom schedule.
INDIA-JOB 18 Female India is in her freshman year of college. She is interested in majoring in Psychology. She enjoys spending time with her family and is hoping to be the first in her family to graduate college.
INDIA-JOB 7 Male This boy is a funny energetic character excited for the holidays and spending time with his loved ones (family).
Ingmar 6 Male Ingmar is a sweet little boy who is learning what it means to be safe. He loves art and spending time with his grandmother.
Ingrid 3 Female Ingrid is a bright and smiley little girl who is learning about potty training and pretend play.
Isaac 7 Male Isaac is a little boys whom needs help with boosting his self esteem. Isaac loves to color and enjoys learning how to read.
Isaac 9 Male Isaac is one a the greatest Boston sport fans. He loves watching the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and the Celtics.
Isaac 7 Male Isaac is 7 years old .He has been through significant family transition this year. He is bright, funny, friendly, and active. He enjoys playing football with his school friends on the playground, and spending time watching movies with his mom.
Isabelle G. 3 Female Isabelle G. is a charming & joyful 3 yr old. She likes dolls, Princesses, and dressing up. Anything pink or purple. She loves her big brother and doing anything he likes to do.
Isaiah 14 Male Isaiah is a kind older brother who enjoys hanging out with friends; he is looking forward to a happy holiday season.
Iscyn 16 Male Iscyn is an intelligent and articulate young man. He is gifted academically and is on the honor role. He loves sports and is also very popular in school. He has two younger siblings and is an excellent role model for then.
Israel 14 Male Israel is a boy who just had a tremendous growth spurt! He enjoys playing with friends and spending time with family during the holidays.
Ivan 17 Male Ivan is a genuine, caring boy who works hard to help his grandmother care for his younger siblings.
Ivy 2 Female Ivy is a tenacious little girl who just moved out of a homeless shelter. She is looking forward to exploring her new apartment and having some toys of her own to play with!
Jabbawockeez 13 Male He loves to dance and play sports, especially baseball. He dreams about taking care of his family someday and buying a really nice car to drive around.
Jace May 10 Male Jace is a friendly, affectionate, and mischievous boy who loves to laugh and play practical jokes. He is skilled with computers and has an excellent ear for music. He enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and playing with legos and army men.
Jack 15 Male Jack is a wonderful teenager. When he lived with his abusive mom,got into LOTS of troubles. When moved with his dad and step mom, he is totally out of trouble, plays in two varsity teams and trying very hard in studies. He wants to be a famous athlete.
Jack 13 Male Jack is a 12 year old boy who enjoys music, video games and remote control toys.
Jack 8 Male Jack is a caring and engaging 8 year old boy. He enjoys spending time with his mom, and enjoys laughing with his brother and sister. Jack enjoys playing around with his friends and pretending to make things all better.
Jacob 11 Male Jacob is intelligent, creative, friendly, and considerate young man. He really enjoys cooking for his family and the creativity involved in the process.
Jacob May 5 Male Jacob is a mischievous and fun-loving little boy who loves superheroes. He has been through a lot, but is adjusting to living with his grandma and is a great big brother.
Jacob T 17 Male Jacob is and 17 year old focused on work but gets into fashion when he has down time.
JacobAshu 2 Male Jacob is a social wit, very active, and jovial. His family wants to build on his verbal skills, and alphabetization skills.
Jacyn 12 Female Jacyn is an intelligent and articulate adolescent. She works hard at school and enjoys cheerleading. Jacyn and her family are close knit and persevering after a fire that claimed all of their belongings. They recently moved to a new location.
Jake C. 16 Male Jake is the oldest and sportiest guy in the family. He is partially deaf and despite this he is quite independent and helpful.
Jake V 14 Male Jake is a talkative kid that loves video games and reading books.
Jamal 7 Male Jamal wants to be a fireman.
James 12 Male James and his older brother recently were removed from an abusive home full of neglect and trauma. They are both doing much better living with their father and step mother. James is an A student who loves dancing and running.
James 15 Male James is a 15 year old boy who loves sports and video games. In addition to red, his favorite colors are also black, blue and yellow.
James 17 Male James is an active big brother who works hard to set an example for her younger siblings
James 9 Male James is an active boy, who loves to read. He also likes to create things while playing with his brother.
Jane 3 Female Jane has been born from a teen, homeless mother in a terrible condition. They have lived in the shelter for two years and her mom made outstanding accomplishments and they were given an apartment. Her mother goes to work, college and takes care of her.
Jani 3 Female Jani is a 3 year old girl who lives with her mom and siblings in Roxbury. Jani loves Mini Mouse, she is very talkative, playful and social.
Jasmin 14 Female Jasmin is a 14 yr. old girl who is very friendly and charming. She loves to listen to music and enjoys drawing and painting. She want to become an architect.
Jasmine 11 Female Jasmine is looking forward to this upcoming Christmas. She enjoys spending time helping her mother with her new baby brother. She enjoys playing with her dolls, washing movies and playing house.
Jasmine 7 Female Jasmine is an active 7 year old female who enjoys school and does academically well. Although she is currently struggling with behavior problems, she strives to control and manage her behaviors at home and at school.
Jason C. 9 Male Jason is the youngest and most social, often looking for a place to fit in. He likes to try new things and go new places, especially if there is fun involved. He likes everyone to get along and have fun together.
Jason G. 17 Male Jason is an intelligent and articulate person. He has a passion for music, particularly Hip Hop, and would like to pursue a career in music production. He is currently navigating his wish for independence while also wanting to support his mom and sister
Jay 16 Male Jay is a laidback and playful young man who's secretly brilliant. He's known to test at a college level and dreams of being a master chief. Jay is a hard worker and sneaker fanatic. On his free time, he enjoys skateboarding and playing video game.
jay 12 Male The youth likes to play video games and needs a new system. He is very open to anything.
Jay- Mir 9 Male Jay is a very active boy who loves baseball, any of his limitation keep him away for what he wants to accomplish. Jay loves school and participating doing outdoors activities even when is cold.
Jayden 11 Male Jayden loves to play with Legos and his brother. He is a smart and funny young boy who also loves to laugh
JayRock L 12 Male This year this kiddo is really growing up. He has learned to make better choices in school and in the community. The is enjoying that he can accomplish this. He is looking forward to coming home to live with mom and the other kids. He LOVES basketball.
Jed 14 Male Jed is a 14 year old male who enjoys fishing, video games and outdoor activities, including basketball.
Jeeps 15 Male Jeeps is an active teen who loves football. He loves anything football and runs drills and plays all day!
Jeff 15 Male Jeff is an athletic kid who spends time playing basketball in his community, writing songs and hanging out with friends in his neighborhood.
Jenna 1 Female Jenna is an active 17 month old child who is beginning to walk. Jenna loves playing dress up with her dad, James and enjoys being read to.
Jerry 12 Male Jerry is a 12 year old boy who enjoys lego kits, soccer and puzzles. He also enjoys reading and board games
Jessica A 14 Female Jessica is an animal lover through and through. She adores her five cats, gerbil, puppy, and numerous other strays that stop by to say hello. She is a shy individual who loves spending time with her 4year old nephew playing Thomas and blowing bubbles.
