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Name Age Birthday Gender Description
Aaron 6 October 26, 2010 Male Aaron is a 6yr old foster child who loves kindergarten and toys. Aaron loves playing and learning about dinosaurs. He loves going to the park and playing games. He enjoys learning and is very smart.
AJ 13 March 26, 2003 Male AJ is a 13 year old boy who enjoys music and sports (basketball and soccer). He also enjoys legos and card games, as well as movies.
Alex 6 March 4, 2010 Male Alex is on of the sweetest 6 yr. old boy you'll ever meet. Despite having difficult childhood, Alex is polite and trusting.
Alex C 15 June 11, 2001 Male Alex is a quiet and kind teenager. He excels in school, especially in math and wants to be a banker when he grows up. He is kind to his foster siblings and enjoys learning, playing sports and playing video games.
Alexis 16 October 28, 2000 Female Alexis is a 16 year old girl who enjoys riding horses and playing with puppies. She enjoys all animals, movies, reading and arts and crafts.
Alicia 7 April 1, 2009 Female Alicia is a very talented sweet young lady who loves frozen and any other princesses from Disney. Alicia plays with her dolls and stuffed animals when she is in her room. Alicia loves coloring pretty pictures for staff.
Allen S 12 April 9, 2004 Male Allen is small for his age and loves the outdoors and playing video games. He also enjoys playing sports with his peers.
Amber 13 March 19, 2003 Female Amber is a 13 yar old girl who enjoys Anime and singing. She is also interested in arts and crafts, video games, comics and Pokemon
Amir V 16 December 27, 2000 Male Amir is an intelligent kid that enjoys watching and playing football with peers. He also enjoys listening to music.
Andrea 8 May 7, 2008 Female Andrea is a very sweet 8yr old girl who loves her siblings. She always shares and enjoys making new friends. She spends a lot of time playing with her foster siblings and loves learning how to do her hair.
Andrew 21 July 16, 1995 Male Andrew is a caring young man who has been working hard before coming out of care. He is focused on college and continuing his education. He is a hard working young man who has stayed out of trouble and continues to strive for greatness.
Andy I 15 August 10, 2001 Male Andy is an athletic competitive kid that loves playing sports. His favorite player is Steph Curry. He enjoys video games and watching movies.
Anning 6 April 10, 2010 Female Anning is a sweet girl who enjoys swimming and music. Anning loves to be with her family.
Anthony 14 January 4, 2002 Male Anthony is a 14 yr old boy who has had a very difficult year but has persevered through the year and is getting honor roll in school. He enjoys playing video games and spending time with his siblings.
Anthony 10 January 20, 2006 Male Anthony has a passion for football and really loves the patriots Tom Brady.
Antwone 12 January 7, 2004 Male Antwone is a 12 year old boy who enjoys basketball, football, reading and running. He also likes action and science fiction movies and books.
Aryanna 14 November 26, 2002 Female Aryanna is a 14 year old girl who is very into makeup and beauty supplies. She also injoys reading, clothes and skateboarding
Ashley 2 July 29, 2014 Female Ashley is a very sweet 2yr old young girl in foster care. She has been learning new words and enjoys playing around the home with her puppy.
Bella ING 9 April 11, 2007 Female Bella is a very sensitive and kind girl. She has been through alot and stills continues to push harder and tries her best.
Billy 8 February 11, 2008 Male Billy is a outgoing and smart 8yr old boy. He is very active and enjoys being outside. Billy loves outdoor activities as well as action figures and learning new things.
Branden 16 October 28, 2000 Male Branden is a 16 year old boy who loves basketball. His favorite teams are the Celtics and the Bulls. Branden also enjoys Comedy and Action movies and video games.
Brian 10 January 28, 2006 Male Brian is a very happy and kind little boy. He enjoys Disney, watching Paw Patrol and other cartoons.
Brian C 14 September 19, 2002 Male Brian is a energetic kid that loves sports and playing video games.
Caridane 19 May 28, 1997 Female Caridane is a young adult that lives currently living with her grandparents. She is a great students and is very devoted to helping her caregivers.
Carla 13 January 27, 2003 Female Carla is a 13 year year old girl who enjoys cooking, shopping and crocheting. She also enjoys mystery books.
Carlos R 14 April 12, 2002 Male Carlos is an athletic kid that enjoys watching and playing most sports. He also enjoys listening to music.