Jessica B 13 Female Jessica is a thoughtful and kind 12 year old girl. She works hard in school and is mature and polite. Jessica enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She loves reading.
Jessica J. 10 Female Jessica is a wonderful, energetic 10 year-old girl who loves dancing, playing the piano, and riding her scooter. She has transitioned to a new school after moving from her hometown in Indiana and is working hard to achieve in school and make new friends.
Jessie May 6 Female Jessie is an inquisitive, affectionate, and adventurous young lady who loves to spend time with her family in the backyard and pool. She loves anything involving Frozen and tea parties and takes excellent care of her kittens.
Jeyenne 6 Female She's energetic and always trying to make her mom laugh. Started school this year and although is nervous a lot of the time likes to be around other kids.
Jim 12 Male Jim is a 13 year old boy who loves to be active. He enjoys ATV's, scooters, and is a HUGE Patriots fan!
Jim 12 Male Since moving to the area he has experienced bullying from peers which has impacted his feeling of safety at school and concept of self. He has been working hard to find positive influences and connect to things that help him feel confident
Jizzy 15 Male Jizzy is a 15 year old boy who loves to write fiction stories, and poetry. He has made great strides in his treatment and is an active part in his community. He loves to volunteer his time to causes in the community as well.
JJ May 4 Male JJ is a little boy with a sweet smile and a powerful laugh. He has a rare genetic condition which makes some things hard, but gives him special strengths in showing affection and creativity. He loves playing with his brother, his favorite super hero.
jjvr 5 Male Loves to laugh, dance and play.
Joanna 19 Female Joanna loves to dress up despite of being raised in extreme poverty. She usually wears plain black. She is such a wonderful young mother who accomplished so much in her short life, without any support.
Jodane 11 Male Jodane is a oldest of 4 kids in the home. He is very helpful to his mother and caring for his little mother. He is a great student at school and has been getting straight A's
Joey 11 Male Joey is a very quiet young man who loves spending time with his mother.
Joey G 1 Male Joey is still in his mother's belly and waiting to enter the world in February 2016. Joey will be lucky enough to have a protective and smart, excited sister to look after him.
John 16 Male John is a 16 year old boy that enjoys spending time with his sisters. Youth enjoys playing on his mom tablet.
Johnny 9 Male Johnny is a happy and cheerful 9 year old who loves to spend time with his family. Johnny has a lot of health challenges but tries his best to just be a kid and enjoy life.
Johnny 12 Male Johnny is a young boy who enjoys playing video games, sports and having fun with his friends. He's known for being a prankster and always making people laugh!
Jojo 17 Male Jojo is a 17 year old teen that lives with his family in apartment in Roxbury. He enjoys arts and crafts and electronics.
Jojo 18 Male Jojo is a kind and driven young man. He's coped with an incredibly difficult childhood, has flourished in his current foster home, is working towards graduating high school and plans on moving forward to pursue a college education.
Jollie 8 Female Jolie is a 8 year old girl that enjoys arts and craft and playing on her moms tablet.
Jon 8 Female This young man is very loving and loves to read and music most of all the loves sports and video games.
Jonas 17 Male Personable and funny. Has faced difficulties in school with learning and being the target of bullying for years. Tries hard to make the right decisions and stay out of trouble but can be convinced to go against his best intentions by peers.
Jonathan 5 Male Jonathan is a sweet 5yr old boy who loves the teenage mutant ninja turtles. His favorite ninja turtle is Leonardo.
Jonathan J 15 Male Jonathan loves video games and is excited for the new game system he is getting from his family.
Jordan 7 Male Jordan is a caring 6yr old impaired little boy who enjoys pretending to be a superheroes. He loves watching Superman and teenage mutant ninja turtles movies and television shows.
Jordan 13 Male Jordan is a creative boy who likes to draw and listen to music.Jordan works hard in school and likes spending time with his older sister. Jordan is hoping for an iPod for the holidays.
Joseph 13 Male Joseph is a huge Boston sports fan and an even bigger Tom Brady fan! Not only does he love watching sports but he enjoys playing them as well.
Joseph 11 Male Joe is a very funny energetic kid who has a great imagination. He also loves to read and play sports.
Joseph 11 Male Joseph is a very spontaneous young man who loves to skateboard and has recently learned how to rollerblade backwards. Joseph loves to listen to music. Joseph is an all around athlete.
Joseph I. 15 Male Joseph I. is an enthusiastic & gracious freshman. He has transitioned to life in US quickly and loves being here. He is doing well in school. Likes music/dance, sports /baseball and hanging out with friends and family.
Josh 11 Male Josh has been living under abuse and neglect since he was born because of mom's mental issues. He has suffered A LOT. His father recently moved from NYC to MA to get his custody. For the first time in his life, he has a real home and a loving family.
Josh S 13 Male Josh is a young man in his middle teens who enjoys football and movies.
Joshdane 9 Male Joshdane has a twin brother and loves to play with him. He is very intelligent and loving to his siblings and family.
Joshua 13 Male Josh is a very caring and loving young boy. Loves to make everyone smile. He likes to play sports with his friends.
Joshua F 16 Male Joshua loves to lounge around and listen to music.
Josiah D. 4 Male Josiah is a bright, active little boy who loves music and movies. He needs things to help him prepare to go to preschool.
Josymir 16 Female Josymir is a 16 year teen, who is very creative, loves music and acting.
Jrad 13 Male J is a loving and quiet young man, who enjoys being with his family. Spending time playing video games and watching movies. He loves being creative and drawing which he is very talented at.
Juanita 13 Female Juanita is a spirited teenager who loves make up and all things social media who dreams of being a professional makeup artist.
Judane 1 Male Judane is a 18 month old baby boy. He is very loving and caring. He is passionate about music and playing with musical instruments.
Juju.L 12 Female Ju is whimsical and creative. She adores crafts & cats, mythology & music. She is very independent and can keep herself occupied. Mom notices that she knows stuff like an old soul. She is affectionate and shows that she is a very grateful girl.
Jul 16 Male Jul is a 16 yr old boy who enjoys spending time with his family and church friends.
Juliana I. 18 Female Juliana I. is a smart, hard-working teen who helps out her mom with all the many household & family needs. Juliana is a senior, graduating this year. She wants to go to college & become a physician's assistant.
Julie 13 Female Julie is a 13 year old girl that enjoys wild life animals. Wants to be a wild animal vet. Julie is very caring and loving to her brother and sister.
Junior 9 Male Junior loves to collect Pokemon cards and battle with his friends. Junior loves to rollerblade when the weather is right. Junior hopes to be a scientist when he grows up.
Junior C. 0 Male Junior is a new addition to the house and is a happy little baby. The uncles gave him a funny nickname and hopefully he will grow to love it.
Jusedane 9 Male Jusedane is a twin and he enjoys playing with his brother and his siblings. He is loves helping his mother clean up at home, and has really good grades at school.
jvr 12 Male Bright, energetic he love to be active and outside. Learning and curious always asking question.
KaiLynn 3 Male Very happy and active two year old little boy who loves trucks, legos and puzzles.
Kalvin 11 Male Kalvin is working hard on being a good friend and doing well in school. His mostly enjoys playing video games, riding his bike and watching movies.