Chloe 9 September 28, 2007 Female Chloe is a very sensitive and kind girl. She has been through alot and stills continues to push harder and trys her best.
Chris 18 May 17, 1998 Female Chris is an 18 year old boy who enjoys video games and the color black. He also enjoys war movies.
Christian 4 October 12, 2012 Male Christian just turned four yr old. He is kind and loving, and he has been making lot of new friends at school. He loves to sing, dance and watch cartoons, play with his toys and copy anything his older brother is doing.
Cris 10 March 15, 2006 Male Cris is a 10 year old boy who enjoys sports, art and science. He also likes Batman and Star Wars, as well as arts and crafts and board games
Daniel 16 December 7, 2000 Male Daniel is a bright young man who loves playing on his school baseball team and he gets great grades in school. He also enjoys playing video games with his brother.
David 18 October 9, 1998 Male David is an 18 year old boy who enjoys film, PS3 and reading. He enjoys Stephen King books and The Hunger Games
David M 17 August 15, 1999 Male David is an outspoken kid that enjoys watching and playing sports.
Delly 9 January 14, 2007 Female Delly is a very energetic, caring and kind young girl. She enjoys playing outside and doing arts and crafts.
Derick 7 August 16, 2009 Male Derick is a 7 yr old adorable boy. He is very smart and very energetic. He enjoys art activities and learning new things. He likes to play with race cars and action figures.
DJ 15 April 11, 2001 Male DJ is a 15 year old boy who enjoys gaming. He has an XBOX that he plays often and also enjoys the Nike brand
Elliot G. 18 May 8, 1998 Male Elliot is a hardworking and honest young man who loves to collect old machine parts and put things back together. Anything he can build he tries to find and he also likes to collect old records. He's looking into a vocation and going to college.
Elvis 15 April 30, 2001 Male Elvis is a very smart and pleasant young man. He enjoys playing video games and spending time with his family.
Emily 4 February 26, 2012 Female Emily is a very friendly little girl. She is very outspoken and always wants to help out.
Ethan 4 February 26, 2012 Male Ethan is a funny little boy, who loves to laugh and make other laugh. He is very smart and a self starter.
floridane 15 October 28, 2001 Female young girl that is currently living with her adoptive parents. She is a great straight A student.
GABRIELLA 5 March 22, 2011 Female Gabriella loves Pepper Pig, Monster High, Shopkins, and Hello Kitty. Her favorite colors are purple and pink.
Gia 8 October 28, 2008 Female Gia is an 8 year old girl who likes American Girl dolls, legos, movies and arts and crafts. She also likes jewelry (clip on), big hair bows and nail polish.
Gina 14 December 6, 2002 Female Gina is a sweet young girl who loves music and is interested in playing instruments.
GIOVANNI 9 November 27, 2007 Male Giovanni loves Pokemon and Mine Craft. His favorite colors are black, red, grey, blue, and green.
Grace 2 February 5, 2014 Female Grace is a happy fun filled baby. She loves to smile and enjoys laughing with her sisiters and brothers.
Greg 16 October 28, 2000 Male Greg is a 16 year old boy who enjoys baseball, football and basketball. He also enjoys action and suspense movies, reading and gaming/anime. He is also into arts and crafts and playing cards.
Hailey 8 October 28, 2008 Female Hailey is an 8 year old girl who likes dogs, dolls, and the Little Mermaid. She also enjoys drawing, Pikachu and reading.
Hien 19 November 26, 1997 Male
Hien 19 November 26, 1997 Male Hien is an artist who dreams to have a saxophone. It can be a used one and can be in any color or condition. If not, please bless him with a gift card.
IAN 9 April 11, 2007 Male Ian loves Thomas & Friends, trucks, cars. His favorite colors are blue, and red.
IEAN 7 May 19, 2009 Male Iean is an amazing, and youthful child. He loves taking care of his younger siblings, and teaching them what he knows. Iean loves spider-man, superman, and superheroes. Iean also loves to pretend play with race cars, and wrestlers.
IIANA 11 May 19, 2005 Female Iiana loves animals, especially cats. Anthing that have to do with animals she would love and adore.
ISAAC 7 May 8, 2009 Male Isaac loves superheroes, especially Batman, Iron man, Superman, and Flash. His favorite colors are blue and green.
ITHAN 5 April 2, 2011 Male Ithan is super active, and funny. He loves to make people laugh, and tell jokes. Ithan is the life of his family, and loves attention. Ithan loves basketball, wrestling, and dancing.