Kameron 16 Male Kameron is a friendly young male who loves skateboarding and listening to music. Kameron enjoys going to school and spending his free time outdoors, as well as spending time with his mother. Kameron is hoping for a PS3 for the winter holidays
Kareem 5 Male Kareem is a very quiet little boy who enjoys action figures and ninja turtles
Karl 13 Male Karl is a very quiet talented young man who enjoys playing basketball in his spare time. Karl loves to read mystery books to help him sleep.
Karl- mir 5 Male Karl is playful, Funny and loves his new school he loves playng with his toys and spending time outside.
Karli 16 Female Carli is an active young lady. She likes volleyball.
Kate C 12 Female Kate is a fun loving and energetic 12 year old who loves to be outside and loves playing sports and games. Her energy and love for life is contagious.
Kathy 10 Female Kathy loves listening to music and watching the animal channel. Kathy loves cats. Kathy's favorite character is Hello Kitty.
Katy 18 Female Katy is a young girl that enjoys getting as tough is the boys! She plays sports, video games and enjoys listening to music!
Kebe 17 Female Kebe is a fun loving high schoo, student. She loves to spend time with her family, she loves to read, shop and sports.
Keira 9 Female Keira is a nine year old girl with a very vivid imagination. Often, one can find her playing with her dolls, listening to music and playing outdoors.
Keith 14 Male Keith is a funny young man who has a big heart. Keith enjoys engaging with his peers in activities in the neighborhood, and spending quality time with his family. Keith enjoys connecting with others and making people laugh.
Keith K 16 Male Keith is a outgoing kid that loves music and being the center of attention.
Kelly G. 8 Female Kelly is a fun, articulate 8 yr old. She loves to play, act and tell jokes. Kelly is struggling in school & was held back. She is close to mom and concerned with mom's well-being due to recent health concerns.
Ken 2 Male Ken is a cute little boy with special needs. He is under speech, occupational, and psychological therapy. He is so sweet and funny. His family cannot afford his expenses. He loves his mother, father and big sister.
Kendal 2 Female Kendal loves her new older brother. She waits for her to come home everyday to play with her. She has severe food allergies since birth hence she is too tiny.
Kenny 9 Male Kenny is a ball full of excitement and loves playing basketball.
Kerwin 16 Male Kerwin is a very out going young man that loves to take long walks and enjoys reading science fiction books.
Kevin 2 Male he is an energetic and fun loving 2 yr. old boy. He enjoys scooting around the house and interacting with people. He is curious, and enjoys exploring his environment. He prefers bright colored toys and uses these to explore his playing environment.
Kevin 16 Male Kevin is a 16 year old male that is currently in high school and is actively working within his community. Kevin is a positive male role model to his younger sister and often provides financial assistance to the home.
Kevin 16 Male Kevin is a very bright young man who has excelled in his school work and some of his goals. Kevin enjoys listening to music and writing his own raps.
Kevin 10 Male Kevin is a fun loving active, young boy who is very interested in sports, like football and basketball. Kevin is excelling in school and loves to stay busy while at home.
key key 14 Female key key is a 14 year old girl who loves to dress cute and smell nice. She would like a gift card to H & M and nice smelling sprays and lotions. She would also love a cheap tablet.
Khloe 8 Female Khloe loves to draw, color, and work on art projects. She also likes playing with Barbie Dolls and has very active imagination.
Kikidane 3 Male Kikidane is a 3 year old little boy. He is very affectionate and is passionate about music.
Kristoph 15 Male Kristoph is a very smart and timid boy. He loves electronics and is very interested in school and becoming an engineer.
Kurt 8 Male Kurt is an autistic 8 yr. old boy that enjoys playing with superheroes, cars, watching movies, and building robots out of Legos.
kvee 12 Female energetic, helpful and support. K love being with friends and her family.
Kyla 3 Female Kyla, loves her new brother who just joined the family. She greets her with joy and laughter whenever he comes home from school. Kyla and her little sister are a big help to their older brother's PTSD treatment.
Kyle B 11 Male Kyle is an artistic and unique 11 year old boy who loves being outside and exploring nature. Kyle enjoys spending time with his father, sister, and grandmother. Kyle loves laughing and playing video games.
Kylie 10 Female Kylie is a young girl whose imagination runs wild. When she's not making jewelry, she spends her free time listening to music and creating wonderful crafts!
Lamar G 14 Male Lamar is a patient and loving older brother, who doesn't get a lot of time to himself. He loves sports and video games and is excited and nervous about starting high school next year.
Langdon G 16 Male Langdon is a teenage boy, who has looked out for his younger sister and himself when family members werent able to do so. He working towards living permanently with his family and managing his frustrations.
Lani 10 Female Hopes that Santa is well rested after last year and is looking forward to his visit this year. Lani enjoys dancing, playing Barbie dolls, and watching movies.
Larry 18 Male Larry is a wonderful young man. refugees, escaped their country because of safety concerns and tyranny. Father couldn't make it and he was struggling with depression for a long time. He got into college this fall but might drop out due to poverty.
Larry B 14 Male Larry is a laid back kid that loves to be outside and skateboard.
Lauren 0 Female Lauren is the newest addition to this family. Lauren is a high risk baby, and her birth is highly anticipated by her older siblings and her mother.
Layla 4 Female Layla loves to play with her friends. She loves to be a princess. She loves books with pretty pictures and stickers.
Leah 12 Female Leah is a loving girl. She likes spending time with her family, and helping out whenever she can.
Lee- Mir 14 Female Lee is a creative spontaneous you girl who wants to make a difference in this world. she want to join the army when she graduate from school. she truly believe in equality and social justice.
Lena 15 Female Lena is a wonderful teenager who escaped with family to make a better life by seeking asylum. Father couldn't make it. They were rich back home and its very painful for her. An A student at school with big plans for her future.
LenDog L 16 Male No one loves a hobby more than he loves to fish. Any season any type. This is a loving kid who means well but has a challenge with focus. He loves his mother. He is very very independent.
Lenora G. 10 Female Lenora is a energetic humorous young girl who enjoys dancing listening to music particularily hip-hop Lenora enjoys being creative with school projects and attends a girls in charge advocacy group Lenora enjoys spending time with her siblings
Leo G. 3 Male Leo is a very bright and happy little boy who loves singing and music, he is struggling with developing language and could benefit from learning toys and activities that will help him communicate better.
Lewis G. 9 Male Lewis is very protective of his little brothers and mom describes him as the most sensitive of the boys. He is always thinking of others and works hard in school. He also loves sports and is dedicated to practicing football and being a part of a team.
Liam 8 Male Liam is a sweet soft spoken 8yr old who is friendly. He was recently placed in foster care and this will be his very first Christmas away from his family of origin. He is looking forward to all the joys that comes with the holidays.
Liam 20 Male Liam is a young dad who is working hard to be a good influence for his infant son.
Lilly 21 Female Lilly is a bright, funny young woman who loves the Patriots and being around her family
Linda C 12 Female Linda is a smart and artistic young lady. She loves playing with her siblings and expressing herself through art and pretending to be a hair dresser.
Lindane 4 Female Lindane is a 4 year old little girl that was recently adopted. She is a very sweet little girl that loves her new family and has been adjusting to the new placement very well.