IVY 5 March 18, 2011 Female Ivy loves Barbie, Princess, Dora, and Frozen. Her favorite colors are pink, and purple.
Jack 12 November 29, 2004 Male Jack is a 12 year old boy who enjoys basketball, video games and Pokemon
Jada 16 May 4, 2000 Female Jada is a 16 year old girl who likes books, music, writing and drawing. She is interested in theatre as well
James 17 June 14, 1999 Male James is a shy young man, who loves to play sports. He loves to practice football with friends and by himself.
Jamie J 15 October 8, 2001 Male Jamie is an artistic kid that likes to be outside and play video games with his peers.
Jared 10 January 4, 2006 Male Jared is a 10 year old boy who is very athletic. He enjoys football and basketball as well as card and board games.
Jayden 15 October 28, 2001 Male Jayden is a 15 year old boy who enjoys basketball. He also likes funny movies and video games.
Jaykob 13 October 28, 2003 Male Jaykob is a 13 year old boy who enjoys soccer and basketball. He also enjoys fixing things and video games.
Jaylen 10 October 15, 2006 Male Jaylen is a 10 year old boy who enjoys legos and drawing. He also likes reading and board games
Jazmine 15 November 3, 2001 Female Jazmine is a shy 15 yr. old girl with a lot of anti social and difficulties talking or trusting others. She is very studious and loves to read and watch documentation on any subjects. She enjoys music, and technology gadgets.
Jenny 0 March 22, 2016 Female Baby Jenny is the sweetest and cutest 7 month old baby you will ever meet. She is very animated and loves to laugh and listen to all types of music. She is just starting to crawl and enjoys playing.
Jeremy G. 5 October 27, 2011 Male Jeremy is a bright, fun, friendly, and lovable kid who likes to play. He likes toys and being outside in nature, running around and going to the park.
Jodane 18 March 28, 1998 Female Jodane is a 18 year old girl, she is currently in her last year of high school and will be graduation with honor rolls. she is a great help to her mother and loves all her siblings.
Joey T 13 October 8, 2003 Male JT is small for his age but has a big personality. He enjoys playing most sports and video games.
John 18 August 15, 1998 Male John is an 18 year old boy who enjoys music and sports, specifically basketball. He is also a Kevin Hart and Vince Vaughn movie fan. His favorite basketball players are Michael Jordan and Lebron James
Jose 14 April 26, 2002 Male Jose is a 14 year old boy who enjoys Soccer and basketball. He also likes funny movies and music, as well as video games
Josh B 12 May 5, 2004 Male Josh is a 12 year old boy who enjoys video games and comics. He is also interested in arts and crafts. His shoe size is 10.5
Joshua 13 October 28, 2003 Male Joshua is a 13 year old boy who enjoys clothing, mystery books and carpentry. He is also interested in long boarding and activities.
Kadane 11 May 28, 2005 Male Kadane was diagnosed with OCD and has been struggling to make friends at school and be successful in school. He is very loving and caring for his big sister.
Kaitlin 15 March 10, 2001 Female Kaitlin is a 15 year old girl who enjoys mustic, art, drawing and reading. She also enjoys video games and beauty products
Kathy 12 November 28, 2004 Female Kathy is a very bright preteen who enjoys listening to music and being outside. Kathy loves animals her new passion is horses. Kathy enjoys being a helper and learning new skills.
Kevin 3 September 5, 2013 Male Kevin is a sweet 3yr old boy with Autism and is very bright. Although he is non verbal he continues to learn a new way of communication with his foster mom and loves to make people laugh. He has a contagious great laugh and loves listening to music.
Kevin 18 March 19, 1998 Male Kevin is really outgoing. He is a hard worker and helps mom out with siblings.
Khuong 19 December 18, 1997 Male Khuong is a friendly youth. Khuong enjoys outdoor activities and designing arts. Khuong wishes to ride his bike around the neighborhood on beautiful days.
king 4 June 14, 2012 Male King is a very energetic 4 year old. He loves to play with his superhero figuring and spending time with his family.
Kyle T 14 December 22, 2002 Male Kyle loves sports but his favorite is basketball. He loves to talk and is competitive in the sports he plays.
Lael May 6 July 25, 2010 Female Lael is a sweet, creative, and playful little girl who loves to play dress up. She is living with a diagnosis of Autism and would benefit from sensory toys. She lives with her mom and sister and their dog, Niko.