Lionel G. 5 Male Lionel is a very energetic five year old who is affectionate and loving.He loves to laugh and be silly and enjoys his kindergarten class. He is a very busy little boy and would benefit from activities that keep him engaged.
Logan 6 Male Logan is an active 6yr old boy who just like his younger brother love the mutant teenage ninja turtles. His favorite ninja turtle is Michelangelo.
Logan 19 Male Logan is a bright young man who has severe medical complications, which limit his mobility. He loves being around his family including his baby nephew and younger brother
Logan 7 Male Logan loves to read, he also loves to play sports with his friends outside, and to help out with his family.
Lona 4 Female Lona went through horrendous traumas in her short life. She is very smart and articulate and loves fancy stuff Frozen and Princess themes. She loves her mother to get a better job, they move out of Grampa's so that she has her own bedroom.
Loras 8 Male An energetic boy that values kindness and honesty. After some struggles over the past year he has started to experience success at home and school. He is always looking for ways to keep active by helping out around the house.
Loyality G. 2 Female Loyalty is a very outgoing and affectionate two year old who loves to sing, dance, and play with her big sister.
Lucas 16 Male Lucas is a bright young men that has a lot of promises. He loves basketball and is getting involved in the community through his love for the sport.
Lucas G. 12 Male Lucas is very thoughtful and is dealing with emotional difficulties right now. He is dealing with the change from being home schooled to re-entering school system. Lucas loves swimming and science experiments.
Lucas-Bri 5 Male Lucas is an adventurous 5 year old boy who enjoys getting dirty and being active. He can be found on a baseball field or at the park enjoying the outdoors. Lucas is a very energetic,loving, and caring son.
Lucy D. 15 Female Lucy has been working on improving her grades and getting along with mom. She is very outgoing and loves everything Boston.
Lucy- Mir 7 Female Lucy is a very special little girl that enjoys watching her favorite cartoon shows and playing with her favorite toys and her swing.
Luke 18 Male Luke is a bright young man who is trying to make good choices and work hard.
Luthor 9 Male A boy that values relaxation and calmness. He has came a long way in being able to express his preferences in needs in a way that others are able to hear him. He has been focusing on improving his school performance after years of difficulty.
Lyanna 18 Female After experiencing challenges to make it through high school she is now focused on starting a career. She is working and in school while helping her mom around the house with her younger siblings.
Lysa 17 Female Is trying hard to finish high school amid family changes and own health problems. Does her best to stay away from problems in the community and keep on a path to set up a better future.
Maddie 12 Female Maddie is an energetic 12 year old who enjoys playing with friends and learning how to do hair. She also enjoys Monster High Dolls
Madison 4 Female Madison loves to put things together, she also loves playing with her dolls and sister.
Mahrisamaldo 12 Female Mahrisamaldo is a very bright girl who is in special needs class, she loves school and love her family very much. She loves church and she enjoys singing and dancing.
Mairelynmaldo 15 Female Mairelynmaldo is a very smart young girl . She suffers some developmental delays but this is not stopping her to work hard at school and to get prepare to become a chef in the future. She loves making cakes.
Maishamaldo 11 Female Smart girl who loves school, and enjoy helping her mother cook . She want to be a chef and want to go to a culinary school when she finish high school.
Malcom 4 Male Malcolm is an active and curious little boy! He loves playing with his older brother and cousins. He has been doing a great job in school sitting still to learn and participate! Malcolm loves to play football and continues to work on using his words!
Malexmaldo 15 Female Malexmaldo is a young girl who loves fashion and loves to help her mother with her siblings. She loves to be out with her friends and enjoy spending time helping others.
Malishamaldo 15 Female Malishamaldo is a very sweet young girl that is always helping her parents around with the youngest members of the family. she loves school and want o be a doctor in the future.
Mallory E 18 Female Mallory is resilient, a nurturer and caretaker for her siblings, a motivated student, and musically talented. She is excelling in AP and Honors classes as a senior, and will be 1st generation college student. She has overcome tremendous trauma and loss.
Manaiyamaldo 11 Female Manaiyamaldo is a very smart girl who loves movies and arts and crafts activities. She is in special education and is doing well at school at this moment.
Mangeling 8 Male Mangelito is an energetic and playful boy. He has recently adjusted to many changes in his life and trying to do his best. He is excited about school. He an enjoys playing basketball, football, and soccer.
Mani F 6 Male Mani is very friendly little boy. He enjoy superheros and hopes to become one when grows up.
Manny 8 Male Manny is an active and energetic kid! He works hard at school to focus and learn! He loves playing with his little brother and cousins, and especially loves playing sports! Manny is close to his mother and is a good role model for his little brother.
Manny I. 13 Male Manny I. is the youngest. He has struggled most w adjustment to the US. Despite this he is a funny, social and well-liked boy. He enjoys soccer, bike riding, and video games. He loves Boston & is optimistic about his future here.
Manny T 16 Male Manny is an active kid that loves to walk everywhere. When hes in one place he loves to listen to music.
Manueling 14 Male He is a young adolescent whom likes to spend his time at home with his family. He love sport but due to unsafe neighborhood Manuel spend his time in the house.
manymaldo 11 Male Manymaldo is a very smart boy who loves sports and also video game. he is doing well at school and Is learning how to deal with some challenges in his life.
Marc 5 Male Marc is a playful and energetic little boy! He loves cars, trucks, legos, and games! He works hard to overcome his learning, developmental, and behavioral challenges. Marc tries his best to be a good friend and helper at school and at home!
Marcus 17 Male Marcus is a very talented young man who enjoys playing any kind of sports. Marcus is very eager to graduate and attend college out of state.
Margaret 14 Female Margaret is a 14 year old girl who loves Pokemom (Pikachu), hats and poems.
Marie D 17 Female Marie likes music and social media.
Marietta- Mir 18 Female Marietta is a bright student that helps her mother taking care of their home. she works and go to school. she is going to nursing school next year.
Marimaldo 11 Female Marimaldo is an 11 year old girl who loves video games and loves her family. She was away from her family for almost a year and now is back home and love to be with her family.
Mario 12 Male Mario is a 12 year old boy who enjoys video games and playing basketball. Mario is planning on trying out for his schools basketball team and has dreams of playing in the NBA.
MarioKLJ 9 Male Mario is an energetic, caring, and funny male. He currently has challenges with social cues and delays. Despite these adversities, Mario enjoys playing outside, remodeling for his siblings, and helping his parents.
Maritza A 3 Female Maritza is very intelligent and artistic who enjoys drawing and creating art projects. She loves fashion and playing dress up with her mother, creating numerous stylistic designs with items found in her closet.
Mark D 18 Male Mark likes to write poems and play video games.
MarkKLJ 22 Male Mark is an ambitious and nurturing young man. Mark support his mother and stepfather with the children. Mark is working at a local restaurant and does a lot around the house.
MaRoseing 4 Female MaRose is a beautiful littler girl with a positive spirit despite losing all her clothes and personal items.
Marsha 10 Female Marsha is a bright girl who lives with her family in a shelter. She has three younger siblings and an older sister and is often helping mom keep order in the home. Marsha just earned honor roll for the first this this quarter and loves animals.
Marsha 14 Female Marsha is the oldest daughter in this family. She is a hard working student who gets excellent grades and loves to draw and to sing.
Martha 12 Female Martha is a very outgoing young lady who enjoys singing and dancing.
Martin 12 Male Martin loves to go on long nature walks and enjoys the outdoors. Martin loves to play video games and listen to music.
Martin C. 16 Male Martin is a funny and kind young man who just started his first job. Martin is working hard to transition back into a mainstream school and enjoys helping his mom run errands and babysitting and teaching his nieces and nephews how to play video games.
Maryanimaldo 12 Female Maryanimaldo is a sweet little girl who is dealing with anxiety and learning disabilities , she loves to play with hers friend and help her grandmother around the house.
MaryKLJ 18 Female Mary is a 18 year old young women that aspires to go to college. She is working at the local restaurant to enjoy her seniors trips. Mary enjoys mentoring her younger sister. She loves helping out in the house.
Mason 8 Male Mason likes to dance and play sports. He also likes to write and loves math.
Matt 13 Male Matt is a shy 13 year old who enjoys video games and spending time with family. Matt has suffered many changes over his life that have significantly impacted him
Mauri ING 17 Male Mauri is an energetic and playful teenager. He has recently adjusted to many changes in his life. Despite all the violence in the community he continued to stay in school.
Maurice 16 Male Maurice is a very quirky kid who loves to pull practical jokes on peers and staff and has a heart of gold. He is very kind, compassionate and sincere. He is a loyal friend who will take the shirt off his back for a friend in need.
Maurisamaldo 16 Female Maurisamaldo is a very special young lady who love her family and is always willing to help. She have so many loses in her life and is always afraid of what the future will bring for her. She loves cooking and exercising.
May B. 9 Female May is a bright and talkative kid who loves art and being cute with her little brother. She'd be ecstatic to go to art school to hone her skills yet she searches for other fun activities like gymnastics.
Maya 3 Female Maya is an active and energetic little girl who loves her older and younger sisters dearly, and is very excited for her mom to have a new baby soon! She loves playing at school and being a helper in the classroom. Maya is fun, curious, and outgoing!
Meladane 14 Female Meladane is a 14 year old, the oldest of 5 brother and sisters. She recently moved to the united states and is still adjusting and connecting to the new environment. She is passionate about learning the language and making friends.
Menissamaldo 5 Female Menissamaldo is a very happy little girls who loves her family and is enjoying any time with them. She loves to play with her friends and loves school.
Merengeing 16 Male He is a very smart young man who loves basketball and enjoy helping his mother with his youngest siblings. He loves family movie nights
Mia 6 Female Mia is a caring little girl, she loves being a leader to her younger sister and playing dolls together.
Miau ING 10 Female Miu is an energetic and playful girl. She has recently adjusted to many changes in her life and trying to do her best.
Michael 9 Male Michael does a great job at school and helping his sisters anyway he can. Michael loves music and anything to do with football.
Michael 16 Male Michael is a young man who enjoys listening to music and creating music of his own. He aspires to study music and become a recording artist.
Michael 11 Male Michael loves playing sports as long as he is outside.
Michael H. 13 Male Michael is a sensitive & articulate 13 yr old. He loves video games, Legos, and watching New England sports esp. football & basketball. Despite his struggles w PSTD, anxiety and depression, he is committed to making his mom proud.
Michael T 13 Male Michael is an active kid that loves playing basketball and loves comic books.
Michelle 9 Female Michelle is a little girl who always has a smile on her face and loves playing pretend with her stuffed animals.
Michelle G. 2 Female A bubbly two year old who loves playing with her big brother. Michelle loves to play with her toys and play outside.
Miguemaldo 14 Male Miguemaldo is a very smart young boy ,who loves his family and enjoy been outside playing with his friends. He loves sports and school.
Mike 17 Male Mike is a 17 year old male who enjoys basketball and dirt bike riding. he also enjoys video games and clothes.
Mike D 11 Male Mike is very active youth and he loves sports.
Mike G. 6 Male A very energetic and warm 5-year old who loves to spend time with his parents and younger sister. Mike loves to play videogames, swim in his back yard swimming pool, and play with his games/toys.
MikeBaby IG 0 Male Baby Mike is very cute.
Mikey 18 Male Mikey is a young man who loves fashion! He is interested in going to college to learn about fashion design and merchandising.
Mikey-Bri 8 Male Mikey is an 8 year old boy who loves school and does well in math an science. His computer gaming skills a quite impressive too! Mikey enjoys playing with his siblings and being with his family.
Mikki C. 9 Female Mikki is a bright kid who has shown to be a leader within her peers. She loves competition and the arts.
Miley 17 Female Miley is a fashionista in training! She enjoys styling her friends, doing their make up and putting on fashion shows with her friends.
Misaiahmaldo 16 Male He is a very smart young man who loves basketball and enjoy helping his mother with his youngest siblings. He loves family movie nights .
ModevonMaldo 11 Male Modevonmaldo is a very smart young boy who loves video games and also enjoy been with his family after a long time of separation.
MorrisKLJ 3 Male Morris is a friendly, playful, and energetic male.Morris struggles with limit setting at times. Morris enjoys playing basketball with this siblings and pretending to be Spiderman. Morris is affectionate towards his family members and is a happy child.
Morton V 16 Male Morton is an energetic kid that loves to be outside and listen to music.
Mrad 5 Male The youngest of 4, M is an energetic, curious. His loves being outdoors exploring. Indoors he loves to build things and play with cars and trucks
Mristinamaldo 10 Female Mristinamaldo is a very special girl who needs to be close to her mother most of the time because of attachments issues. She loves to color and loves to go out with her brothers and sisters.
Mrosita ing 8 Female Mrosita is an energetic and playful girl. She has recently adjusted to many changes in her. Despite moving 3 times this year; she been positive and working hard.
MSagraing 18 Female She is an energetic and playful girl. She has recently adjusted to many changes in her life.
Naia 16 Female Naia is the oldest daughter in this group of four kids and is a huge support to her mother and her siblings. Naia sacrifices free time to work and add additional support for the family, she loves sharing everything she has with her mom and siblings.
Naida 5 Female Naida and her twin sister are the best of friends. She loves the outdoors and animals.
Naomi 7 Female Naomi loves music and dancing. She enjoys putting on shows for her siblings and family.
Naomi 12 Female Naomi is the second oldest kiddo in the family and working to manage a new school environment, a new living space, and a very changed family dynamic. Naomi loves sharing time with her older sister and doing fun things with her younger brother and mother.
Naqya 5 Female Naqya loves playing and being silly with her twin sister. She loves building and playing house.
Nash 6 Male Nash is a very bright and friendly 6 year old who was recently diagnosed with Austism. He loves super heroes and playing with his little brother.
Natalie 9 Female Natalie is a bright little girl, who loves to smile. She has gone through some rough things in her life, but she always has a smile.
Natasha 13 Female Natasha is an outgoing and bubbly teenager. She is very creative and loves drawing and painting.
Nate 15 Male Nate is a great role model to his 7 year old brother. He loves to play sports, especially football and basketball.
Nate G 13 Male Nate is an active teenager that in his down time loves to watch movies.
Nathan 16 Male Nathan loves playing sports, he really enjoys playing football, and is dedicated to making a change in his neighborhood!