Lan 12 September 30, 2004 Female Lan is a sweet child who enjoys music. She would go to her room to listen to music, or listen to music while at outdoor activities.
Linda 11 May 20, 2005 Female Linda is a talkative but shy young lady who keeps interest in her culture and wants to continue learning about it. Linda loves to bake things with her mentor.
Luxray 13 October 20, 2003 Male luxray LOVES and lives pokeman. when asked what he wants for Christmas he said a real life pokemon. He loves animals, especially bunnys.
Lynnea 13 August 18, 2003 Female Lynnea is a 13 year old girl whose favorite movie is Frozen. She also enjoys games, board games, and bracelets.
Makayla 16 December 31, 2000 Female Makayla is a 15 year old girl who enjoys pictures, Pikachu and Charmed. She is into drawing and mustic, as well as Resident Evil and Zombie movies.
Marcus 16 October 28, 2000 Male Marcus is a 16 year old boy who enjoys art, drawing and gaming. He also likes mythology books and Minecraft.
Marydane 2 April 28, 2014 Female Marydane is a sweet 2 year old little girl, that loves to play with her dolls and her siblings.
Mason 6 November 16, 2010 Male Mason is a fun energetic boy who likes to play and draw in his free time.
Mia 3 July 19, 2013 Female Mia is a beautiful and funny 3 yr old girl. She is very smart and her laugh is contagious. She loves to learn new things and enjoys art activities as well as being outside to play. She has two sisters and enjoys spending time with them as well.
Micah 9 October 28, 2007 Male Micah is a 9 year old boy who enjoys Batman and Superman. He also likes collecting dog stuff, arts and crafts and Sponge Bob. Legos are also a favorite of his.
Michael T 14 December 22, 2002 Male Michael love to watch and play basketball. He also enjoys playing video games and listening to music.
Mya 18 July 10, 1998 Female Mya is an 18 yr old girl with a strong sense of purpose and concern for the world around her. She loves music and cares passionately about improving society. She hopes to study agriculture and farming.
Nadane 14 April 28, 2002 Female Nadane is a very active young lady, she loves to play sports and has really good grades in school.
Nathan 7 November 20, 2009 Male Nathan is an energetic, sweet boy who has an amazing sense of humor. Nathan does well in school and is always wanting to help others. He enjoys spending time with his siblings and playing with his matchbox cars.
Nick J 12 August 4, 2004 Male Nick is small for his age and loves being active. His top sports are football and basketball. He doesn't let his size hold him back.
Nico J 16 October 26, 2000 Male Nico is a soft spoken kid that enjoys being active. He likes biking and being able to just sit back and relax.
Niv-Car 14 October 26, 2002 Male He is a quiet and friendly teenager who enjoys learning about cars. He is very artistic and loves to share his artwork with others. He is very helpful to his mom, especially with his younger siblings.
Niv-Christ 12 October 26, 2004 Male He is a warm and engaging 12 year old who enjoys reading books about fantasy, playing Minecraft on the computer, and cooking delicious meals with his family. He wants to be a chef when he grows up.
Niv-Lei 2 October 26, 2014 Female She is a smart and loveable two year old who loves to interact with other. She enjoys playing with her toys and her twin brother. She loves arts and crafts projects.
Niv-Ray 2 October 26, 2014 Male He is an adventurous and sweet boy who loves engaging in play with his siblings, especially his twin sister. He loves to play with his toys and watch cartoons.
Noah 14 January 13, 2002 Male Noah is a 14 year old boy who enjoys Magic Cards, Fishing and video games.
Noah 9 January 26, 2007 Male Noah is a friendly little boy. He enjoys reading and playing outdoors with his friends.
Olivia 11 September 2, 2005 Female Olivia is a bright young girl who loves music, dancing, and reading. She also love making music and singing.
Pete 16 August 10, 2000 Male Pete is an energetic 16 yr old. He has some difficulty in school but is trying very hard to accomplish his work on time. Pete loves sports, electronics and games.
prinai 14 May 5, 2002 Female Prinai is a large in women.
Rachel 10 June 11, 2006 Female Rachel loves playing dress up and doing pottery. Rachel loves putting make up on during her free time she has a collection of lip glosses.
Ray M 16 November 8, 2000 Male Ray is an active kid that enjoys boxing, lifting weights and listening to music.
Raymond 15 January 29, 2001 Male Ray is a 15 year old boy who enjoys Action Comedies, Manga Comics and graphic novels.