Nathaniel A 15 Male Nathaniel is a bright young man who loves to write and create music, seeking out the sounds of everyday objects to turn into beautiful, soulful songs. He struggles to relate to his peers, often resulting in isolation; but uses music to reach others.
nathanmaldo 10 Male Nathanmaldo is a very active boy who love playing outside and enjoy being with his family, he loves movies and video games.
Nene 14 Female Nene is a funny, free spirited, intelligent young woman who loves music, drawing and spending time with her family.
Nery 7 Male Nery is an active and energetic seven year old brother to Naia and Naomi, he loves running around with his sisters and going to the park to play sports with his mom. Nery loves everything comic books, form Captain America to Spider Man to Batman.
Nevin 5 Male Nevin is a sweet and bubbly boy who loves giving people hugs. He enjoys playing house, playing with playdoh, and board games with his brother.
NiaKLJ 6 Female Nia is a nine year old female who enjoys singing and dancing. She faces cognitive delays. Despite her delays, she enjoys coloring, being read to and reading, and painting her nails. Nia loves playing outside and helping her mother cook.
Nicco 0 Male Nicco is the newest addition to the family. He's active and energetic, loves to explore and spend time with his siblings, he love playing with moveable games and is getting ready to move to his own little bed.
Nicholas 1 Male Nicholas is an active 1 year old little boy, who just started walking. He enjoys cuddling with his foster mother, and playing with his stuff animals.
Nick 16 Male Nick is a 15 year old boy who enjoys video games and comic books.
Nick K 15 Male Nick is a talkative kid that like fashion and the latest trends in technology.
Nicole 12 Female Nicole is a very bright but shy young lady. Nicole loves to paint and color. Nicole wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
Niko 7 Male Niko is a very active boy with an infectious laugh! He loves spending time with his older brother and playing outside.
Nila 6 Female Nila is a very sweet, shy girl. She loves to be a helper and take care of her little brother. She loves Barbie and Frozen.
Nina 6 Female Nina is very outgoing and friendly. She loves the outdoors and playing pretend with her twin sister and little brother.
Noah 10 Male Noah is a kind, bright, young boy who enjoys video games, board games, and playing outside with friends.
Noelle 17 Female Noelle is a 16 yr. old girl who despite a difficult childhood finds her passion in art. She enjoys sketching, painting, and sculpting in her free time. Noelle would like to teach art to young kids with autism and special needs when she grows up.
Nolan 17 Male Nolan is an ambitious young male who enjoys computer games and listening to music. Nolan hopes to go to school when he is older and enjoys getting good grades. Nolan is hoping for a laptop for the holidays.
NorrisKLJ 18 Male Norris is a nurturing young male. Norris plays with his younger siblings and supports in the family with the children. Norris is in his last year of high school and hopes to continue in higher education.
Oasis 12 Male Oasis likes cartoons and especially Barnie.
Ody C 11 Female She is very creative and loves to express herself through arts and crafts. She is a hands on kid who enjoys basketball and building Lego sets. She is hoping to continue practicing photography with a new camera.
OGeanna IG 14 Female Ogeanna is a bright young girl who lives with her mother in a shelter. She is often helping mom keep order in the home. Ogeanna is struggling with anxiety aster losing her personal things. Ogeanna is working hard and stay positive.
Oleans IG 13 Female Oleans is currently in the 9th grade, and enjoys playing football. Oleans is also hard-working and recently got a job over the summer doing landscaping for a family friend.
Olwin 16 Male Olwin is a very shy but energetic young man who enjoys playing basketball and video games. Olwin is very into fitness and loves going to the gym.
Oma 12 Male Oma is a very hyper 12 year old boy that love to share with his siblins.Oma and his brother love to play video games
Orldane 12 Male Orldane is a very bright 12 year old boy. he loves baseball (Red sox) and before coming to the united states used to be part of a baseball team. He is very athletic and loves to teach his siblings how to play.
Osbaldo 15 Male Osbaldo is the oldest son in this group of four kids and is a huge support to his mother and his siblings. He sacrifices free time to work and add additional support for the family.
Osbesitaing 5 Female Very good girl; loves her family and school. She wants to be a teacher.
Ositoing 12 Female She is a young adolescent whom likes to spend her time at home with her family
Owen 10 Male Owen is a very caring boy, he set up a fund to raise money for another country. He also helps out classmates at school.
Pamdane 3 Female Pamdane is a very sweet and loving 3 years old little girl. She loves to help around the house, and be in the kitchen to watch mom cook. She is passionate around food and will love to be a chef when she grows up.
paris 16 Female Paris a smart young lady. She loves school.
Paula E 16 Female Paula is also a caretaker and support for her siblings. She helps with daily household needs while balancing being a student and taking steps to start a career as a hair stylist and artist. Paula is kind and considerate, and has a great sense of humor.
Pedro 14 Male Pedro is an athletic young boy who loves spending his time playing sports such as basketball, football and baseball. When he's not playing games on the field, he spends his time playing video games and hanging out with his friends.
Pena 15 Female Pena is a very smart young lady who enjoys school. Pena is always happy and has a very loving heart despite the drastic changes that have happen in her life. Pena loves to write poetry and create her own pictures on the computer.
Perez 2 Male Perez is a very outgoing happy young boy who loves spending time with his Mom and older sister. Despite all the changes and struggles in his life, Perez is always happy and seeking hugs from others.
Peter 17 Male Peter is a movie lover who aspires to be the next Quenitin Tarantino. When he is not working on his movie script, he spends his time listening to music, spending time with his friends and watching Netflix.
Phayzon Car 6 Male Phayzon is a rough and tumble boy who is happiest when outdoors running, climbing and exploring far off kingdoms. he has recently started a new school where he is working hard to be attentive to work and develop new friends who will join his explorations!
philip 6 Male Phillip is a fun, energetic young person who loves playing sports, listening to music and being with his family.
Pinidaing 5 Female Pinidaing is an energetic and playful littler girl. She has recently adjusted to many changes in her life; having challenges in communication her needs but doing her best in letting her mother know when she is hungry.
Preciosa ING 10 Female Preciosa is a bright girl who lives with her family in a shelter. She has three younger siblings and an older brother and is often helping mom keep order in the home. Preciosa just earned honor roll for the first this this quarter and loves animals.
Pri 14 Female This young lany is very loving and loves to help her grandmother Pri also music and electrinics.
Princess 15 Female Princess is a young woman who enjoys the culinary arts. She aspires to one day own her own restaurant in the Boston area.
Quintel 11 Male Quintel would like to thank Santa for last years gifts. He enjoys playing on computers and playing video games. He is looking forward to this Christmas.
Quinton 9 Male Enjoys playing with his PSP, riding bikes, and his scooter.
Rachel 12 Female Rachel is an emerging artist. She loves all things that have to do with arts and crafts. Rachel is creative and works hard to do her best at school and be a good friend to others.
Rachel H. 14 Female Rachel is a hard working and thoughtful 14 year old girl. She enjoys spending time with friends and is extremely helpful with her younger sister. Rachel has a great sense of humor and is open with others about things that are challenging in her life.
Rahem 8 Male Rahem is an active, caring, 8 year old boy who loves to play sports. Rahem loves, soccer, baseball, and basketball. Rahem works hard to be successful at school.
Raine 16 Female Raine is an energetic young lady who describes herself as a tomboy. She plays football, baseket ball and is always a A student in school.
Rashaad 15 Male Rashaad is a young man who enjoys entertaining and making sure that you have a smile on your face. Rashaad is very excited about turning 16 before Christmas
Ray 7 Male Ray is a very sweet, thoughtful, and quiet 7 year old boy who loves basketball. Ray loves to cheer on the Boston Celtics. He works on his game at home, school, and afterschool.
Rebecca 9 Female Rebecca loves to be the big sister. She is very helpful to her mother and does well to get good grades in school.
Rex 5 Male Rex is a very sweet, loving, curious little boy. He loves dinosaurs, cars, and going to school. Rex could use a new winter coat and boots for the holiday's this year.
Ricky 8 Male Ricky is a very active and fun boy. He enjoys board games and reading. He also does the morning announcements at school.
Riley 8 Female Riley is an 8 year old girl who loves Rapunzel and animals. Her favorite color is pink.
Rob 14 Male Rob is a 14 year old boy who enjoys video games, board games, Magic and reading.
Robert 10 Male Robert is a young man who like to build forts in the woods. Robert loves riding through the park on the scooter.
Robert 10 Male Robert is a loving older brother who struggles to control his emotions and loves Minecraft, Avengers, and Star Wars
Robert 19 Male Robert is a non-verbal wheelchair bond 19yr. old. He enjoys using his Tobi to play games and communicate. His loves watching sponge bob after a long day at school.
Robert K. 18 Male Robert is an 18 year old who loves sports, listening to music and playing football. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends in the community. He is a big guy with an even bigger heart!
Rocco 7 Male Rocco is a very sweet quiet 7 year old boy. He loves writing and the celtics. Rocco is working hard in school and really enjoys playing sports in the community.
Rodane 8 Male Rodane is a very sweet boy that was recently diagnoses with autism and is passionate about sports specially football. He wants to be a football player when he grows up.
Rodney 7 Male Rodney is a very sweet, funny, and active 7 year old boy. He is doing great in school and really loves to learn. Rodney has some major sensory issues and would love supplies to help support him with sensory intake.
Roger 18 Male Roger is an organized young male who enjoys reading and attending school. Roger wants to continue schooling in the future, and has participated as president in a student government. Roger is hoping for a laptop for the holidays
Roger 18 Male Roger is a very bright and intelligent young man who has learned a lot of skills and has big dreams to attend college out of state after graduation. Roger spends a lot of his time listening to music and writing music.
Roman 1 Male Roman is a curious little boy who is very smart and active.
Ron 6 Male Ron is a very smart and funny little guy. Ron has some sensory challenges that make certain activities and pieces of clothing difficult for him. Ron is working hard to overcome these issues everyday.
Roscoe 10 Male Roscoe is a great big and little brother. He is a sweet, charismatic young person who care a lot about his family.
Rosedane 12 Female Rosedane is a great, loving little girl she is loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She is a A's student at school .
Ryan 13 Male Ryan is an outgoing, friendly young man who enjoys playing basketball and video games.
Rylee D. 2 Female Rylee loves Elmo and Sesame Street. She loves to make her family laugh.
Sally-Ann 17 Female Sally-Ann is a caring older sister and high school student. She like being with her friends at the mall.
Sam 14 Male This young man is a great big brother he loves to play video games and love music dancing.
Samantha 6 Female Samantha is a sweet and energetic little girl with a big heart and plenty of enthusiasm! She loves playing, doing art, and learning new things. She would love some special toys for the holidays!
Samara 8 Female Samara is a bright 8 year old who loves DISNEY PRINCESS and would love to get a Samgung Galaxy Tablet or a Kindle Fire HD.
Samuel 10 Male Samuel is an active boy who loves to spend time with his cousins and family. He loves to run and play sports outside.
Sandra 17 Female She is a bright and quiet 16 yrs. old. She enjoys track and field, reading, and spending time at the library. Sandra looks forward to applying to college and going into the field of social work in the hopes of being able to help others.
Sara 5 Female Sara is a sweet, active, and imaginative little girl. She loves playing with toys, doing arts and crafts, and being with her mom and brothers. It would really make her day to have some new toys for the holidays!
Sarah 3 Female Sarah is a sweet loving 3yr old girl. She enjoys going for walks, dancing and playing on her foster mother's tablet, and taking care of her dolls.
Sarah 14 Female Sarah is a sweet, smart, and generous fourteen year old who puts a lot of time and energy into helping her mom take care of her three younger siblings. She would love to have some new things for the holidays!
Sasha 1 Female Sasha is an adorable baby who would love some new toys and clothes for the holidays! She is the sweetest little one, with a wonderful smile.
Scarlet G 2 Female Scarlet is a precocious, curious, and adventurous young girl that loves her brothers and tries to keep up with them in games and play!
Scarlett 16 Female Scarlett loves clothing, shoes and accessories. She hopes to one day be a celebrity stylist and work around the world.
Scott 14 Male Scott is a 14 year old boy who loves shoes, video games and magic cards. He is also very interested in all super heroes.
Sean A 4 Male Sean is a precocious, engaging little man who loves to spend time with his mother, nana, and auntie playing Thomas and other imagination games. He loves interacting with friends, being outside, and asking questions!
Sebastian 10 Male Sebastian is a smart, energetic, ten year old who loves playing and being with his family. He is a great kid and would really love some new things for the holidays!
SeLynn 8 Female SeLynn is a very caring and helpful big sister and enjoys helping mom around the house.
Sen 16 Female This child is quiet and content. She wishes for a bike to bike around with her cousins.
Shannon 4 Female Shannon is a 4 year old girl with special needs. Shannon loves to sing and dance to Frozen and to help her mom in the kitchen.
Shawn 12 Male Shawn loves to take long rides on bikes and loves to dress up. Shawn loves all cars and models.
Shawn 8 Male Shawn is an active young boy who enjoys playing sports and spending time in the outdoors.
Shayna 13 Female Shayna is an energetic young girl who enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is a very kind and generous girl who finds joy in helping others.
Sidney 13 Male Sidney is a very athletic young man who adores football. Sidney's favorite team is the Dallas cowboys
Simon 7 Male Simon is a very intellegent young boy, he is the second oldest of 5 children and he loves to be around his family especially his siblings. He enjoys playing video games and loves the Pokemon series including cards and toys.
Spike G. 16 Female Spike G is a very bright, driven and self-motivated young girl. She enjoys playing field hockey and strives for academic excellence. Additionally, she hopeful in attending college to pursue a career in psychology.
Srad 11 Female S love to be creative and enjoys being a girl. Dressing up, playing with dolls. She loves pinks and purples.
Star- Mir 10 Female Star is a smart bright girl who loves music. she attend the Conservatory lab charter school in Boston. she loves to play with her instruments. She wants to go to Berkley college and develop a career as a musician and art teacher.
STE 14 Male This is a 14 yr old boy who loves playing video games with his siblings. He is in his freshman year of high school and wants to be a cardiologist when he grows up.
STE-JOB 16 Male STE is a thriving youth who is excelling academically in his new school placement. He loves basketball, exercising and playing video games.