Richie 7 June 9, 2009 Male Richie is a funny, smart and caring 7 yr old boy. Hel loves learning new things and enjoys playing outside, as well as being inside and playing with his piano. He is very kind and enjoys making others laugh.
Ricknai 15 February 23, 2001 Female
Robert 12 October 13, 2004 Male
Rodane 10 March 27, 2006 Male Rodane is a really happy little boy, that loves to play with his toys and his sibling. He has been recently diagnosed with Autism and has been struggling a bit in school.
Ronydane 10 June 28, 2006 Male Ronydane is a 10 year old boy that was diagnosed with Autism, is very high functioning and loves his school.
Ruth 9 October 28, 2007 Female Ruth is a 9 year old girl who likes unicorns, horses, butterflies, jewelry and Justin Bieber. She also enjoys gymnastics and jump rope, as well as Cat books and board games.
Ryan 20 April 8, 1996 Male Ryan is a very caring and friendly young man. He enjoys watching Disney shows and being around others.
Sal 3 October 26, 2013 Male Sal is a sweet 3-year-old boy who is being raised by his grandparents. Sal loves watching Paw Patrol!
Sam 14 June 16, 2002 Male Sam is a 14 year old boy who has recently become very interested in basketball. His favorite players are Steph Curry, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. He continues to love all things Godzilla as well.
Sam 8 January 29, 2008 Male Sam is a vibrant 8 year old boy who has a big heart! He is very loving and wins you over with his smile and kind eyes. His energy is matched by his love for music and singing along to his favorite tunes.
Sandy 3 October 26, 2013 Male Sandy loves watching Paw Patrol and playing with cars, trucks and trains.
Sarah 14 October 28, 2002 Female Sarah is a 14 year old girl who enjoys reading, writing, singing, watching movies, drawing, painting, dogs and horses. Sarah also enjoys board games and listening to music.
Scott 13 October 26, 2003 Male Scott is a great big brother to Steven who has Autism. Scott collects sneakers, especially ones that he can wear to play basketball!
Sean 13 June 28, 2003 Male
Seth 18 October 26, 1998 Male Seth is a young father who works hard to take care of his son with Autism.
Shaun 15 October 28, 2001 Male Shaun is a 15 year old boy who enjoys basketball and video games. He also like Superman posters and clothes
Sidane 5 April 28, 2011 Male Sidane is a little boy that was recently diagnosed with ADHD. He is a really sweet and lovable, he enjoys being very social and likes to make alot of new friends.
Stacey 18 December 7, 1998 Female Stacey is a smart, caring and funny teenager. She is driven and looking forward to attending college next year to be a social worker. She loves music, learning, being outside, and being with her friends.
Stacy 18 October 26, 1998 Female Stacy is a young mother who, with her boyfriend, helps to take care of their young son with Autism.
Stephanie 4 October 26, 2012 Female Stephanie is a great big sister (and little sister). She loves to sing, dance and act. She also loves the movie Frozen!
Steven 6 October 26, 2010 Male Steven is an active 6-year-old who loves Paw Patrol. Steven loves all kinds of electronics, especially ones that help him express his needs verbally since he has Autism.
Sue 15 January 17, 2001 Female Sue is a 15 year old girl who enjoys Hello Kitty and Music. She is also interested in drawing, gymnastics, singing and dancing
Sung 17 October 16, 1999 Male Youth enjoys music and loves going out to places. Youth hopes to have a bike to ride around the neighborhood when mom is able to accommodate him.
Tai 16 August 13, 2000 Male Child enjoys listening to his radio at all time. Music would smooth him in most occasions.
Treasure 13 October 20, 2003 Female Treasure is very active. She loves double dutch and just made her school team. She has lots of interests, and is also trying out for track and basketball this year.
Trung 18 January 21, 1998 Male Trung is a friendly youth. Trung is growing rapidly and in need of vests, jackets, or pants with spandex or zippers only.
Tuan 7 May 26, 2009 Male Tuan is a handsome young man. He enjoys spending time with all his family members. He loves going out to places.
Tyler 17 October 28, 1999 Male Tyler is a 17 year old male who likes video games, movies and reading.
Uninai 12 December 21, 2004 Female
Vine 17 October 27, 1999 Female This vibrant teen is a senior in high school determined to succeed and excel academically. She is diligently filling out her college applications and is excited to start school in the fall.
Yadane 17 January 27, 1999 Female Yadane is a great student, she loves school and her favorite subject is math.