Steven 8 Male Steven is an active, happy 8 year old with Autism
Steven 6 Male Steven is an absolutely delightful little boy--cheerful, energetic, and interactive. He is so much fun to be around, and loves school and hanging out with his siblings. He would love some new things for the holidays!
Suzie Ashu 4 Female Suzie is very smart and shy. Her family wants to support her in building on her social skills.
Suzy 5 Female Suzy like dolls and princesses.
Tam 14 Male Tam is at home by himself and he likes to bike around his neighborhood and parks. His bike is small and broken. Please bless this boy with a bike in any color.
Tanner 3 Male Tanner just turned 3. He has an older brother and a new baby sister. Tanner is learning how to be a gentle big brother!
Tatiana A 18 Female Tatiana is an expecting mother who worked hard to achieve her GED before her son's birth. Independence is important to her! Although she relies on her family for emotional support, she ensured that she located a job to allow for financial independence.
Thanh 12 Male Thanh studies very well and he wish to have a bike to bike around in the neighborhood after school.
Thea 5 Female Thea loves princesses, dress-up and Frozen.
Timothy 11 Male Timothy is a very bright and talkative young man who enjoys playing with his poke-mon trading cards.
Tito 11 Male Tito is a twin so he is very good at sharing his things! Tito would like a Minecraft game or a trampoline for Christmas this year.
Titus 5 Male Titus is transitioning to a new home with his father. He is looking forward to having his own room and hopefully a play room with some toys, too!
Tommy 11 Male Tommy is in a gifted and talented program at his school and is an amazing big brother!
Toni 10 Female Toni is a young girl who loves math and hopes to one day have her own candy factory.
Tony- Mir 10 Male Tony is a smart boy who attends Boston school. He love History and math. on his free time Tony loves playing video games, riding his bicycle and playing baseball when the weather allows him.
Travis 16 Male Travis is a very outdoors kind of guy his favorite season is Fall. Travis likes to draw and play video games on the weekend with his nephew.
Trevor 17 Male Trevor is a 17 year old male who enjoys teen novels, card games and board games. He also enjoys video games.
Trixie 2 Female Trixie loves playing with baby dolls. She was recently moved to a homeless shelter with her mother.
Tucker 11 Male Tucker has Cerebral Palsy, but this does not stop him from doing many physical activities. He is currently on a soccer team at his school!
Tyler 16 Male Tyler is a creative young male who enjoys listening to music, writing his own lyrics, and playing basketball. Todd works hard to get good grades and loves to spend time with his younger sisters. Todd is hoping for a tablet for the holidays
Ulmer 13 Male Ulmer's mom shared that she is very proud of how Ulmer is maturing and taking school and his grades more seriously after having a hard time in school last year.
Ulysses 6 Male Ulysses is a playful, friendly child who his good with his hands and loves to be silly.
Urbana 7 Female Urbaba is a smart and kind little girl who loves art projects and pretend play. She is working very hard in school and loves her extended family, especially her cousins.
Victoria 10 Female Vicky loves to tell jokes and makes people laugh. she also loves the snow, but needs to get prepared for the season.
Violet 9 Female Violet likes to color, do art stuff, and she also likes to read chapter books and play soccer. She does very well in school and plays nicely with her friends.
Vivian B 14 Female Vivian is a supportive older sister to her younger brother and sister. She is smart, resilient, and gets along well with other people.
Waldo C 18 Male Waldo is an energetic 18 year old that loves music and is happy for the winter months to be approaching because of the snow.
Wanda 5 Female Wanda is a fun and engaging child who has experienced significant stress in her short life. This stress has caused Wanda to have trouble controlling her behaviors. Wanda has recently been working so hard to be a good girl. Wanda loves any toy!
William 17 Male William is a smart young male who loves playing basketball and listening to music. William enjoys school and works very hard to get good grades. He is hoping for a pair of Beats headphones for the holidays in order to listen to music in his free time.
William I. 16 Male Bill I. is a quiet, dedicated student. Despite all the family's challenges this year, he loves the US and hopes to join the Air Force when he graduates. He likes music, TV and socializing with family and friends.
Winnie 2 Female Winnie is a caring child with an infectious smile. Despite her young age, Winnie has experienced tremendous stress. Despite this stress, Winnie finds tremendous joy in singing and dancing as well as taking care of her baby dolls.
Wyatt 12 Male Wyatt is a very hard working boy that enjoys helping others. He is a very loving and caring boy, and is very helpful at school.
Xander 17 Male Xander is an intelligent male who loves electronics and video games. Xander enjoys figuring out computer programs and wants to takes classes in computer coding. Xander is hoping for a new gaming system this holiday.
Xavier 5 Male Xavier loves watching the Ninja Turtles and Paw Patrol every Saturday whenever he gets a chance.
Ya'qub 10 Male Ya'qub really enjoys playing with his younger brother. He likes to play with superheros and is learning to pogo stick.
Yaal 3 Male Yaal just turned 3. He is a very active boy who loves to run around and do flips!
Yagmur 8 Male Yagmur is an active 8 year old boy who loves to play sports. He also really enjoys Legos and is able to sit and focus on them for hours! Yagmur would really like a body sock for Christmas as it helps him calm his body when he is feeling wiggly.
Yahto 6 Male Yahto is a 6 year old boy who loves school. Yahto enjoys playing superhero games with his friends.
Yancy 8 Male Yancy is an 8 year old boy who enjoys Minecraft and playing sports. He has a younger brother who he loves to wrestle and play basketball with. Yancy's favorite subject at school is math.
Yanka 1 Female Yanka was just born in August! She is enjoying the company of her mom, dad, and two other siblings. She has big beautiful eyes and loves to admire art.
Yas 12 Male Yas is a very loving boy who love to read and play video games Yas isa new big brother and is taking his roll very seriouslyYas is shy at time but love to talk
Yascyn 12 Female Yascyn is an intelligent and articulate student who is on the honor roll. Academics is her first priority but she enjoys playing sports and runs 5K races for fun and charitable causes. She volunteers at a daycare and hopes to work in law enforcement.
Yazzy C 6 Female Yazzy is the baby of the family and her birthday also falls on Christmas Eve. She loves going to school and spending time with her older sisters. She enjoys playing pretend and is always laughing. Her smile brings a lot of joy to the family.
Yedi 5 Male This little is very loving the youngest of three boys. Yedi loves books cars and music and video games.
York 7 Male York is a 7 year old boy. His favorite subject at school is reading. He loves legos and playing outside.
Yvonne 4 Female Yvonne is a four year old girl who loves art projects and playing outside. Yvonne also enjoys playing playdough with her mom.
Zachary 10 Male Zach is a funny and active boy who loves to play sports and with race cars. Zach is resilient and bright, with hopes to learn how to ride a bike sometime soon.
Zane 4 Male Zane is a smart and talented boy who loves to learn, go to school and play cars.
Zayna-Bri 7 Female Zayna is a curious and happy little girl that loves to engage with others in her family.She enjoys her music and time with friends.
Zeni 18 Female Zeni is a beautiful girl who was given the opportunity to flourish within the foster care system. Though she's really struggled with being away from her family, she's been able to establish a relationship with her new extended family.
Zo 0 Male this baby boy is cute and adorable he is need of a crib and a highchair